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About polynomial and functions

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  1. 1. PolynomialFunctions By: Alex O’Bryan
  2. 2. Functions A function can be written like so.. F(x)=ax^n-1 + cx^n +… + gx + h When a, b, c, …, g, h are real numbers N must be a positive integer It is a function
  3. 3. Examples of Polynomial F(x)=6x^4 – 3x^2 + 2x F(x)= x^12
  4. 4. Words To Know Degree- highest power of x (in standard for) Leading coefficient- the coefficient of the first term when the terms are in descending order Standard form- F(x)= Ax^n + Bx^n+ Cx + H Factored form- F(x)= (x-R1)(x+R2)(x-R3)