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A Guide to the Pune OpenCoffee Club for Startups


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A Guide to the Pune OpenCoffee Club for Startups

  1. A Guide to the Pune OpenCoffee Club Santosh Dawara.Picture taken by LeCercle.
  2. Who are we?• A 100% community-driven and community- owned network.• Since 2008!• Locations –, –, – LinkedIn (, – Twitter (
  3. Represent, strengthen the Startup eco- system in Pune through community and real-world events.
  4. Picture taken at “FinancialBasics for Startups”, POCC 2012.
  5. Activities• Startup & Industry Connects.• Startup & Investor, Accelerator Connects.• Events for, – Startups show case their inventions. – Share and learn technology-centric innovation. – Learn the basics of creating a company. – Networking online and offline. – Hackathons. – Movies, Football, Fun!
  6. Where do we Stand (2012)?• 40 to 100 attendees for every event.• Adding 50 to 100 new free registrations across online forums.• 8,000+ unique visitors per month to• We’ve never been stronger and we’re growing well!
  7. Where could we do better?• We need to do a better job of engaging startups as they grow. – We’ve got new ideas on how we can do this and need coordinators to take this forward.• We don’t have 12 regular events in the year. – A single event coordinator cannot take on a complete annual event calendar.
  8. My Point … We’re still missing YOU!– NONE OF US IS AS STRONG AS ALL OF US.– We’ve made it effortless for you to setup a startup meet and draw an audience.
  9. Contribute• Every year we raise money for the website.• Donate Rs. 500 / Rs. 1,000 towards the website to help us in our efforts.• To RSVP for the fundraiser, click here.• To wire the money electronically, email