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Tbc media kit2011


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Tbc media kit2011

  1. 1. Media Kit MEDIA KIT 2011 Triangle EditionCancer A practical guide to living with cancer F FRRE Ta ke Th EEE Co is Cancer py Jan/Feb 2011 Ho Triangle Edition • m e living with cancer A practical guide to It’s OK to be Sick Finding the New Norm al 25 Ways People Can Help You Facing Cancer Without Insurance www.touchedbycanCancer Touched by Cancer P.O. Box 58246 Raleigh, NC 27658-8246 (P) 919-278-2681 (E)
  2. 2. Introduction INTRODUCTION Triangle Edition • Jan/Feb 2011 FRRE F Ta ke Cancer Th EE C E op is y Ho m e A practical guide to living with cancer It’s OK to be Sick Finding the New Normal 25 Ways People Can Help You Facing Cancer Without Insurance www.touchedbycancermagazine.comabout us Touched by Cancer’s Touched by Cancer—a practical guide to living with cancer— target audience is is a bimonthly magazine dedicated to providing a nonmedical diverse—all ages, resource guide for everyone affected by cancer—whether ethnic backgrounds a patient, family member, friend or caregiver. Every issue and economic profiles local cancer survivors, medical professionals and treatment facilities and contains useful tips and information conditions. But each to allow patients to focus on their health. Our articles explain and every one of and simplify vital information patients would otherwise bethem has serious and forced to focus on, and we offer tips for dealing with the often urgent needs— daily challenges and complications that come with a long- term treatment program. for information, answers, resources, Using the knowledge of local medical experts, mental healthsupport and assistance. professionals, the legal community, faith-based counselors and our award-winning editor (a cancer survivor himself), Touched by Cancer will ask tough questions and tackle The questions and sometimes painful issues. We’ll cut through red tape and needs are endless— simplify decision-making processes, seeking answers to the but so are the major issues—which treatment center is best for my specific answers and options condition? What organizations can meet my needs? What pharmaceuticals should I ask about? What products and provided by local services will make my life easier? When should I consult a experts, merchants legal or financial professional for assistance?and service providers. Touched by Cancer is here to help this community collect information so that they can be active participants in their treatment and keep their lives as close to normal as possible.
  3. 3. General Information GENERAL INFORMATIONA cancer diagnosis requires patients and their families and North Carolina’s Triangle areacaregivers to become overnight “experts” in a wide range attracts tens of thousandsof new and unfamiliar topics—simultaneously. What cancer of cancer patients (and theirtreatment center is right for you? Should you beef up your life families and caregivers) to itsinsurance? Do you need financial or legal assistance of any kind? world-renowned cancer centersWill you require medical supplies at home? Does having cancer every year. Two of the area’snow make you rethink your retirement plans for later? local health-care centers are consistently ranked among theTouched by Cancer is available where those affected by cancer top 20 cancer treatment facilitiesneed it most—right in local hospitals, treatment facilities by U.S. News and World Reportmedical offices, labs and specialists’ waiting rooms—and in magazine. Our area leads the wayquantities that encourage readers to take copies home with in cancer treatment, research,them to share: 18,000 copies per issue. fundraising, pharmaceutical development and awareness. TheThrough informative and inspiring articles and stories, Triangle’s reputation as one ofTouched by Cancer helps readers become empowered decision- the world’s premier locations inmakers who have a better understanding of the medical, the battle against cancer drawspractical and emotional issues that will surround their diagnosis. not only local patients but alsoEvery issue of Touched by Cancer will include patient profiles those seeking the best possibleto inspire and educate, family-related coping advice from treatment from around the state,therapists and counselors, feature articles to inform and simplify, the nation and even the world.treatment facility reports, nutrition and healthy living advice,updates on recent research and pharmaceutical developmentsand a calendar of support meetings and cancer fundraising By the Numbersevents in the Triangle area. $263.8 billion Estimate from the National InstitutesThe magazine is written with two viewpoints in mind—the of Health on the overallpatient undergoing treatment and those close to the patient cost of cancer for 2010.who are affected just as deeply. 10,700 Number of new cancer cases in those 14 years old and younger in 2010. Source: American Cancer Society 45,120 Estimated new cancer cases in North Carolina for 2010. Source: American Cancer Society
  4. 4. Eeditorial ContentEDITORIAL CONTENTadvisory board Advisory Board Adrian Dixon M.Div. Director of Spiritual Care Duke Raleigh Hospital Gary Grubb NAVIGATOR PROFILE The Ultimate Guide Cancer navigator Julie McQueen makes cance r manageable BY MIKE MACD ONALD M.D., M.P.H. Patient Advocate Y ou often hear people say life path, but hopefully a little more subtle than they had a calling to follow for those who get into battling cancer. Twice. a particular career or the medical field the calling is Julie McQueen is a cancer navigator at the Duke Cancer Center is worse. Look at this in Raleigh, and while person there aren’t a lot of any sleep last night because who didn’t get Dan Jones bright spots to being they were lying diagnosed with cancer, awake in bed scared getting to know her to death because they certainly qualifies as had to come in for their one. Her days begin first chemo treat- very early in the morning ment today.’ The days and don’t end until for a cancer patient are OK because you’re Chief she’s satisfied that all preoccupied, but at of her patients are good to go for the night, when it’s quiet night. In between she and you’re laying there, offers advice, support just you and your cancer and encouragement … you’re scared to to people who are going death. I remember what through some that was like.” Chapel Hill Fire Department of the most difficult Being a cancer survivor circumstances is not a pre- they will ever face. And requisite to work in the she is grate- industry, but ful for every second of having a little “street it— no mat- cred” certain- ter how many boxes of ly doesn’t hurt when facial tissues it’s your job they end up going through to literally take newly together diagnose d “People ask, ‘Isn’t it depressin . patients by the hand and work in a cancer center?’ g to walk them through the facility and and I answer, explain some Mary Lawrence ‘No, not at all,’” she of the things they can begins. “Sure there expect. Julie was are some bad things first diagnosed with that happen, but most breast cancer 16 years people we deal with ago, which was treated are inspiring. People with a lumpectomy, are going through all radiation and hormona these tough things and l therapies. Nine years President & CEO they still have all this later she develope d fight and hope. The cancer in her other people we work with breast, requiring a bilateral are wonderful; they’re mastectomy. so resilient, it’s amazing. “Nobody expects to get cancer, but I “There’ll be days when really wasn’t expectin Cornucopia House you have to get up g it at the time,” she early for a meeting or says. “I was young for you’re having a crazy a cancer patient, and day, but then you stop my sons were 11 and 8. and say to yourself, But after that experi- ‘You think you’re having ence, I just had this overwhe a bad day? Their day lming sense that 50 Touched by Cancer I wasn’t done yet. I didn’t know what that Emmeline Madsen www.touchedbycancerma 51 M.P.H. Outreach & Support Services Manager Touched by Cancer is published six times a year, in January, March, May, July, Rex Cancer Center September and November. Initial copies of new issues will be delivered to distribution points by the 15th of the month of publication. Diane Moore Founder and Executive Director Striving for More Each issue of Touched by Cancer includes the following: April Perry RN, APN, M.Ed. • Letters from readers • News and developments Clinical Educator • From the doctor • Cancer survivor profiles Duke Homecare & Hospice • Medical provider profiles • Emotional wellness Paulomi Raiji Ph.D. • Nutrition tips • Advice for healthy living Psychologist • Financial tips • Spiritual/faith-based coping skills Lepage Associates • Local support group schedules • Contact info for area cancer facilities Alan Scott Marketing Director • Calendar of events • Research developments Wake Radiology • Notes from the editor • End-of-life issues Walter L. Shepherd Comprehensive Cancer Consulting Fa AhI T H f it Services Net Gains Sharon Taylor Dealing w ith Neg ative Navigating & Losses the Nonsen Thoughts se on th M.D. BY PHI LL POW e Internet ELL Medical Oncologist T Dixon, Adrian L. By The Rev. Spiritual Care he Internet Director of ital is many thin igh Hosp At first glan gs at once. Duke Rale ce, it’s a vast Duke Raleigh Hospital ocean brim electronic types of info ming with different rmation, all instant surv ready for ey. At the ever, the Inte same time rnet is also , how- untamed as a frontier the as evolving aest Wild West, with an life, cava hetic and a des your lier disrega sometimes Dan Thorpe tivity inva per- rd for fact When nega y movie or call that r the Internet s. Due to healing pro- in a funn laugh. Afte ’s universa s into the put ed of can make you said that life, it seem lity in mod attitude play everyone is heal son who person has . s to bring ern patients and . While not n’t have to all, many a wise absolute best forth both of cancer with nega- cess I icine area it does the best med adopting a the Area Executive Director n the lives doll, in informa lies, deal ing cancer, one attitude. Chuck Swin tian laughter is It may be as tion as wel their fami obstacle d- the cert is often an We live rule is your many books on ent of Chris •Find joy. a new hobby or spen ifiable wor l tive thoughts come. author of 10 perc exploring ly. st. ult to over domi- an g, wrote, “Life is ent pet, with fami gs. that is diffic where bad news livin you and 90 perc e ing quality time bottom of thin ty , the happens to react to it.” Som its American Cancer Society in a socie news hour the television it what •Get to es, find it bleeds, you choose to 10 tivity com is. nates the g that “if is more than d When nega t it that if how t argue that life it for wha or a mantra bein often quipped migh we understan source. Call ing. Take a walk leads.” I have d, watch but I think •Get mov mind off of whatever- r get depresse ing news percent,iment. want to even ond to negativi- drive, get your a dete you part of the us are situa- his So how do we resp sent and make eciate the first ustive list, ying you e and appr All around - this is not an exha relate to is worr each nigh t. drum up nega ty? While to effort to noticlife. crises that you migh t be able it mined s in tions and lives. can I hope n and allow t the simple thing James, an American suggestio you migh am tivity in our patients, negativity and at least one •Pray. Willi said, “The sovereign Brenda Wilcox er any negativity For canc the healing me to combat psychologist, y is prayer.” rance to be a hind process. Don’t get be be facing. for worr to yes, cure therapeutic has the right side. And es you face f anyone us the bright ys. In the the challeng in- wrong—i battling serio ld •Look at t side. Alwa oil and No matter caregiver, look for it’s those RN, BSN, OCN also shou to negative, itions. We is a brigh us there of uncertainty, turm patient or you who are able but as a around 61 health cond or cover up the serio midst ult to find, dividuals into those dark ncermagazin end lives. Everyone pain, it might be diffic sing until you bring light may discover byca not pret ting our , but Keep pres speak and You your life. tives than you www.touched issues affec from time to time it’s there. places of tivity won- more posi Oncology Patient Navigator is negative when nega that find it. is such a there are TBC can arise nt gh. Laughter yourself with problems lives to the exte •Lau . invades our keeps us from Surround hing. know arrives and . derful gift. will keep you laug pessimism l and fulfilled lives le who 61 much peop leading joyfu amazed at how bycancermag Duke Cancer Center-Raleigh I have been www.touched 26 Touched by Cancer www.touched bycan
  5. 5. Distribution DISTRIBUTION You can see Touched by Cancer in the following businesses, organizations and medical facilities: • American Cancer Society • Cancer Centers of North Carolina • Caring House • Cornucopia18,000 copies of each issue of Touched by Cancer are distributed • Duke HomeCare & Hospicewithin the Triangle region and surrounding counties through cancer • Duke Raleigh Hospitaltreatment centers, medical offices, labs and radiology clinics and se- • Duke Cancer Institute (DCI)lected businesses that advertise in the magazine. • Family Medical Supply • Hospice of Wake CountyAfter the initial delivery of the latest issue, Touched by Cancer staff willcheck in periodically with each distribution point to determine when • Johnston Healthadditional copies need to be provided. Distribution racks may be • Leukemia & Lymphoma provided when requested. Society—NC Chapter • New Bern Cancer CareIf your business advertises in Touched by Cancer and you want copies • Pretty in Pinkto distribute to customers, please contact or call • Rex Cancer Center of 919-278-2681. Wakefield • Rex UNC Health Care • UNC NC Cancer Hospital • Wake A complete list of our distribution partners is available upon request.
  6. 6. Advertising Rates ADVERTISING RATES Touched by Cancer is a bimonthly publication, printed in 4-color web offset with saddle-stitched binding. deadlines Deadlines Rate Card #1, effective June 1, 2010-December 2011 Jan/Feb 2011 Rates—all rates are gross and include full colorAd space closing: Jan. 12 6x 3x 1x Materials due: Jan. 18 Double page spread 3450 3900 4300 Full page 2075 2195 2350 March/April 2011 2/3 page vertical 1375 1500 1750Ad space closing: March 17 1/2 page horizontal 1375 1450 1600 Materials due: March 23 1/2 page vertical 1325 1390 1450 1/3 page box 1275 1325 1050 May/June 2011 1/3 page vertical/horizontal 795 895 995 Ad space closing: May 10 1/4 page vertical/horizontal 655 725 800 Materials due: May 23 1/4 page strip 585 700 750 July/Aug 2011Ad space closing: July 15 Premium positions (include right of first refusal) Materials due: July 25 Back cover 2900 3050 3100 Inside front cover 2675 2750 2900 Sept/Oct 2011 Inside back cover 2550 2600 2750Ad space closing: Sept. 14 Page 1 2100 2250 2600 Materials due: Sept. 19 Opposite TOC 2225 2325 2450 Opposite From the Editor 2400 2495 2600 Nov/Dec 2011 Ad space closing: Nov. 8 Materials due: Nov. 14 Tipped-in, preprinted inserts Touched by Cancer accepts preprinted materials from advertisers, provided the supplied material does not exceed the trim size of the publication (8.25” x 10.875”). Postcards, coupons and advertisements can be firmly attached to but easily removed from a magazine page, notTouched by Cancer to cover any other advertisements. Tip-in locations are limited and areP.O. Box 58246 sold on a first-come, first-served basis per issue.Raleigh, NC 27658-8246(P) 919-278-2681 For a custom quote for your preprinted material, e-mail(E) or call 919-278-2681.
  7. 7. Ad Specifications AD SPECIFICATIONSPRINTINGPrinting method: Web offset Double pageSoftware: Adobe InDesign CS5 spreadTrim size: 8.25” x 10.875” 16.5” x 10.875”Safety: .25” Double pageBinding method: Saddle-stitched spread–full bleedColors: CMYK, 4-color process, 17” x 11.125”matched, 4A/MPAAD MATERIAL SUBMISSIONAd materials must be received in Full pageelectronic format. Preferred formats: 8.25” x 10.875”PDF (high-resolution, actual size)PDF files can be compressed and Full page–full bleede-mailed to 8.5” x 11.125”PREMIUM POSITIONSPremium positions are NON-CANCELABLE. Premium positionsinclude right of first refusal for thesame position in the same issue(s) thefollowing year.CANCELLATIONSNo cancellations accepted afterpublished ad sales closing date. Shortrates apply for canceled contracts. 2/3 page vertical 1/2 page horizontal 1/2 page vertical 4.5” x 10” 7” x 5” 3.25” x 9.75”COMMISSIONS with bleed with bleed with bleed15% of gross billing allowed for 5.25” x 11.125” 8.5” x 5.8125” 4.125” x 11.125”recognized agencies for all Touchedby Cancer insertions. No commissioncharges allowed on any incurredproduction charges or advertisementsthat require production work. Nocommission charges allowed on anyincurred late fees.INVOICES AND PAYMENTSInvoices are submitted electronically,unless otherwise indicated, with 1/3 page box 1/3 page vertical 1/3 page horizontalaccompanying PDF files to verify 4.5” x 5” 2.125” x 10” 7” x 3.25”publication, and are issued the monthof publication. All invoices must bepaid in full within 30 days of receipt.Late fees accrue at a rate of 1.5% permonth on unpaid balances after thefirst 45 days.Payments should be made to:Touched by CancerP.O. Box 58246 1/4 page vertical 1/4 page box 1/4 page stripRaleigh, NC 27658-8246 2.125” x 7.5” 4.5” x 3.75” 7” x 2.5”(P) 919-278-2681
  8. 8. Testimonials TESTIMONIALS We at the American Cancer Society are committed to improving the resources and quality of care given to cancer patients and their families and caregivers in the Triangle area. We welcome this magazine as the newest form of cancer support and encourage companies and businesses with this same commitment to support these efforts as well. Dan Thorpe Area Executive Director American Cancer Society We’re excited about the opportunities to communicate with and educate area cancer patients and their family members through this new publication. A cancer diagnosis can be so overwhelming—for everyone involved—that any resource that can ease a patient or caregiver through the treatment and recovery process on a local level is a welcome addition to the printed materials we keep on hand at Duke Raleigh Cancer Center. Brenda Wilcox RN, BSN, OCN Oncology Patient Navigator Duke Cancer Center—Raleigh Learning that you have cancer is a difficult experience. A person may feel anxious, afraid or overwhelmed and wonder how they can cope during the days to come. Oftentimes, the emo- tions of having a life-changing diagnosis are overlooked as one has to deal with the medical side of cancer primarily. However, research has shown that knowledge, support and effective coping strategies can transform the experience of cancer into a journey toward wholeness. I believe that the vision of Touched by Cancer is to provide a space for cancer patients and caregivers to gain the education, guidance and support needed to empower them through their cancer journey and beyond. I fully support this important magazine and look forward to contributing through my experiences as a psychologist working with cancer patients and caregivers. Paulomi Raiji, Ph.D., Psychologist Lepage Associates Solution-Based Psychological and Psychiatric Services 5842 Fayetteville Road, Suite 106 Durham, NC 27713 Join our online community! visit us online! Touched by Cancer is on Twitter and Facebook Have a smartphone? Scan with your QR reader to connect to TBCmagazine our Facebook page.