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Sap ps transaction codes

  1. 1. Transaction Codes - SAP PS CJ** are mainly Project Definition and WBS related, CN** are mainly Network and activity related and the OP** are mainly PS Configuration / Customization related. There are other codes which are not on the list, but this is a good platform to start and build up your own list of PS transactions as per your requirements: CJ01 Create Work Breakdown Structure CJ02 Change Work Breakdown Structure CJ03 Display Work Breakdown Structure CJ06 Create Project Definition CJ07 Change Project Definition CJ08 Display Project Definition CJ11 Create WBS Element CJ12 Change WBS Element CJ13 Display WBS Element CJ14 Display WBS Element (From DMS) CJ20 Structure planning CJ20N Project Builder CJ21 Change Basic Dates CJ22 Display Basic Dates CJ23 Change Forecast Dates CJ24 Display Forecast Dates CJ25 Change Actual Dates CJ26 Display Actual Dates CJ27 Project planning board CJ29 Update WBS (Forecast) CJ2A Display structure planning CJ2B Change project planning board CJ2C Display project planning board CJ2D Structure planning CJ30 Change Project Original Budget CJ31 Display Project Original Budget CJ32 Change Project Release CJ33 Display Project Release CJ34 Project Budget Transfer CJ35 Budget Return from Project CJ36 Budget Supplement to Project CJ37 Budget Supplement in Project CJ38 Budget Return in Project CJ3A Change Budget Document CJ3B Display Budget Document CJ40 Change Project Plan
  2. 2. CJ41 Display Project Plan CJ42 Change Project Revenues CJ43 Display Project Revenues CJ44 Act. overhd: Projects, ind. process. CJ45 Act. ovhd: Projects, coll. process. CJ46 Plnd ovrhd: Projects, ind. process. CJ47 Pld Overhead: Projects, Coll.Procssg CJ48 Change Payment Planning: Init.Screen CJ49 Display Payment Planning: Init.Scrn CJ70 Maintain Project Settlement LIs CJ72 Project: Act. amt. line item settlmt CJ74 Project Actual Cost Line Items CJ76 Project Commitment Line Items CJ7E Plan Data Transfer: Projects CJ7G Plan Data Transfer: Projects CJ7M Project Plan Cost Line Items CJ7N Maint. DRG inv.projects for retmt. CJ80 Availability Control – Overview CJ81 Update Report List CJ88 Settle Projects and Networks CJ8A Act.-setlmt: Proj. retirmt. from IM CJ8G Actual Settlement: Projects/Networks CJ8V Period Close for Project Selection CJ91 Create Standard WBS CJ92 Change Standard WBS CJ93 Display Standard WBS CJ9B Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Collective) CJ9B_OLD Copy Project Cost Planning (old) CJ9BS Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Indiv.) CJ9C Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Collective) CJ9C_OLD Copy Project Revenue Planning (old) CJ9CS Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Indiv.) CJ9D Copy Plan Versions CJ9E Plan Settlement: Projects CJ9ECP Project System: Easy Cost Planning CJ9F Copy Project Costing (Collective) CJ9FS Copy Project Costing (Indiv.) CJ9G Plan Settlement: Projects CJ9K Network Costing CJ9L Forecast Costs: Individual Projects CJ9M Forecast Costs: Coll.Project Proc. CJ9Q Integrated Planning for Ntwks(Coll.) CJ9QS Integrated Planning for Ntwks (Ind.) CJA1 Proj.Rel.Order Receipts: Coll.Proc. CJA2 Proj.Rel. Order Receipts: Ind.Proc. CJAL Send project
  3. 3. CJB1 Generate Settmt Rule: Coll.Proc. CJB2 Generate Settmt Rule: Indiv.Proc. CJBBS1 Planning Board Report Assignment CJBBS2 Structure Overview Report Asst CJBN Reconstruct Availability Control CJBV Activate Project Availabilty Control CJBW Deactivate Project Availabilty Cntrl CJC1 Maintenance Dialog for Per. CJC2 Maintain Planned Status Changes CJCD Change documents: WBS CJCF Carry Forward Project Commitments CJCO Carry Forward Project Budget CJCS Standard WBS CJE0 Run Hierarchy Report CJE1 Create Hierarchy Report CJE2 Change Hierarchy Report CJE3 Display Hierarchy Report CJE4 Create Project Report Layout CJE5 Change Project Report Layout CJE6 Display Project Report Layout CJEA Call Hierarchy Report CJEB Background Processing, Hier.Reports CJEC Maintain Project Crcy Trans.Type CJEK Copy Interfaces/Reports CJEM Project Reports: Test Monitor CJEN Reconstruct: Summarized Proj.Data CJEO Transport Reports CJEP Transport Forms CJEQ Import Reports from Client CJET Translation Tool – Drilldown CJEV Maintain Global Variable CJEX Reorganize Drilldown Reports CJEY Reorganize Report Data CJEZ Reorganize Forms CJF1 Create Transfer Price Agreement CJF2 Change Transfer Price Agreement CJF3 Display Transfer Price Agreement CJF4 Transfer Price Agreement List CJFA Analysis of Data Trans. into PS Cash CJFN CBM Payment Converter CJG1 Enter Transfer Price Allocation CJG3 Display Transfer Price Allocation CJG4 Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: List CJG5 Cancel Transfer Price Allocation CJH1 Reconstruct Project Inheritance CJH2 Project Inheritance Log
  4. 4. CJI1 CJI2 CJI3 CJI4 CJI5 CJI8 CJI9 CJIA CJIB CJIC CJID CJIE CJIF CJIG CJJ2 CJJ3 CJK2 CJK3 CJL2 CJN1 CJN2 CJNO CJO8 CJO9 CJP1 CJP2 CJP3 CJP4 CJPN CJPU CJR2 CJR3 CJR4 CJR5 CJR6 CJR7 CJR8 CJR9 CJS2 CJS3 CJS4 CJS5 CJSA CJSB CJSG CJSN Project Budget Line Items Budget Line Items: Document Chain Project Actual Cost Line Items Project Plan Cost Line Items Project Commitment Line Items Project Budget Line Items Project Struct.Pld Costs Line Items Project Actual and Commt Paymt LIs Project Plan Payment Line Items Maintain Project Settlement LIs Display Project Settlement Line Itms Projects: Retirement LI Settlement Projects: Profitability Analysis LI Display PS Cash Documents Change Statistical Key Figures Display Statistical Key Figures Change Statistical Key Figures Display Statistical Key Figures Collective Agreement Reval. ACT: Projects Ind.Pro. Reval. ACT: Projects Col.Pro. Number range maintenance: FMCJ_BELNR Overhead COMM: Projects Ind.Pro. Overhead COMM: Projects Col.Pro. Create Project Plan Adjustment Change Project Plan Adjustment Display Project Plan Adjustment Delete Project Plan Adjustment Number Range Maintenance: Proj.Items Execute Project Plan Adjustment PS: Change plan CElem/Activ. input PS: Display plan CElem/Activ. input PS: Change plan primary cost element PS: Display plan primary cost elem. PS: Change activity input planning PS: Display activity input planning PS: Change revenue type planning PS: Display Revenue Element Planning PS: Change stat. key figure planning PS: Display stat. key fig. planning PS: Change stat. key figure planning PS: Display stat. key fig. planning Data Transfer to SAP-EIS Select Key Figure and Characteristic Generate WBS Element Group Number Range Maintenance: Projects
  5. 5. CJT2 CJV1 CJV2 CJV3 CJV4 CJV5 CJV6 CJV7 CJVC CJW1 CJZ1 CJZ2 CJZ3 CJZ5 CJZ6 CJZ7 CJZ8 CJZ9 Project Actual Payment Line Items Create project version (simulation) Change project version (simulation) Display project version (simulation) Transfer project Delete simulation version Maintenance: Version administration Display transfer log Value Category Checking Program EURO: Adjust Project Budget Act. Int Calc.: Projects Coll. Proc. Actual Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc. Plan Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc. Plan Int.Calc.: Project Coll.Prc. Actual Int.Calc.: Indiv.CO Order Prc Planned Int.Calc: Indiv.CO Ord.Proc. Actual Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc. Plan Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc. Network and activity related transaction codes: CN01 Create Standard Network CN02 Change Standard Network CN03 Display Standard Network CN04 Edit PS Text Catalog CN05 Display PS Text Catalog CN06 MPX Download: Standard Network CN07 MPX Upload: Standard Network CN08 Allocate material -> stand. network CN09 Allocate material -> stand. network CN11 Create standard milestone CN12 Change standard milestone CN13 Display standard milestone CN19 Display Activity (From DMS) CN20 Dsply network/act.bsc data init.scrn CN21 Create Network CN22 Change Network CN23 Display Network CN24 Overall Network Scheduling CN24N Overall Network Scheduling CN25 Confirm Completions in Network CN26 Display Mat.Comp/Init: Ntwk,Acty,Itm CN26N Display Mat. Components (From DMS) CN27 Collective confirm. CN28 Display Network Confirmations CN29 Cancel Network Confirmation
  6. 6. CN2X Confirm Completions in Network CN30 Processing PDC error records CN33 PDM-PS interface CN34 Maintain release table TCNRL CN35 Control stock / account assignment CN36 BOM Transfer Profile CN37 BOM Allocation Field Selection CN38 Maintain Flexible Reference Point CN40 Project Overview CN41 Structure Overview CN42 Overview: Project Definitions CN42N Overview: Project Definitions CN43 Overview: WBS Elements CN43N Overview: WBS Elements CN44 Overview: Planned Orders CN44N Overview: Planned Orders CN45 Overview: Orders CN45N Overview: Orders CN46 Overview: Networks CN46N Overview: Networks CN47 Overview: Activities/Elements CN47N Overview: Activities/Elements CN48 Overview: Confirmations CN48N Overview: Confirmations CN49 Overview: Relationships CN49N Overview: Relationships CN50 Overview: Capacity Requirements CN50N Overview: Capacity Requirements CN51 Overview: PRTs CN51N Overview: PRTs CN52 Overview: Components CN52N Overview: Components CN53 Overview: Milestones CN53N Overview: Milestones CN54N Overview: Sales Document CN55N Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Items CN60 Change Documents for Projects/Netw. CN61 Standard network CN65 Change documents order /network CN70 Overview: Batch variants CN71 Create versions CN72 Create Project Version CN80 Archiving project structures CN81 PS: Archiving project – preliminary CN82 PS: Archiving project structures CN83 PS: Archiving project – Info System
  7. 7. CN84 PS: Archiving project – admin. CN85 PS: Delete operative structures CN98 Delete Standard Networks CN99 Archiving Standard Networks CNB1 Purchase requisitions for project CNB2 Purchase orders for project CNC4 Consistency checks for WBS CNC5 Consistency checks sales order/proj. CNE1 Project Progress (Individual Proc.) CNE2 Project Progress (Collective Proc.) CNE5 Progress Analysis CNG1 Netw./Hier.: Maintain frame types CNG2 Netw./Hier.: Maintain form def. CNG3 Netw./hier.: maintain color definit. CNG4 Netw./Hier.: Maintain graph. profile CNG5 Netw./Hier: Maintain options profile CNG6 Netw./hier.: Maintain node type CNG7 Netw./Hier.: Maintain link types CNG8 Netw./Hier.: Maintain field def. CNG9 Graph. Cust. Netw./Hierarchy Graph. CNL1 Create delivery information CNL2 Change delivery information CNL3 Display delivery information CNMASS Mass Changes in Project System CNMASSPROT Display log f. mass changes PS CNMM Project-Oriented Procurement CNMT Milestone Trend Analysis CNN0 Number Range for Library Network CNN1 Number range maint.: ROUTING_0 CNPAR Partner Overview CNPRG Network Progress CNR1 Create Work Center CNR2 Change Work Center CNR3 Display Work Center CNS0 Create deleivry from project CNS40 Project Overview CNS41 Structure Overview CNS42 Overview: Project Definitions CNS43 Overview: WBS Elements CNS44 Overview: Planned Orders CNS45 Overview: Orders CNS46 Overview: Networks CNS47 Overview: Activities/Elements CNS48 Overview: Confirmations CNS49 Overview: Relationships CNS50 Overview: Capacity Requirements
  8. 8. CNS51 CNS52 CNS53 CNS54 CNS55 CNS60 CNS71 CNS83 CNSE5 CNVL CNW1 CNW4 Overview: PRTs Overview: Components Overview: Milestones Overview: Sales Document Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Items Change Documents for Projects/Netw. Create versions PS: Archiving project – Info System Progress Analysis Variable Overviews WWW: Confirmation Project Documents PS Configuration / Customization related Transactions codes: OP00 OP01 OP03 OP04 OP07 OP08 OP09 OP10 OP11 OP12 OP13 OP14 OP15 OP16 OP17 OP18 OP19 OP20 OP21 OP22 OP23 OP24 OP26 OP28 OP30 OP31 OP32 OP34 OP35 OP36 OP37 Maintain Operation Control Key Customizing Routing/Work Center Factory Calendar C Word Processing Standard Text Standard Text Maintain Alternative Activity Desc. Maintain Person Responsible Maintain Period Pattern Key Maintain Location Maintain Screen Sequence Maintain Type of Std. Value Determin Production User Profile Maintain Period Pattern Formula Parameters Maintain Setup Group/Setup Group Cat Standard Value Key Maintain Setup Type Key Define Formula Maintain Wage Groups Maintain Location Maintain period dependent oper. val. Maintain suitability Maintain Perf. Efficiency Rate Key Maintain Move Time Matrix Maintain Time Segment (Per. Pattern) Maintain Capacity Category Maintain Work Center Planner Group Maintain Perf. Efficiency Rate Key Maintain Capacity Default Values Maintain Available Capacity Version
  9. 9. OP38 OP39 OP40 OP41 OP42 OP43 OP44 OP45 OP46 OP47 OP48 OP49 OP4A OP4B OP4C OP4D OP4E OP4F OP4G OP4H OP4I OP50 OP51 OP52 OP53 OP54 OP55 OP56 OP57 OP58 OP59 OP5A OP5B OP5C OP5D OP5E OP5F OP5H OP61 OP62 OP63 OP64 OP65 OP66 OP67 OP68 Maintain Setup Type Key Maintain Graphics Profile Maintain Work Center Category Matchcode for work center Default work center Maintain Setup Group Categories Maintain Task List Usage Maintain Usage Maintain Task List Status Maintain PRT Usage Maintain Planner Group Matchcode for Routings/Ref. Op. Sets Maintain Shift Sequences Overview variant: Routing Overview variant: Ref. oper. set Overview variant: Rate routing Overview variant: Ref. rate routing Overview var.:Scheduling of routings Overview var.:Scheduling ref.op.set Overview var.:Scheduling of rate rtg Overview var.:Scheduling RefRateRtgs Assign Material Types Formula Parameters Formula Parameters Formula Parameters Define Formula Define Formula Define Formula Define Formula Maintain Default Value Profiles Formula Parameters Field Selection: Task List Overview Field Selection: Task List Header Field Selection: Task List Sequence Field Selection: Task List Details Field selection task list overview Field selection std network -> PRT Field sel. insp.plan characteristics Number range maintenance: ROUTING_3 Number ranges for routings Number Ranges for Ref.Operation Sets Maintain Setup Group Key Formula Parameters Maintain Location Group Maintain Operation Control Key Maintain Move Time Matrix
  10. 10. OP69 OP70 OP71 OP72 OP73 OP74 OP76 OP77 OP78 OP7A OP7B OP80 OP82 OP84 OP85 OP87 OP88 OP8A OP8B OP8C OP8D OP8E OP8F OP8H OP91 OP95 OP96 OP97 OP98 OPA0 OPA1 OPA2 OPA3 OPA4 OPA5 OPA6 OPA7 OPA9 OPB1 OPB2 OPB3 OPB4 OPB5 OPC0 OPC1 OPC2 Maintain wage type Maintain PRT Control Key Maintain Wage Group PRT Control Key PRT Authorization Group Maintain PRT Group Key Define suitability Engineering Workbench for Task Lists Maintain Type of Std. Value Determin Customizing matchcode for PRTs Define Parameters Maintain PRT Status Define Formula Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs. Profiles: Default Values for QM Maintain Routing/Ref.Op.Set Usage Maintain Assignmt. of Task List Type Maintain operation value description Maintain standard value texts Record layout for background (APL) Data transfer APL Command file task lists Rel. 2.2A Maintain production scheduler Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs. Maintain Object Overview Version Assign Work Center Cat. to Applicatn Maintain Work Center Category Maintain Performance Efficiency Rate Maintain Validity of Perf.Effic.Rate Status selection profiles Maintain combination definitions Define selection profile Define option profile Define list profile Define graphics profile Define overall profile Define columns Maintain selection profiles Define list versions Define distribution function Specify distribution functions Specify distribution strategies Specify distribution key Axis representation selection Maintain axis representation Curve representation selection
  11. 11. OPC3 OPC5 OPCD OPCE OPCF OPCG OPCH OPCI OPCL OPCM OPCN OPCQ OPCR OPCS OPCT OPCU OPCW OPCX OPCY OPD0 OPD1 OPD2 OPD3 OPD4 OPD5 OPD6 OPD7 OPD8 OPD9 OPDA OPDB OPDD OPDE OPDF OPDH OPDJ OPDK OPDL OPDM OPDQ OPDR OPDT OPDU OPDV OPDW OPE0 Maintain curve representation Max. no. of data records Capacity category Capacity planner Time units Maintain Operation Control Key Maintain production scheduler Setup group key/category Scheduling type Standard value key Maintain move time matrix Efficiency rate Formula parameters Define formula Strategies Strategy levels Planned order parameters Formula parameters Define formula Resource planning overall profile Resource planning selection profile Capacity leveling – time profile Resource planning evaluation profile Resource planning period profile Flow control definition Flow control control table Flow control statuses Flow Control Actions Flow Control Messages Transition matrix (setup matrix) Capacity Leveling Strategy Profile Factory calendar Resource planning control profile Define requirements grouping Capacity leveling – list profile Define layout Define standard overview Cap. plan. detailed cap.list maint. Define detail list (leveling) Profile for planning table (tab.) Define layout key Define detail list Maintain perf. efficiency rate key Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´s Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´s Maintain Sort String
  12. 12. OPE1 Maintain Value Type OPE2 Maintain Machine Type OPE3 Maintain Planner Group OPE4 Maintain Control Parameters OPE5 Maintain rounding categories OPE6 Maintain Rounding Category OPE7 Maintain overhead key OPE8 Maint. Roundg. and Add.Val.Key (Def) OPE9 Maintain User Profile OPEA User selection OPEB Automatic selection OPEC PP user fields OPENPS Download Activities to Palm Pilot OPF0 Maintain User OPF1 Authorizations for CAPP OPFA Field selection: Work center OPFP Configuring the Fixed Price Version OPFR01 RPUCORF0PBS : IMG Link OPG0 Profile for planning table OPG1 Chart sequence – selection OPG2 Line representation OPG3 Scale time axis OPG4 Time scale profile OPG5 Graphic obj.type sel./repr.profile OPG6 Transition matrix setup fam.key OPG7 Line display selection OPG9 Graphical object type/obj.represent. OPGD Ref. Oper. Set-All Task Lists (PP) OPGE Ref. Oper. Set – Rate Routings (PP) OPGF Work Center – All Task Lists (PP) OPGG Work Center – Rate Routings (PP) OPGH Document PRT – All Task Lists OPGI Equipment PRT – All Task Lists OPGJ Material PRT – All Task Lists OPGK Misc. PRT – All Task Lists OPGL Resource – Master Recipes (PI) OPGM Process Instr. Cat. – Master Recipe OPGN Document PRT – Maintenance Task List OPGO Equipment PRT-Maintenance Task Lists OPGP Material PRT – Maintenance Task List OPGQ Misc. PRT – Maintenance Task Lists OPGR Work Center – Standard Network (PS) OPGS Document PRT – Standard Network (PS) OPGT Equipment PRT – Standard Network(PS) OPGU Material PRT – Standard Network (PS) OPGV Misc. PRT – Standard Network (PS)
  13. 13. OPH1 OPH2 OPH3 OPH4 OPH5 OPH6 OPH7 OPI1 OPI2 OPI3 OPI4 OPI5 OPI6 OPI8 OPIA OPIB OPIC OPID OPIE OPIF OPIG OPIH OPIN OPJ2 OPJ4 OPJ6 OPJ7 OPJ8 OPJ9 OPJA OPJB OPJC OPJD OPJE OPJF OPJG OPJH OPJI OPJJ OPJK OPJL OPJM OPJN OPJO OPJP OPJQ CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Actual Data PS Cash Management: Delete Plan Data CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Master Data CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: MM Data Transfer CO CBM: Successive FI Data Transfer CO CBM: Take Over FI Completely CO-CBM: Take Over All Data Maintain Value Categories Value Categories for Cost Elements Update Control: File RPSCO Commitment Item Value Categories Value Categories for Stag.Key Figs Activate CO Cash Budget Management Display Value Category Interest Profile for Projects Maintain Interest Profile Intrst Relevance: Cost Els/Cmmt Itms Proj.Int Calc: Account Determination Interest Indicator View Maintenance:Compound Int.Cont. View Maint.: Compound Int. Periods Interest Scale, General Conditions Number range maintnce: VHU_PINST Production order stock determination Schedule batch function request Maintain Status Profiles Maintain Routing Usage Maintain Operation Control Key Maintain prod. scheduler group Maintain setup group/group category Specify system messages Maintain Wage Groups Item Categories User Selection Automatic Selection Maintain Default Values Order types production order BOM Usage Priorities Maintain Scope of Check Maintain Control Maintain Checking Rule Application-Specific Criteria Maintain Scheduling Type C MM-BD units of measurement Maint. acct.assgnm.types for orders Standard Value Key
  14. 14. OPJR Maintain move time matrix OPJS PP: Maintain reduction strategies OPJT Maintain Strategy Levels OPJU Production order control parameters OPJV Maintain Capacity Category OPJW Maintain Capa.Planr.Grp for WrkCentr OPJX Factory Calendar C OPJY Maintain perf. efficiency rate key OPJZ Maintain Release Periods OPK0 Confirmation Parameters PP OPK0T Confirmation Parameters OPK1 Confirmation Parameters PP-PI OPK1T Confirmation Parameters OPK2 Formula Parameters OPK3 Define Formula OPK4 Confirmation Parameters OPK5 Maintain variances OPK6 List Layout OPK7 Accessing Customizing PDC transfer OPK8 Maintain print control prod. orders OPK9 Maintain Goods Receipt Valuation OPKA Maintain Movement Types OPKB Control parallel confirmation OPKC Control confirmation process chain OPKD Control confirmation process chain OPKE Screen Sequence for Components OPKF Control parallel confirmation OPKG Maintain Messages OPKH Maintain Breakpoints OPKI Maintain Collective Confirmation OPKJ Maintain PRT Control Key OPKK Standard Text OPKL Formula Parameters OPKM Define Formula OPKN Overview variant production control OPKO Command File for Production Orders OPKP Shop floor control profile OPKQ Customizing: Matchcode for Proc.Ord. OPKR Print flag OPKS Maintain Origins for CO Object OPKT Initial Screen: Settlement Structure OPKU Maintain Collective Confirmation OPKV Print Flag OPKW Print shop papers OPKX Deletion Flag/Indicator OPKZ Customizing Matchcode for ProdOrder
  15. 15. OPL1 OPL2 OPL3 OPL4 OPL5 OPL6 OPL7 OPL8 OPL9 OPLA OPLB OPLC OPLD OPLE OPLF OPLG OPLH OPLI OPLJ OPLK OPLL OPLM OPLO OPLP OPLQ OPLR OPLS OPLT OPLV OPLW OPLX OPLY OPLZ OPM0 OPM1 OPM2 OPM3 OPMF OPMI OPMJ OPN0 OPN1 OPN2 OPN3 OPN5 OPN6 Costing Variants: PP Prod. Order Maintain trigger point group Trigger point usage Profile for missing parts list Order type LIS parameters Profile for documented goods mvmts Order change management profile Order type parameters: Overview Parameters for order change mgmt Conditions: V_T682F for H CO CondTab: Create (batch, prod.) CondTab: Change (batchs, prod.) CondTab: Display (batches, prod.) Strategy types: Batch determ. (prod) Access: Maintain batch determ.(prod) Batch determ.: Procedure for prod. Overview variant – production orders Background job for goods movements Job “Fast entry confirmation” Overall profile for order prog. rep. Order progress: Displayed fields Order progress: Displayed fields maintain selection profile Job “Convert planned order” maintain filter for control keys Maintain filter for capacity version Parallel processing control Target System for Data Transfer Maintain Filter for Task List Usage Maintain Filter for Task List Status Maintain Filter for BOM Usage Maintain Filter for BOM Status Maintain POI Planned Order Selection Maintain profile – field selection Costing Variants – Production Order Maintain Detail Screen Control Oper. Maintain Detail Scrn Control Header Field Selection – BOM Transfer Import models activities Determine progress values Master Recipe Profile Maintain Profiles for Master Recipes Valuation Variants – Prod. Order Overv.Var.: Master Recipe Scheduling Field Seln: Std Network Overview Field Selection Standard Network Hdr
  16. 16. OPN7 Field Sel.:Std Ntwk Activity Detail OPN8 Field Sel.:Std.Ntwk Comp.Overview OPN9 Field Sel. Std Ntwk Comp.Detail OPO1 Create Cost Element Planning Layout OPO2 Change Cost Element Planning Layout OPO3 Display Cost Element Planning Layout OPO4 Create Stat. KF Planning Layout OPO5 Change Stat. KF Planning Layout OPO6 Display Stat. KF Planning Layout OPO7 View Maintenance V_TCJ41_7 OPO8 View Maintenance V_TCJ41_8 OPO9 View Maintenance V_TCJ41_9 OPOA View Maintenance V_T003O_N0 OPOB View Maintenance V_T003O_N1 OPOC View Maintenance V_T399X_N0 OPOD View Maintenance V_T399X_N1 OPOE View Maintenance T_T399X_N2 OPP1 Customizing MRP OPP2 MPS OPP3 Customizing Repetitive Manufacturing OPP5 List Profile Component List OPPA PP/MRP Customizing Explosion OPPB Direct Procurement OPPC Period Grouping OPPD Customizing Planning Time Fence OPPE Conversion Plnnd Order -> Prod.Order OPPE01 General iPPE Customizing OPPE02 Define iPPE Node Type OPPE03 Define iPPE Variant Types OPPE04 Define iPPE Alternative Types OPPE05 Define iPPE Relationship Types OPPE06 Customer-Spec. Model Assgts (iPPE) OPPE07 Time Analysis: Partner Products iPPE OPPE11 Profiles: iPPE WB Professional OPPE12 Tabs: iPPE Workbench Professional OPPE13 User Assgmt: iPPE WB Professional OPPE14 Define Reports for iPPE WB Prof. OPPE15 Define Interface for iPPE Workbench OPPE20 Profile Maintenance iPPE PS OPPEACT01 Define Std Val. Determin. Type OPPEACT02 Object Dependency in Process Struct. OPPECHK01 Customizing: Consistency Check OPPEDOK Documentation OPPELUI01 Profile Definition: iPPE WB Express OPPELUI02 User Assignment: iPPE WB Express OPPERES01 Customizing for Production Resources
  17. 17. OPPESCMPV Object Dependent Status Management OPPESTATUS Cross-Application Status Management OPPF Customizing for Order Report OPPH Customizing Purchase Req. Conversion OPPI Available Stock OPPJ MRP Checking Rule OPPK Hierarchy Element OPPL MRP OPPM Evaluation Profiles OPPN Layout OPPO Hierarchy Element OPPP Customizing Direct Procurement OPPQ C M MRP Plant Parameters for MRP OPPR C M MRP MRP Group OPPS Strategy OPPT Strategy Group OPPU Strategy Group for MRP Group OPPZ MRP Group OPR1 Area of Responsibility <-> Message OPR3 Definition of Breakpoints OPR4_ACT Multilevel Actual Settlement OPR4_CK Material Cost Estimate OPR4_CKMC Mass Costing – Sales Documents OPR4_CKML Closing and Calc. of Periodic Price OPR4_CKPF Price Update OPR4_FCO Collective Processing: Variances OPR4_KKA WIP Calculation OPR4_KKP Repetitive Mfg and Process Mfg OPR4_KKS Collective Processing: Variances OPR4_KKS1 Individual Processing: Variances OPR4_PPCO Production Order: Cost Calculation OPR5 Definition of Error Mgmt IDs (SAP) OPR6 Definition of Object IDs (SAP) OPR7 Def. of Areas of Responsibility OPR8 Def. of Minimum Message Types (SAP) OPR9 Def. of Reference Objects (SAP) OPRCMFE User-Defined Messages OPRF Maintain Quotation Prefixes OPS Customizing for Project System OPS0 Maintain print control for networks OPS1 Maintain User Fields OPS2 Maintain Relationship Texts OPS3 Maintain PS Text Types OPS4 maintain simulation profile OPS5 Maintain Standard Network Profile OPS6 Maintain Project Manager
  18. 18. OPS7 Maintain Applicant OPS8 Materialflow network OPS9 Budget Management Profile OPSA Maintain Project Profile OPSB Cost Planning Profile OPSC Create network types OPSCAS Command File Payments (PS) OPSCOS Command File Costs (PS) OPSD Maintain Profile for Report Lines OPSE Maintain Report Groups OPSF Maintain Report Variations OPSG Order change management profile OPSH Maintain ctrl. key for activity (PS) OPSI Edit PS validation rules OPSINS Command File Info System (PS-F) OPSJ Maintain Project Coding OPSK Maintain Special Characters OPSL Project Info System Overview Maint. OPSM Maintain Overall Profile PS InfoSys OPSN Edit PS substitution rules OPSO Maintain Project Types OPSP Capacity availability check OPSPAR1 Maintain Partner Functions OPSPAR2 Define Lang.-Dep.Partner Functions OPSPAR3 WBS Partner Profile OPSQ Intervals for Cost/Revenue Types OPSR Maintain milestones OPSREV Command File Revenues (PS) OPSS Maintain milestones OPST Network Confirmation Parameters OPSU Maintain Activity Control Key OPSV Cost object ind. OPSW Info System Profile OPSX PS: Reset “Budgeted” Status OPT1 Maintain PS Transaction Types OPT2 Matchcode for project definition OPT3 Matchcode for WBS elements OPT4 Matchcode for standard network OPT5 Customizing matchcode for network OPT6 Maintain std. milestone group OPT7 Project planning board profile OPT8 Maintain hierarchy graphic / dates OPT9 Network parameters for PS-SD OPTA Command file for PS -> FI area OPTB Command file for WBS OPTC Command file for network
  19. 19. OPTD OPTE OPTF OPTG OPTH OPTI OPTJ OPTK OPTL OPTM OPTN OPTO OPTP OPTQ OPTR OPTS OPTT OPTU OPTV OPTW OPTX OPTY OPTZ OPU0 OPU3 OPU4 OPU5 OPU6 OPU7 OPU8 OPU9 OPUA OPUB OPUC OPUD OPUH OPUI OPUJ OPUK OPUL OPUM OPUN OPUO OPUP OPUQ OPUR Command file for standard network Command file for PS info system Command file for PS graphic Maintain PS Info Summztn Criteria PS info system maintenance Maintain Progrss Analysis Overview Maintain PS Info Unit Conversion Exclude Cost Elems from Avlbty Cntrl Maintain PS Info Comparison Criteria Fincl Budgeting Profile for Projects Maintain priorities Change costing variants Sub-network parameters Maintain WBS scheduling parameters Strategies for settlement rules Maintain project version profile Maint. acct.assgnm.types for orders Maint. PS Info System field settings Maint. PS Info System sort criteria Maint.PS Info System group. criteria Maint. PS Info System database set. Capacity leveling – Time profile/PS Matchcode for standard WBS elements Matchcode for standard project def. Production order control parameters Maintain Capacity Planning (SOP) Parameter long term planning PlndOrd Production order control parameters Control parameters plant maintenance Overview Var.: Header Line Info Sys. Overview Variant: Item Line Field selection: Network: Header Field selection: Network: Overview Field selection: Network: Details Field selection:Network confirmation Field sel: Std. project definition Field selection: Std. WBS elements Field selection: Project definition Field selection: WBS element PS: Maintain reduction strategies Maintain Subprojects Capacity overviews Project schedule overviews Subnetwork schedule overview Overall network scheduling overview Info System: Structure overview
  20. 20. OPUS OPUT OPUU OPUV OPUW OPUX OPUY OPUZ OPVC OPVP Maintain Version Number Entry Mask Maintain overview variants Maintain Network Profile Network Type Parameters Standard Network Status Maintain overview variants std netwk Overview var.:Std.ntwrk scheduling Control parameters plant maintenance Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits Collective availibility checkProfile