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Kinetech Power Company Flywheel


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Published in: Technology
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Kinetech Power Company Flywheel

  1. 1. Kinetech Power Company (KPC) offers “Greenficient” energy storage solutions utilizing patented disruptive flywheel energy storage solutions that improve upon the state of the art in flywheel energy storage GREENFICIENT FLYWHEEL ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM (FESS)
  2. 2. “America's electric grid has been characterized as the world's largest supply chain without a warehouse.” Mark Johnson, from the DOE’s ARPA-E What is needed is energy storage. • 20-year maintenance-free operation, low life- cycle costs, safe containment • Extremely low self-discharge due to ultra-low friction bearing subsystem • High energy density due to high-speed / rapid- cooling technology • Vacuum chamber implementation for zero wind resistance loss • Low-vibration, self-balancing, with no damping loss for supercritical operation • Full capacity and unlimited charge / discharge cycling relative to batteries • Superior operating temperature range performance over electro-chemical GREENFICIENT FLYWHEEL ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM (FESS)