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Why magento to be used for Online Shopping Websites


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The presentation is about- Why Magento to be used for online shopping portal development ?

Magento is an open source platform and can be downloaded for free. Since this is open source software, developers can modify the source code and add features and functionality by creating or installing add-ons and plug-ins as per your business requirement.

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Why magento to be used for Online Shopping Websites

  1. 1. Why Magento is Considered The Best Ecommerce Solution? Presentation Flow ● MAGENTO: Major Features ● Why Magento? ● MAGENTO: Beating The Competition ● Conclusion
  2. 2. MAGENTO: Major Features 1.) Open Source Platform ● Magento is an open source platform and can be downloaded for free. ● Since this is open source software, developers can modify the source code and add features and functionality by creating or installing add-ons and plug-ins as per your business requirement.
  3. 3. 2.) Entire Site Management ● Magento has the feature of handling multiple stores. You can even operate stores on multiple websites; Magento helps you to manage them from one admin panel. ● All the sales and customers can be managed from a single database. This saves a lot of time of placing orders and managing sales. ● It also has other features such as multi-language, multi- currency support, international support, product browsing, shipping, order management etc MAGENTO: Major Features
  4. 4. 3.) Scalable Platform ● Magento can be molded into whatever you want it to be. You have a small business or large enterprise; it can adapt your small business requirement or your complicated and sophisticated requirements. ● Magento is highly scalable and flexible that can be customized to serve any business model. ● Store Owners can expand the platform up to their anticipation provided that they work with a Magento expert team. MAGENTO: Major Features
  5. 5. 4.) User Friendliness ● When you use Magento, the products of your store can be displayed easily. That gives the people a great buying experience. ● Effective layout help people in site navigation, hence helps to find out the things they are looking for quickly. ● Zoom-in capability, product reviews, multiple images of a product are some of the features that make Magento user friendly and inspires the visitors to make a buy and revisit the website. MAGENTO: Major Features
  6. 6. 5.) Search Engine Optimization ● If your website does not get traffic visits through search engines then you are not going to achieve a return on your investment. ● Search engines love Magento because it creates very clean URLs, tags and descriptions with keywords. This directly helps in sales and revenue generation. ● It also has powerful tools such as Up-Sells and Cross- Sells that encourage the users to order for more products. MAGENTO: Major Features
  7. 7. 6.) Magento Supports Mobile Commerce ● HTML5 capabilities are now being integrated into Magento Community and Enterprise editions. With this, Magento store owners can offer better mobile shopping experiences across multiple web browsers and devices, especially those millions of mobile devices that don’t have support for Flash. ● An online store which has been developed using the Magento platform can include features like gesture-based controls, image scaling, use of both inbuilt audio and video capabilities drag and drop facilities for shopping carts etc. MAGENTO: Major Features
  8. 8. 7.) Analytics & Reporting ● With Magento your online store is already associated with Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout. This helps you to keep track of your site visitors. ● These tools give you reports on shopping cart abandonment, search terms used within your store, most viewed products, etc. MAGENTO: Major Features
  9. 9. 8.) Security & Payment Option ● Magento is a secure platform, the implementation of SSL security and dedicated IP is easy. Customers will buy from your Magento stores with a feel of security. This is definitely helpful to increase the conversion rate. ● Magento provides different payment methods, this allow you to accept payments using different payment processors like PayPal,, Google etc. Customers can also pay through check/money order, credit cards, purchase order and many more. MAGENTO: Major Features
  10. 10. Flexible & Powerful ● There is no doubt that Magento is a serious ecommerce platform for store owners. ● It offers powerful reporting features, handles complex discounting and vouchers and can be integrated into other systems such as stock control and accounting. ● In fact based on first experience of using the system it covers all of the bases any serious store owner would insist on. Why MAGENTO?
  11. 11. A Strong Community ● One of Magento’s strengths is its community. With so many contributors there is always somebody who has built a plugin or knows the answer to a specific problem. ● There are also books, blog posts and much more. Why MAGENTO?
  12. 12. Community vs Enterprise ● Magento offers two versions of their software. The community (open source) version and their Enterprise offering. ● The enterprise version comes with improved functionality, better support and indemnity insurance. Why MAGENTO?
  13. 13. MAGENTO: Beating the Competition Magento vs Shopify ● While Magento as an open source platform offers hundreds of templates and extensions; Shopify, which requires its own language (Liquid) is a relatively smaller platform offering a limited template of only 200. ● Moreover, Shopify lacks the extensiveness of Magento as it does not have many reporting and customization options as the latter. In short, Shopify can be an excellent choice for those running small websites and need it within a short period; while Magento is the perfect choice for those who need a robust and reliable e-commerce platform.
  14. 14. Magento vs. Miva Merchant ● Magento is free to download, while Miva is ‘paid’ though not pricey. ● Even though Magento do not offer any loyalty program or reseller discounts, it allows you to use product reviews and the wish list features, which however is not available with Miva. ● And last but not the least, while you require to use PHP for Magento; the language used for Miva programming is Custom MAGENTO: Beating the Competition
  15. 15. Magento vs. BigCommerce ● One of the biggest advantage of BigCommerce is its ease to set up, besides its affability to focus on international shipping. ● While Magento offers a fairly simple and easy to use framework; with BigCommerce there is every likelihood of a business getting stuck with complex plug-ins and limited third party support. MAGENTO: Beating the Competition
  16. 16. Magento vs. WordPress ● You can actually add ecommerce plugins to the popular WordPress platform. ● However, since WordPress was basically designed as a blogging platform that now allows e-commerce through plugins; so why use e-commerce on a key blogging area. MAGENTO: Beating the Competition
  17. 17. Magento vs. XCart ● While Magento is an open source platform, in XCart the code is defined. ● Moreover, XCart is quite complex to customize and lack the flexibility of Magento. MAGENTO: Beating the Competition
  18. 18. Magento vs. MartJack ● While Magento is an open source platform, in MartJack the code is defined. ● Magento gives you full access to code to develop new functionalities as the scale of the business whereas MartJack has defined functionalities ● Framework for Magento is PHP based and for MartJack is .NET. ● Backend & Frontend features could be developed as per the requirement. MartJack provides list of features which can be enabled. ● Integration of all departments is easy in Magento and flexible. MAGENTO: Beating the Competition
  19. 19. MAGENTO CONCLUSION ● Although every ecommerce solution has its definite advantages and disadvantages, it is important to have a clear concept of your prime business priorities while choosing the right platform for your ecommerce website. ● So you need to contemplate as to which one will benefit you the most; because every business has individual requirements for creating the right system. ● Magento is one of the most preferred by business across all sections from start-ups, to SMEs to large enterprises.
  20. 20. THANK YOU