Easter in catalonia vs easter in britain 3r a


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Easter in catalonia vs easter in britain 3r a

  1. 1. A comparison between the traditions in England and in Catalonia
  2. 2.   Easter Eggs and Egg Hunting  Easter Bunny  Spring cleaning  Palm Sunday  Lent  Easter Cake  Conclusion Index
  3. 3.  Easter eggs and Egg Hunting UK  In the UK, they decorate chocolate eggs and hide them in diferent places to let the children find them. This is called Egg Hunting and it’s celebrated on Easter. Catalonia  Here, in Catalonia, we don’t do Easter Eggs or Egg Huntings but it’s true that we put decorated eggs in our Easter Cakes.
  4. 4.  Easter Bunny UK  In the UK, they have the Easter Bunny, who lays the Easter Eggs . It also gives presents to the children, so it’s similar to Santa Claus. Catalonia  Here, in Catalonia, we don’t have anything similar to the Easter Bunny.
  5. 5.  Spring Cleaning UK  In the UK, they clean the house to ward off the bad vibrations of the house and to have better luck. Catalonia  Here, we do exactly the opposite. On Easter Friday we can’t clean the house because it gives bad luck.
  6. 6.  Palm Sunday UK  In the UK, they make a parade where the child carry palms and wave them. This palms are to rembember the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem Catalonia  Here, we also make a parade with palms where the child take a long palm and carry it during the procession.
  7. 7.  Lent UK  In the UK the Christian people celebrate Lent the 40 days before Easter and they remember the time Jesus spent in the desert teaching his disciples. Catalonia  Here, in Catalonia, we also celebrate Lent and we have “The Old Lent”, which has seven legs, representing the seven Sundays of Lent.
  8. 8.  Easter Cake UK  They don’t eat the typical Easter Cake but they eat Cross Buns, which are usually served hot and with some sugar above the bun. Catalonia  Here, we prepare a delicious round cake which can be filled with chocolate, cream… This Easter cake is decorated with coloured eggs.
  9. 9.   Easter in Catalonia and Easter in the UK are very different, but they have some similarities because the celebration itself it’s the same. One of the biggest differences are the Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny.  Easter is the time to be kind with the other people and this spirit is in all celebrations of Easter. Conclusion