The Ransom Group Marketing Brochure


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The Ransom Group Marketing Brochure

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The Ransom Group Marketing Brochure

  2. 2. 02 Our Company A company profile including guiding principles and client & candidate definitions 04 The Process An outline of our exclusive executive search strategies & procedures 06 Project Timeline A week-by-week synopsis chart Critical Qualifications of the search process & target Contents points 08 Engineered For Success The time-proven factors that are woven into our firm’s tactical fabric which lead to our continued success 10 Collaboration Concentrated teamwork is the core of a winning search effort 12 The Partners The point people for your search including qualifications & experience 14 The Art Of The Search The search process— it’s personal The Ransom Group, Incorporated Executive Search Consultants 6956 East Broad Street, Suite 250 Columbus, Ohio 43213 614.866.7821 01
  3. 3. Our Company The Ransom Group, Incorporated The Ransom Group (TRG) is a retained search firm providing professional consulting services within the area of executive recruitment and management selection. We work with passion to assist each Client to enrich their organization through proper identification, selection, and retention of industry leaders. The extent of our firm’s growth and development rests solely on two beliefs: 1 The quality of the relationship and trust between our Clients and our Partners must be impeccably regarded and maintained. 2 The level to which TRG responds to the needs of each Client we serve must exceed any previously accepted industry standard. 02
  4. 4. Guiding Principles These guiding principles represent our firm’s ethical priorities and the method by which we conduct the business of Executive Search. Our firm’s greatest assets and the foundation of our business are built on the development and enrichment of relationships. Strategic consultation, collaboration, and active listening generate differentiated performance. It is the Integrity must precede every decision we make. high quality We shall accept assignments only when our firm is the most qualified solution. We must always respond with immediacy to the needs of our Clients. of evaluating the We can never lose sight of the impact our profession has on the lives of the individuals, human chemistry the families, and the companies we faithfully represent. of our process that eventually leads to a Client Defined We select our Clients as carefully as they select us. We have intentionally limited the successful scope of our search practice to Senior Management Recruitment within the Health search finale. Care industry. Our Client organizations represent a vast spectrum of large established companies, as well as newly created organizations. We deeply comprehend this industry and are experts in our field. Our Partners possess meaningful relationships with leaders charting the direction of this industry on a national level. The firm’s specialization is a key ingredient to our success. Our Clients benefit from our knowledge of this industry, as it allows us to reach the target audience with precision in a shorter length of time. Numerous factors can contribute to the challenge of recruiting an executive. Therefore, we assess each phase of the recruitment process, including the Client’s internal recruitment process and interview methods. Working together to enhance each step of this process can greatly impact the degree of success realized in the end. Candidates Our Clients define us and our mission. Our full obligation and commitment lies with our Clients. We do not directly service any individual Candidates except to the extent that they play a vital role in the fulfillment of the needs of our Clients. This is not to suggest, however, that the Candidates involved in our search process are merely an inanimate means to an end. On the contrary, we make it our responsibility to become intrinsically knowledgeable about the lives and aspirations of every one of our final Candidates. The human aspect of what we do cannot be emphasized enough. It is the high quality of evaluating the human chemistry of our process that eventually leads to a successful search finale. 03
  5. 5. The Process 1 Position Specification Derived from the results of our Assessment Meeting we prepare and submit a detailed Position Specification outlining the desired Candidate profile and a summary of the position responsibilities. 2 Search Plan TRG will then develop an overview of the steps that will be followed throughout the process to help ensure success. This includes a description of specific industry segments, a breakdown of competitive organizations where qualified Candidates are likely to be identified, and a timeline overview that benchmarks the search progress from start to finish. 3 Candidate Research TRG will begin our research for this position by assessing market conditions, speaking with industry consultants, and contacting other ‘centers of influence’. Next, we will identify industries and companies where prospective Candidates are likely to be surfaced. Finally, we will make personal contact with each company and profile the most appropriate individual(s) within these organizations. 4 Recruitment During the initial contact, TRG will provide each Candidate with an overview of the opportunity as well as assess the individual skill and expertise in his or her current position. Equally important, TRG will identify potential inhibitors that may affect a Candidate’s interest or the Client’s ability to secure a Candidate for the position. 04
  6. 6. 5 Interviews and Evaluation TRG will conduct comprehensive, face-to-face Candidate interviews with a select group of prospective individuals resulting from our national recruitment efforts. Each Candidate will be evaluated on a number of predetermined skill sets and required experience. We will also assess the Candidate’s motivators and cultural compatibility in determining the quality of their candidacy. Upon completing our initial interviews, TRG will communicate our observations and recommendations to the Client with the expectations of narrowing down the final slate of Candidates to be interviewed by the Client. After the Client has interviewed the finalists, TRG will gather and communicate post-interview feedback to both the Client and Candidate. 6 Referencing TRG will complete both formal and informal reference evaluations throughout the search process. Past employers and industry sources will be contacted to verify vital success factors, personality traits, character, cultural compatibility, leadership style, past achievements, and future career growth potential. After the Client has selected a group of final Candidates, comprehensive reference reports will be completed by TRG. We will also encourage our Clients to participate in the referencing of the final Candidate. 7 Final Selection Once the Client has selected the final Candidate, TRG will provide assistance and advice in regard to the formulation and extension of the offer of employment. Upon acceptance of the offer by the Candidate, TRG will continue to monitor the Candidate’s resignation from existing employment, and facilitate his or her successful integration into the Client organization. 05
  7. 7. Project Timeline (weeks) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Initial Assessment Meeting Candidate Research & Search Plan Recruitment Review Findings & Status Report Candidate Slate Review Candidate Interviews 1st Interviews Client Site Reference Checking Final Interview & Spouse Visit Candidate Offer, Acceptance & Resignation Candidate Starts 06
  8. 8. 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 07
  9. 9. Engineered For Success Uniqueness Our firm’s uniqueness originates at the initial point of contact between our Client and a Partner of our firm. The Partner who accepts the search begins a process of ‘active listening’ and assessment to understand the intricacies behind the needs of the individual Client. Each member of the firm makes a commitment to provide personal leadership and response throughout the entire assignment. The Partner possesses all appropriate levels of autonomy and authority to apply the necessary resources to each undertaking. The firm does not outsource or hand-off any part of the process. The search responsibility and accountability rest with each Partner assigned to the search engagement. Expertise Expertise demands specialization. The driving force behind our firm’s momentum is some of the most qualified search consultants in the industry. Vivifying the company heartbeat and called upon to respond with deep commitment, our people define the intrinsic expertise of TRG. We have intentionally focused the scope of our search practice to Senior Management Recruitment within the area of Health Care. Each member of our firm possesses multiple years of experience and is deeply connected with leaders, consultants, and centers of influence throughout the country. Our contacts alone are extremely vast, and we utilize this realm as we define a Client’s individual challenge. We understand that one Client’s needs are not the needs of the last or the next. We embrace each Client’s uniqueness as well as our own. Therefore, each of our Clients is assured an original search defined by individual and specific needs. This ensures authenticity of the market data that is compiled, and confirms that the universe of Candidates has been thoroughly evaluated. Individual performance is not the primary indicator by which our firm measures success. Rather, we assess the involvement of each Partner in the attainment of maximum Client satisfaction, the Partner’s collaborative contribution to the firm’s long-term goals, and the degree to which each Partner places the Client’s interests ahead of self-interest. We firmly believe that if this business ideal can be sustained, the continued success and development of each Partner, as well as the entire firm will be achieved. Communications Communication encourages total accountability. Communication is an expression of our commitment to the search process. This extends far beyond routine updates at various intervals of the search process. We communicate what we are accomplishing, where we are going, and present critical market perspectives and competitive insights that will educate our Clients far beyond that of the previous search firm. Each Client is entitled to know what factors are aiding or restricting their ability to attract top talent. Throughout each search, we conduct ongoing discussions and weekly overviews with our Clients. The early stages of the process require weekly dialogue, while daily discussions are often necessary as we work together through the final stages of offer extension and acceptance. 08
  10. 10. Duration Time management is essential to the achievement of our common goal: fulfilling our search objectives with the most qualified Candidate in the shortest amount of time. The achievement of this goal is directly related to the efficiency of the search process. Our formula is simple and direct. It begins with the high level of dedication, time and resources that we provide. We understand how quickly our Clients desire the final result. An additional ingredient of our efficiency formula is implemented by closely monitoring the amount of work we accept. It is extremely rare for a Partner of our firm to begin more than one search simultaneously. We believe that managing multiple assignments can greatly reduce the quality of Candidates sourced by a search firm and unnecessarily prolong the completion of the search. We adhere to these basic principles that others may simply overlook. By doing so, we ensure that our search consultant devotes sufficient and dedicated time, with all the necessary resources, to the successful completion of each project. Success No process involving humans can provide a guarantee of results. The executive search process is no exception to this reality. However, much can be done to identify and minimize, if not eliminate, these human variables. At each stage of the process, we evaluate ‘candidate deliverability’ and potential obstacles to the acceptance of an offer of employment. This evaluative analysis demands a trusting relationship with each Candidate and an understanding of their sincere motivations behind pursuing competitive career opportunities. These ‘moments of truth’ can greatly impact the outcome of any search process. This may involve aspects of Candidate relocation, compensation, counter offer, or competitive opportunities that impact the search. Throughout our process, these issues are discussed often and early to limit the potential of an element unrelated to the position itself causing the search process to fail. Fees Each search is unique. Therefore, each search project is evaluated and valuated based on the numerous variables attributing to the successful completion of the search. Prior to initiating a search engagement, a Partner from TRG reviews each proposed search assignment based on a number of factors including projected search scope and time frames, breadth and depth of the Client’s candidate criteria, industry climate, and the parameters for the candidate’s target compensation. Once an assessment of the project is completed, a fee proposal is generated and reviewed with the Client. Each fee proposal includes a detailed description of the project’s respective responsibilities as well as the costs associated with the search. 09
  11. 11. Collaboration The precision by which an executive search must be managed to achieve optimal results requires an unconventional discipline within each phase of the recruitment process. David Ransom 10
  12. 12. Safeguarding Search Integrity From the beginning of your search to the end, the partners indicated lead the search process. This includes research, sourcing, recruiting, candidate assessment, references, client management, and ultimately assisting in the final offer process. We do not outsource any portion of your search process or handoff any aspect of your search to others in our firm. We are accountable to our clients as the single point of contact and are responsible for the ultimate success of your search. Success Through Collaboration The driving force behind our firm’s momentum is some of the most qualified search consultants in the industry. Vivifying the company heartbeat and called upon to respond with deep commitment, our Partners define the intrinsic expertise of TRG. Individual performance is not the primary indicator by which our firm measures success. Rather, we assess the involvement of each Partner in the attainment of maximum Client satisfaction, the Partner’s collaborative contribution to the firm’s long-term goals, and the degree to which each Partner places the Client’s interests ahead of self-interest. We firmly believe that if this business ideal can be sustained, the continued success and development of each Partner, as well as the entire firm will be ensured. 11
  13. 13. The Partners David Ransom, President David provides overall leadership and strategic direction for the company’s ongoing business activities. He utilizes his knowledge and experience to improve the execution and performance standards by which each search is conducted. David allocates considerable time to business development, client management and the refinement of innovative search solutions that benefit the firm’s clients. For more than two decades, David has specialized in executive search within the health care industry. In addition to his leadership role within the firm, he has built an extensive personal network of the industry’s top leaders and has personally completed hundreds of senior management searches. Prior to founding The Ransom Group, David held the position of partner in a national search firm specializing in health care. For more than eight years, he was recognized as one of the firm’s leading consultants. David is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University. 12
  14. 14. Kevin O’Brien, Partner For fifteen years, Kevin has specialized in executive search and staffing. His expertise includes senior executive search, and on-site recruitment & management of workforces to Fortune 500 clients within healthcare, banking, finance, and manufacturing. Kevin’s contribution to TRG’s growth has been significant. His primary focus is on business development, client management, and healthcare recruitment for managed healthcare organizations, multi-specialty physician group practices, integrated healthcare delivery systems, and national healthcare consulting firms. He has completed searches for CEO’s, CFO’s, functional Vice Presidents, and Physician Executives. Previously, Kevin held the position of Managing Partner for a regional staffing company and Area Manager for a publicly traded staffing firm. Kevin is an Ohio State University graduate. David Reusser, Partner David’s role at TRG has been paramount to the ongoing development of some of the company’s largest client relationships. With fifteen years of executive search experience, David has focused on delivering measurable results to each client while developing market expertise within the health care industry. David has successfully completed searches within all segments of the healthcare industry including a special emphasis in managing recruitment initiatives for integrated health systems and hospitals. His search experience includes Physician Executives, Clinical Innovation Leaders and Executive Officers. David is nationally recognized for his knowledge of the industry and the executive search process. David is a Miami University of Ohio graduate. 13
  15. 15. The Art of The Search 14
  16. 16. Instilling the Art in the Search by David Ransom Imbedded in the essence of our company identity is the definition of the Art of the Search and its synonymy to beauty. For me, the concept of beauty captures the quintessential description of a highly successful executive search experience. It is a quality, or a combination of qualities, that are joined together to create an outstanding or conspicuous example. True beauty can only be realized if the final result of a search process has exceeded expectations in the eyes of those most affected by the outcome. The precision by which an executive search must be managed to achieve this optimal result requires an unconventional discipline within each phase of the recruitment process. Within the context of our business, due process and rigorous velocity yield success. It is the harmonious balance of each activity, combined with the human element, that creates this expression of beauty. The Abstract Element of the Search by Kevin O’Brien What is it that separates incomparable talent from the rest? Is it technical skills, years of experience, organizations that fostered their careers, prestigious educational background, or perhaps, professional presence? Maybe it’s the impact of their mentor, who helped pioneer the industry? But, what about the composition of a person? Who are they? What are they really made of? What have been their life experiences? As individuals, what do they represent? What is the level of balance in their life? Where are they willing to draw the line? What makes them tick? What’s ultimately driving their decision-making process? How does a search consultant determine who has ‘it’ and who doesn’t? What ability enables the consultant to discover these candidate qualities? Is this instinct, intuition, or simply a gut feeling? I believe this acquired acuity is what elevates the search process from one defined by method to one celebrated as an act of ‘art’. While these elusive traits should not be solely considered in lieu of technical skills, they may be the most critical elements discovered during candidate qualification that we communicate to our client during this often ‘abstract’ evaluative process. The Pursuit of Perfection by David Reusser The ‘Art of the Search’ is precisely what drew me to this profession. I have always been inspired by the sophistication of executive search, its process, and its constant demand to cultivate relationships and continually intensify performance levels. The concept of executive search as ‘Art’ can only be truly understood by those totally dedicated to identifying, pursuing and securing individuals meeting precise and unyielding Client search criteria...the ‘ideal’ resolution of the search. This mastering of the ‘art’ of executive search is, however, not unlike any other great human endeavor. Perfection is conceived and sought, but in most cases cannot be reached in its purest form. Though this perfection is unattainable, the pursuit of perfection defines our responsibility as search consultants in each engagement. Embodied in this pursuit is a drive and commitment to stretch beyond the last achievement allowing one to arrive at a point of ‘perceptual idealism’. It is this greater sense of purpose that produces results on increasingly higher altitudes of excellence and enables us to explore opportunities beyond the static and limited reaches of others. 15
  17. 17. Notes 18
  18. 18. S E E K I N G . T H E . S I N G U L A R . A M O N G . T H E . I N F I N I T E 6956 East Broad Street • Suite 250 • Columbus, Ohio 43213 • 614.866.7821 •