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Mon oct 22 opening plenary futureshift ammanuel melles english


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Mon oct 22 opening plenary futureshift ammanuel melles english

  1. 1. Future Shift : Sector Sustainability OCASI ED Forum Oct 2012 amanuel melles - principal, aman consulting,
  2. 2. Leadership Program Adaptability CapacityThe Sustainability Formula – How Non-profit Organizations Can Thrive in theEmerging Economy, Peter York 2 a
  3. 3. Four Core Capacities Adaptive – the ability to monitor, assess, respond to, and create internal and external changes Leadership – the ability to create and sustain a vision, to inspire, to model, to prioritize, to make decisions, to provide direction and to innovate – all to achieve org’s mission Management – the ability to use resources effectively and efficiently Technical – the resources ($, staff, knowledge, facilities, etc.) needed to implement programs, organizational and community strategies a 3
  4. 4. Leadership Visionary, Strategic, Inclusive, Decisive, Inspirational, Motivational and AccountableAdaptability Learning Organizations that collect and use high‐quality data from program evaluation and gather stakeholder input for planning and strategy implementation efforts are significantly more sustainable than those that do not.Program • need to continuously improve and evolveCapacity service delivery models and practices • program, organizational and community/environment data collection informs planning a 4
  5. 5. Sector Identity & Value Proposition"The unexamined life Is the sector worth-is not worth living“ saving? Socrates a 5
  6. 6. Sector Identity & Value PropositionMarine Ecosystems Human Ecosystems a 6
  7. 7. Collective Intelligence The most important capability in a collectively intelligent system is its ability to learn and improve Your most powerful tools are your knowledge and your power to convene. - Eugene Eric Kim (GEO Conference, June 2011) a 7
  8. 8. Reinventing the Sector Rebrand/reframe sector identity beyond services (community and nation building, policy/advocacy) Discover and mobilize the innovation within Challenge/support your funders to be your partners Lead in evaluation and measurement Mainstream cross-sector alliances (community health, social services, university/colleges, etc.) Engage and be an ally to Aboriginal Peoples Support mergers and shared services Vision and action on the intergenerational front (talent retention, young leadership, executive transitions) Promote a culture of courageous/difficult conversations/dialogues a 8