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Music video analysis of Jessie J


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Music video analysis of Jessie J

  1. 1. Music Video AnalysisJessie J – Who's Laughing Now<br />
  2. 2. In this shot we can see Jessie J performing the song in a classroom setting to link with the rest of the video. Also this shot is a medium shot used to show the background as well as her, so the audience can establish where she is.<br />In the next shot we get a different angle of Jessie J along with a medium close up of her singing.<br />In the next shot we can see the same angle used but from a different aspect as a medium shot is used once again this is showing variation between shots.<br />
  3. 3. The following shot seems to track around Jessie J using the same camera shot as before, a medium shot, but following her eyes round the room.<br />The next shot shows a close up of Jessie J still performing the song but also with the camera continuously moving around her.<br />The next shot is another close up from a different angle to give the performance sequence more variety and angles.<br />
  4. 4. This shot shows Jessie J from a side angle with a slight tilt showing a high angle on Jessie herself. Along with this the camera is once again tracking around the singer.<br />As the camera pans round Jessie it cuts and then back to another shot the other side of her, but slightly more zoomed out. <br />After this shot we can see a close up of the side of Jessie J’s face showing real expression on her face and the camera still tracking.<br />