Easter in catalonia vs. easter in uk


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Easter in catalonia vs. easter in uk

  1. 1. Etna Papaseit Carmen Munteanu Mirabela Bulica *Easter in Catalonia VS. Easter in UK
  2. 2. * *What is easter? *Easter in Catalonia *Easter in Britain
  3. 3. * *Easter is a celebration of Christianity religion on the resurrection of Jesus and is celebrated on the third day after being crucified. *Easter is the end of Lent. Ends with on Holy Friday, Holy Saturday, Holy Sunday and Easter Monday.
  4. 4. * *Easter in Catalonia is based on typical food and Christianity religion. *The typical food is “la Mona”, “pastissets”, “bunyols” of lent, “la coca de llardons” and codfish. *The typical celebrations of Christianity religion are Palm Sunday, Glory Saturday and processions.
  5. 5. * *“La Mona” is a cake made of “pa de pessic” or chocolate. *It is filled with chocolate, “cabell d’angel”, pumpkin or jam. *Godparents give the “Mona” to their godchildren.
  6. 6. * *It Is the fish that represents Lent and is used to make bunyols and another type of food. *It Is a salty fish.
  7. 7. * *It Is the period of forty days before Easter in the Christian calendar that indicates to prepare for Easter. *It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday.
  8. 8. *It is shaped like an old woman crumpled with seven legs losing one by one as they pass the seven weeks of Lent. *She was dressed like an old Catalan woman. *In the hands takes two codfish. *Was responsible for ensuring that children eat fish during Lent.
  9. 9. * *Palm Sunday commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. *Holy Monday cycles begin Easter processions in many towns. *Holy Thursday commemorates the Last Dinner. *Holy Friday remember the Crucifixion *Holy Saturday it celebrates the Easter Vigil. *Easter Sunday celebrates the Resurrection. *Easter Monday
  10. 10. * *Easter is the time for holidays, festivals and a time for giving chocolate Easter eggs. *The traditional food is hot cross buns, easter eggs and simnel cake *The traditional game is rolling eggs.
  11. 11. * *In Easter we made Hot Cross Buns. * Are traditionally served on Good Friday. *A Hot Cross Bun is rich, spiced tea cake. * It’s made with candied fruit, raisins...
  12. 12. * *Easter eggs are boiled eggs and they are painted. *With eggs, the children play a game that consists of hiding a message and other people have to find it.
  13. 13. * *Simnel cake is baked for tea. *The Simnel cake is a fruit cake with a flat layer of marzipan (sugar almond paste) on top and decorated with 11 marzipan balls representing the 12 apostles minus Judas, who betrayed Christ.
  14. 14. * *The Sunday before Easter is known as Palm Sunday. *The people goes to the streets with a palm that symbolizes when Jesus entered in Jerusalem.
  15. 15. * *Egg rolling is very popular in England and is an Easter Monday sport. *Hard-boiled eggs are rolled down a hill. There are different customs from one place to another. *Win who shoots the egg further away, survives as many rolls, or is rolled between two pegs.
  16. 16. * *http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter