OCEAN Services for Open Cloud Projects, Open Cloud Forum at Cloud Expo Europe, London, February 2014


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OCEAN contributes to the emergence of a sustainable open cloud business ecosystem focusing on three types of projects (European FP7 research projects, national open clouds, Japanese open clouds).

Who is OCEAN designed for?
- Cloud services builders benefit from the Open Cloud Directory, as a one-stop-shop
- Cloud developers win Quality testing services
- Open Cloud project managers increase their visibility, develop cooperation and synergies.

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OCEAN Services for Open Cloud Projects, Open Cloud Forum at Cloud Expo Europe, London, February 2014

  1. 1. 1 OCEAN Services for Open Cloud Projects Catherine NUEL & Olivier BOUZEREAU OW2 www.ocean-project.eu Open Cloud Forum | London | 26 February 2014 www.ow2.org
  2. 2. ocean-project ■  OCEAN – Open Cloud for Europe, Japan and beyond FP7-ICT-2011-8 Support Action Project ■  to foster the emergence of a sustainable Open Source Cloud offering and boost market innovation in Europe, by generating greater efficiency and economies of scale among European FP7 collaborative research projects on Open Source Cloud Computing ■  to support collaboration between Japanese and European research and Open Source projects on cloud computing" OCEAN  Mission OceanOpenCloud www.ocean-project.eu
  3. 3. ocean-project Project  Team" ‒  Coordinator of OCEAN - expert in testing and interoperability ‒  Global open source infrastructure software community ‒  Major System Integrator and Cloud provider with presence in Europe, Latin America and Middle East ‒  Independent Administrative Agency promoting Japan’s IT strategies through improving the quality of software development and nurturing Japanese IT human resources OceanOpenCloud www.ocean-project.eu
  4. 4. OCEAN  4  Services
  5. 5. ocean-project –  Online registry of open licensed outcomes of cloud R&D projects ■  European FP7 research projects ■  European national research projects ■  Japanese research projects ■  other Open Cloud projects and initiatives –  Special focus on Open Source software and technical documentation –  Open, user-driven portal -> Register your own results –  Maintained by OCEAN team and driven by the Open Cloud Community –  Hosted by Fraunhofer during and after the project" OCEAN  Service  1:   Open  Cloud  Directory:  www.ocdirectory.org OceanOpenCloud www.ocean-project.eu
  6. 6. ocean-project Project  page" OceanOpenCloud
  7. 7. ocean-project Project  results  page" OceanOpenCloud
  8. 8. ocean-project OCEAN  Service  2:   ETICS http://etics.res.eng.it/ Build,  Test  and  Quality  verificaHon  support  service. OceanOpenCloud www.ocean-project.eu
  9. 9. ocean-project The  ETICS  services:    Main  Service  Features Distributed builds and test– exploiting the computing power of a distributed environment Support for automatic creation of distribution packages Dependency management - advanced management of build and runtime software dependencies. Complex testing scenarios - ETICS supports multi-node testing Collection of test information - from popular testing libraries (e.g. junit, sloccount, pyunit, checkstyle etc.) Constant quality checking of software Quality reports - aggregated reports as well as raw data is available for developers and managers OceanOpenCloud
  10. 10. ocean-project –  Mapping of the Open Cloud projects outcomes to key standards and OCEAN Cloud Computing Reference Architecture –  Cross projects cooperation discovering (complementarities and overlaps) –  The reference for the Open Cloud Plugfests –  A roadmap for research, standardisation and components development" OCEAN  Service  3:   Open  Cloud  Interoperability  Framework  and  Roadmap OCEAN Cloud Computing Reference architecture OceanOpenCloud
  11. 11. ocean-project#ocean-project Open Cloud Innovation Directory OCEAN  Open  Cloud  Interoperability    Framework  and   Roadmap" FP7 projects National EU R&D projects Japanese R&D Projects FLOSS projects Open Cloud Projects
  12. 12. ocean-project –  Organiser of Cloud Collaboration Workshops –  In collaboration with cloudplugfest.org –  Test the interoperability of Open Cloud assets, check compliance to the standards, and test the effectiveness of the standards. –  Foster cross project integration and interoperability –  Support collaboration between European and Japanese entities –  Increase awareness on European and Japanese open cloud projects" OCEAN  Service  4:   Open  Cloud  Events OceanOpenCloud www.ocean-project.eu
  13. 13. ocean-project –  OW2 Webinar Series to describe OCEAN Services –  Open Cloud Projects –  FP7 Cloud Projects Webinars –  FP7 Cloud Projects Reviewed by OCEAN –  FP7 Cloud Projects Quality Checked by OCEAN –  Open Cloud Forum –  Open Cloud Forum, 9-10 April, Paris –  Collaboration Workshop, 15-16 May, Brussels –  EU/Japanese Collaboration –  Sucre-ClouT-OCEAN, 16 May, Brussels –  Research on Clouds and IoT in Europe and Japan current status and ways to collaborate" OCEAN  next  ServicesOpen  Cloud  Events OceanOpenCloud www.ocean-project.eu
  14. 14. www.ocean-project.eu
  15. 15. ocean-projectOceanOpenCloud www.ocean-project.eu QuesHons? Catherine NUEL & Olivier BOUZEREAU | OW2 c n @ o w 2 . o r g | o b @ o w 2 . o r g
  16. 16. OCEAN  4  Services