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Tues oct 23 am sector sustainability rob howarth english


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Tues oct 23 am sector sustainability rob howarth english

  1. 1. Sector Sustainability: Growth,Mergers, Partnership and thePursuit of ExcellenceComments by Rob HowarthOctober 23, 2012OCASI Executive Directors Forum
  2. 2. Organizational growth Growth is about continual change, engagement with environment, learning and reflection. Organizations can grow in their understanding, expertise, relationships, and in their capacity to act. But what about their growth in size?
  3. 3. Is bigger always better?
  4. 4. Popular assumptions too many nonprofits the language (and reality?) of scarcity consolidation can deliver greater impact
  5. 5. What’s efficient? “Efficiency in general describes the extent to which time or effort is well used for the intended task or purpose” – Wikipedia Do we have evidence that larger systems are always more efficient? Is there a lot of excess effort (“waste”) in our organizations?
  6. 6. The need for evidence Is there an optimum scale for community organizations? We need to know when mergers work well, and work poorly. And we need criteria to judge this.
  7. 7. Case studies Is the City of Toronto merger (the "megacity") working? Is Toronto too big, too small, just right? How should we assess this?
  8. 8. If it’s about service impact… Client-centred services require good relationships As well as communication across and within organizations What organizational forms are best to achieve this (networks, integrated services, collaborations, mergers)?
  9. 9. Will one size ever fit all?
  10. 10. Many roles for our organizations Resident engagement Local control and democratic process Stewarding community assets Service delivery Local problem solving and innovation
  11. 11. Fewer roles now? Previously relied on government funding to support many community-led objectives. Now government focus is on delivering large service contracts. How can we sustain diverse organizations and activities?
  12. 12. Is there an alternative? Can individual organizations decide not to grow in size? Can we support a diverse "ecology" of community organizations? What is the financial model going forward to sustain this vision?
  13. 13. Our best alternatives will be generatedtogether