1.<br />I do the main intention of the article mentioned above how I let you prohibit carrying at the time of driving.<br ...
Portfolio contents13(week10-2)
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Portfolio contents13(week10-2)


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Portfolio contents13(week10-2)

  1. 1. 1.<br />I do the main intention of the article mentioned above how I let you prohibit carrying at the time of driving.<br />The intention that is the master of nothing is already written at the time of the driving that why is whether a mobile telephone is prohibited.<br />These are written in a mass.<br />2.<br />The reason is because it considered what a section and an entry can modify well when a reader be easy to read. <br />When entries are written like these well, it is easy to read very much. And the contents were distributed, too, and it was gathered up well. <br />I think that the entry is important.<br />3.<br />The details of the article mentioned above are distributed between 2 greatly. <br />At first the first is how you do the moratorium on mobile telephone during driving. It distributes a paragraph and speak a prohibition method.<br />A reason the second is running, and to prohibit a mobile telephone is written.<br />4.<br />I think in particular that this sentence does not have the mistake. <br />The entry is written well and thinks that the paragraph is distributed and was easy to read it.<br />But prose of every pause is long and thinks that there was the slightly wasteful part. I think that I improve very much if I fix there.<br />5.<br />I think the How To Ban The Use of Cell Phones in Cars is easy to understand, when we read this article; because this article contents that an author want to teaches author's ideas is written step by step. Furthermore, the author of this article is numbering every main point in this article.<br />6.<br />I felt that the following sentence include any errors that need to be corrected.<br />“Every time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, your primary focus should be on driving. Operating a cell phone--making or receiving calls, texting or reading texts--is a voluntary decision to drive distracted. ”<br />7.<br />I suggest the following concrete example for improving the articles.<br />First, I think the author should make definite ideas what author want to tell reader.<br />Second, I think the author should express grammatically correct, when the author write articles.<br />Finally, I think the author should write author's ideas in logical order <br />8.<br />When we write a sentence, we make a sentence with not constituting the proper sentence all the time. As a result, we write article that is without the introduction, development, denouement and conclusion, so the reader feel ours article hard to read.<br />However, A professional author write the article which reader feel easy to read after thinking about constitution properly. <br /> <br />