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Week3 slide


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Week3 slide

  1. 1. IBM Research Tokyo website S1170047 Takahide Ishii
  2. 2. 5 Key words to be used in concept map ・Information ・Offices ・Academia ・Research ・Press-releass
  3. 3. 3 most important sentences used in concept map1.The IBM research website provide very detailed information2.The website has press release published 3.The website tell us how IBM connects with the acsdemia
  4. 4. Definition of 5 key words used in concept map.・InformationFasts or details that tell you something about a situation,person, event etc・OfficesA building that belongs to a company or organization, withrooms where can work at desks・AcademiaThe activities and work done at universities and colleges, orthe teachers and students involved in it・ResearchSerious statement of a subject, in order to discover new factsor test new ideas・Press-releaseAn official statement giving information to the newspapers,radio, or television