Montage Laguna Beach's October 2009 Fitness Calendar


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Montage Laguna Beach's October 2009 Fitness Calendar

  1. 1. WELLNESS CALENDAR October TIME LOCATION MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY Movement Beach Beach 8:00 a.m. Body Blast BOSU Power Yoga BOSU Yoga Core Studio/Beach Boot Camp Boot Camp Beach *Thalassic *Thalassic *Thalassic *Thalassic *Thalassic *Thalassic *Thalassic 9:00 a.m. (spa desk) Beach Walk Beach Walk Beach Walk Beach Walk Beach Walk Beach Walk Beach Walk Movement Beach Beach Cardio 10:00 a.m. Global Dance Studio/Beach Boot Camp Boot Camp Dance Fusion Movement 11:00 a.m. Pilates Mat Studio Movement Montage Yoga Montage Yoga Montage Yoga Montage Yoga Montage Yoga Montage Yoga Montage Yoga 5:00 p.m. Studio Ritual Ritual Ritual Ritual Ritual Ritual Ritual All wellness classes are available complimentary to you as a resort or a spa guest. Please see descriptions of classes on reverse side of calendar. *The Thalassic Beach Walk is our Montage signature class. This class combines the benefits of breath work with the healing elements of the ocean to unite mind and body. *Montage Yoga Ritual classes draw on a variety of different yoga styles and are customized to accommodate the general level of the guest participants. *Customize your fitness routine with a personalized or private group training session which includes full use of the spa facilities. *Strengthen your core with a private or semi-private Pilates reformer or mat session. To make an appointment, please call Spa reservations @ 949.715.6010.
  2. 2. OCTOBER SPOTLIGHT - Mind-Body Fitness for Lifelong Good Health. Reconnect your mind and body through movement in one of our complimentary wellness classes. Whether you choose yoga, Pilates, dance or another form of movement for exercise, remember that our bodies are made to move to feel good. Consider redefining exercise as any activity that unites your mind and body and reduces your level of stress. High levels of stress have been linked to weight gain and can lead to emotional eating. Find activities that are enjoyable, easy and stress-free when developing an exercise plan. Allow us to help you cultivate a love of movement which combines physical fitness with mental fitness to promote a lifelong program of good health. Spa Montage is offering private yoga sessions which provides full use of the spa facilities for $99 until December 31st. Book an appointment today! Thalassic Beach Walk: Restorative Yoga: BOSU: Walk barefoot in the soft sand and in the surf, meditate Nurture your body and mind with deep relaxation in Challenge your stabilizing core muscles. An acronym for by the water’s edge and savor the benefits of the sea. supportive and calming postures. ‘both sides up’, the BOSU utilizes two surfaces, a dome Please wear shorts, as you will be near the ocean’s edge side and a platform side to develop core strength, enhance and might get wet. We will supply the sandals. Cardio Dance Fusion: agility and improve overall balance. Experience the ultimate in fusion fitness. You will benefit Montage Yoga Ritual: from aerobic training through cardio dance and martial arts Body Blast: Experience the benefits of yoga by uniting mind, body movement, strength work and stretch through yoga postures, Re-shape your body and strengthen your muscles by fusing and breath with the elements of the ocean. as well as, exercises specifically for developing core strength. principles from traditional body sculpting, functioning Yoga Core: Shoes optional as it is a non to low impact class. training, core and balance work. Focus on form, alignment and body awareness with this refreshing approach to exercise Benefit from yoga and Pilates techniques to achieve core Assisted Stretch: and movement. strength, improved posture, spinal mobility and sculpted abs. Improve range of motion, posture and mobility by starting with a relaxing assisted stretch with a wellness trainer. All classes are customized to meet all levels. Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Balance, lengthen, and strengthen your body through a Global Dance: Private Instruction: dynamic flow of postures, linking breath and movement. Shape and sculpt your body while learning new choreography. We offer any of our classes for private instruction for one or a This class draws on a variety of dance styles including Latin, group. Please ask an instructor about setting up a consultation. Power Yoga: Middle Eastern, African, Hip-Hop, and Tai Chi. Strengthen and invigorate the body and mind through Other Private Instruction Includes: Personal Training, challenging sequences designed to increase vitality. Beach Boot Camp: Weight Training, All levels of Pilates, Specialized Yoga, NIA, Many styles of Dance, Aqua Exercise, Hiking, Running, Ashtanga Yoga: Enjoy a heart-pumping and exhilarating class on the beach. Cycling, Kick Boxing, Sport Specific Conditioning, Assisted Practice this traditional system of yoga to cleanse and You will be put to the test through a series of intervals, Stretch, Foam Rolling, Creative Visualization and Meditation. balance the body through a specific sequence of postures. sprints, pushups and stair climbing, finishing up with a Most 60 minute private trainings and day use of spa - $130. hardcore abdominal workout. Prepare to sweat! Montage Fitness Facility Policies: Must be 16 years of age or older. Shirts & closed-toed shoes required. No cell phones allowed.