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  1. 1. IUCN UK 2012 ConferenceUK Protected Areas - Natural Solutions Howard Davies
  2. 2. Who designates an AONB?• Protected areas provide a focus for conservation activities• They are designed to protect what we cherish because a) as a group of nations we have decided we should, or b) subsections of society, often with a specialist interest, have advised us that we should.
  3. 3. Differences of opinion• A focus for forward-thinking, mechanisms for engagement, shared outcomes• Flawed tools supporting retrograde thinking , alienation, resentmentWhy the two extremes and why is this relevant to AONBs and the Putting Nature onthe Map project?
  4. 4. People and Place• AONBs are about people and the land• Critical issues a) perception b) interaction of natural and human factors.
  5. 5. Nature conservation• Landscape designations are about much more than a large scale approach to nature conservation.• Conserving and enhancing natural beauty is about facilitating the interaction of natural and human factors such that landscape character is enhanced positively. The landscape approach is far more than just nature conservation.
  6. 6. Governance models• Governance is about power, relationships, responsibility and accountability. It is about who has influence, who decides, and how decision-makers are held accountable.• AONBs are co-managed – managed by a partnership that represents the interests of the local community
  7. 7. The old Category VAONBs have long sat comfortably in Category VAreas….where the interaction of people and nature over time has produced an area ofdistinct character with significant aesthetic, ecological and/or cultural value, and oftenwith high biological diversity
  8. 8. Protected Areas and the new Category VProtected Area - YesCategory V - Yes
  9. 9. Upping the biodiversity anteAONB Partnerships are rising to the challenges of better biodiversity conservationdelivery
  10. 10. Back to governance• AONBs are governed “by local communities” so how will this be factored into the process of re-categorisation?• But, we all value international recognition.