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Online learning with TxVSN and Me!


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What is TxVSN and how can it make my education better?

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Online learning with TxVSN and Me!

  1. 1. What you and your student need to know.
  2. 2. iNACOL TxVSN Provides the guidelines Delivers the content here in Texas
  3. 3.  iNACOL is the international organization that provides quality assurance and provides policy and standards to districts, administrators, and teachers worldwide.  TxVSN follows the standards set forth by iNACOL
  4. 4. Course Catalog Online Schools
  5. 5.  Texas is committed to providing online course so that all students will have equal access to the credits they want or need regardless of whatever barriers exist.
  6. 6.  Test scores have shown that students in TxVSN courses are at the same level or better in course content mastery than students who attend conventional classrooms.
  7. 7. A place for public domain images