Portfolio contents3(week6)


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Portfolio contents3(week6)

  1. 1.  <br /> Person #1 <br />A.<br />It is to make a purpose clear to be important by a plan. You must think about the thought of the visitor. <br />And, It is necessary to take a lot of time when I make a business plan. Drawings have to use it. <br />You must make why you write it clear who writes the business plan. And you must be able to use the business plan to make.<br />Please make the business plan that you may use these for.<br />B.<br />・The reason to make a business plan has a purpose to identify a future as the present conditions of the company.<br />・The owner of the company writes the business plan. Because the reason is because it makes good companies because it has a right to bring up a company. <br />・It is necessary to make the business plan that a visitor has assent and understanding.<br />The purpose of the company or the explanation of the article are necessary. <br />・You must establish an accounting system before launching business. I will fail in the company which does not hold an accounting system.<br />・You must not neglect investigation and data. There may be the change of the business plan.<br />C.<br />I think that this article is written useful information when we settle on business plan that follows.<br />First, I think that this article is written the importance of the business plan in detail.<br />Second, I think that this article is written clearly that the person need to write a business plan.<br />Third, I think that this article is written the point of writing a business plan in detail.<br />Forth, I think that this article is written the point of advertising our company on various markets.<br />Finally, I think that this article is written the point of contenting our company with the market.<br />D.<br />I think that the necessity of a business plan in various business situation is as follows.<br />First, when we make a company newly, I think that a business plan is necessary.<br />If there is not the orderly business plan in our company, I think that our company will be at a loss when our company develops continuously, and when our company has to contend with other companies.<br />Second, I think that a business plan is necessary when we need to more develop the business that we performed so far; Because, I think that we can create a promising company more than ever to review our business accurately that we performed so far.<br />Person #2<br />A.<br />There is the business plan for the making of good company. I am essential to do business smoothly well. And I am useful to work out a strategy of the business. Therefore a person thinking about a business plan must be an owner of the companies. It is very important that I make a business plan.<br />B.<br />・I decide why I make a business plan.<br />・I must decide who writes a business plan.<br />・I do the abstract by all means.<br />・I decide the price of the article well.<br />・I decide the constitution of the employee.<br />・Data and the statistics keep it.<br />・I think about the constitution of the sentence.<br />・I make it in consideration of the thought of the visitor.<br />・I write contents understanding the purpose of the company.<br />・I write the sentence that I am easy to read.<br />C.<br />・Planning is very important if a business is to survive.<br />・It doesn't matter if you are using the business plan to seek financial resources or to evaluate future growth, define a mission, or provide guidance for running your business.<br />・The Executive Summary should follow the cover page, and not exceed two pages in length.<br />・It is important to have a certified public accountant establish your accounting system before the start of business.<br />・You must include any documents that lend support to statements made in the body of your company's business plan.<br />D.<br />・Business Plan<br />・owner<br />・An employee<br />・A visitor<br />・the accounting system<br />Person #3<br />A.<br />http://www.slideshare.net/oceanflying/conceptmap-slide3week6<br />B.<br />http://www.slideshare.net/oceanflying/conceptmap-slide4week6<br />C.<br />1.Plan<br />Something you have decided to do<br />2.Idea<br />A plan or suggestion for a possible course of action, especially one that you think of suddenly.<br />3.Feasibility<br />A plan, idea, or method that is feasible is possible and is likely to work.<br />4.Chance<br />How possible or likely it is that something will happen, especially something that you want.<br />5.Objective<br />Something that you are trying hard to achieve, especially in business or politics.<br />D.<br />Q1. When we think about a business plan, how should I composition this plan?<br />Q2. Why write a business plan?<br />Q3. Who should write the business plan?<br />