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Logo Digitage Web2.0


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Work in process: Peeling back the layers of my 2006 digitage of Web 2.0 logos I use.

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Logo Digitage Web2.0

  1. Deconstructing Digitage Web 2.0 as Organic Rhizomic Synapses
  2. <ul><li>I became enchanted with Web 2.0 and the imagery of brain synapses at the same time . . . </li></ul>
  3. <ul><li>With slideshare I would like to peel back the layers to map out the topography of that virtual journey . </li></ul>
  4. I had begun with a pencil and paper drawing to study neural architecture as a potential metaphor for connectivity on Web 2.0.
  6. And then I thought I could have some fun with PowerPoint and slideshare by using the technology to deconstruct the digitage of the blogosphere made up of Web 2.0 logos.
  10. I began to add logos from Web 2.0 freeware that I was beginning to use in 2006. Speechless >> Wordpress eventually became my primary blog.
  12. I switched to Firefox and began to Google Earth.
  13. Distant galaxies of Web 2.0 logos
  14. <ul><li>At the time I completed this version in 2006 I was using Firefox, blogger, Wordpress, Flickr , zotero, technorati, digg , gather , Google Earth, , swicki and photoblog . In June 2007 I am experimenting with the connectivity capacities of mybloglog , Facebook, slideshare , Youtube , Google Videos . . . These will eventually be added to this organic digitage of and on Web 2.0. This will be my first slideshare PowerPoint that I hope to connect to my blog speechless . To be continued . . . </li></ul>