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Barberis -article_AFDI 1999 doc.1

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Barberis -article_AFDI 1999 doc.1

  1. 1. M. le Professeur Julio Barberis!"#$%&"#$()*&+&,)"#$"-*"$%./-0-$"-$#1$-"**&-1&*"$2$3"*#3"4-&5"#-671*&,)"#$"-$751%)-&1$+)$+*1&-$&-"*0-&10%82$9)0&*"$:*0;0&#$+"$+*1&-$&-"*0-&10%<$51%)="$>?<$@AAAB$33B$@CDE@>FBG&-"*$4"$+14)="-$H$G&-"$-6&#$+14)="-$2 I0*J"*&#$K)%&1B$!"#$%&"#$()*&+&,)"#$"-*"$%./-0-$"-$#1$-"**&-1&*"$2$3"*#3"4-&5"#$-671*&,)"#$"-$751%)-&1$+)$+*1&-$&-"*0-&10%B$82 9)0&*"$:*0;0&#$+"$+*1&-$&-"*0-&10%<$51%)="$>?<$@AAAB$33B$@CDE@>FB doi : 10.3406/afdi.1999.3556
  2. 2. !""#!$%& (%!")!$* +&+%,$-$"-&%"!-$,"!. /.01 2333 1 4"%* &567689:; <=>6: .&*.$&"*?#%$+$@#&*&"-%& .A&-!- &-*,"-&%%$-,$%&B <&%*<&4-$0&*-CD,%$@#&* &-D0,.#-$,"+#+%,$-$"-&%"!-$,"!. ?EF68 !G H!%H&%$* .I J 7I>>6786>I 5I FA&7=7K L89:767EIE9 LM=N67>I6ON8>7=975E 5>867 697I>9=7689=F NEPF6L I7 5I F= 7MQ8>6I RQ9Q>=FI 5I FA&7=7G .I: N=S: =LL8>5I97 E9I6ON8>7=9LIN=>76LEF6T>IU78E7LIVE6 L89LI>9IFIE>7I>>6786>II7 FI:98OP>IEW7>=67Q: 697I>9=7689=EW VEA6F: :6R9I97 =X69 5I FI 5QF6O67I> 5AE9I O=96T>IN>QL6:I I7 5Q7=6FFQI I:7 E9I N>IEYI QF8VEI97I 5I LI77I =XX6>O=7689G $F IW6:7IQR=FIOI97 E9 98OP>I L89:65Q>=PFI 5I :I97I9LI:ZE56L6=6>I: I7 =>P67>=FI: VE65Q7I>O69I97F= F6O67I I97>I FI: 7I>>6786>I: 5A&7=7: Y86:69:G .I: 489:767E7689:5I NFE:6IE>: &7=7: L8976I99I97 =E::6 5I: 56:N8:67689: 5=9: LI :I9:[2G #9IL89YI97689 697I>=OQ>6L=69I 5I 23]] L89:65T>I VEAE9 J 7I>>6786>I 5Q7I>O69QKI:7 E9 QFQOI97 L89:767E76X5I FA&7=7[^G <8E>N>QL6:I> I9 VE86 L89:6:7I FI J7I>>6786>I 5I FA&7=7K; 6F X=E7 IXXIL7EI>E9I =9=FS:I 5I F= N>=76VEI 697I>9=7689=FI I7 LMI>LMI> U :=Y86> VEIF I:7 FI:I9: =77>6PEQ U LI77I IWN>I::689G .I L89LIN7 5I J 7I>>6786>I 5I FA&7=7K I:7I9>=NN8>7 =YIL LIFE6 5I J :8EYI>=69I7Q 7I>>678>6=FIK I7 FI X=67 5AQ989LI> E9I5QX6967689 5I J 7I>>6786>I 5I FA&7=7K 6ONF6VEI; 5=9: E9I LI>7=69I OI:E>I; 5I5899I> QR=FIOI97 E9I 5QX6967689 5I LI77I 5I>96T>IG .8>:VEA89 IW=O69IF= N>=76VEI 697I>9=7689=FI 5=9: FI PE7 5I 5Q7I>O69I>FI :I9: =77>6PEQ =EW 7I>OI: J 7I>>6786>I 5I FA&7=7K; 89 >IO=>VEI 5A=P8>5VEI5I: :67E=7689: 7>T: Y=>6QI: :I N>Q:I97I97 5897 VEIFVEI:1E9I: NIEYI97 X=6>IFA8PZI7 5A697I>N>Q7=7689: 56YI>:I:G <=>L89:QVEI97; =X69 5AQY67I> 5I: 56YI>RI9LI:; 7>=67Q: :NQL6X6I97 LI VEA6F X=E7 I97I95>I N=> LI77I IWN>I::689G LI>7=69:-IFI:7FI L=:;N=>IWIONFI; 5IFA=>76LFI 2; =F69Q= 2; X; 5E7>=67Q :E>F=R=>=976I5I:69YI:76::IOI97:Q7>=9RI>: I97>IFA!>RI9769II7 FI:&7=7:1#96:5A!OQ>6VEI [_ ?EF68 !G H=>PI>6:;N>8XI::IE> U FA#96YI>:67Q!E:7>=F[HEI98: !6>I:; OIOP>I 5IFA$9:767E75I 5>867 697I>9=7689=FG [__ !P>QY6=7689: IONF8SQI: !G(G+G$G B !99E=6>I (>=9`=6: 5I +>867 $97I>9=7689=FG!G?G$G.GB!OI>6L=9 ?8E>9=F 8X$97I>9=7689=F .=aG !GbG%G !>LM6Y 5I: bXXI97F6LMI9 %ILM7:G HGcGHG B H>676:M BcI=>H88d8X$97I>9=7689=F.=aG4G$G?G B 48E>697I>9=7689=FI5I?E:76LIG 4G<G?G$GB 48E>NI>O=9I97I B5I ?E:76LI 697I>9=7689=FIG 4G-G*G <=>>S; -MI 489:8F65=7I5->I=7S *I>6I:G $G4G.G@G B $97I>9=7689=F=95 48ON=>=76YI .=a @E=>7I>FSG %G5G4GB %ILEI6F 5I: 48E>: 5IFA!L=5QO6I5I +>867 697I>9=7689=F B5I .= C=SIG %6E6:7= B %6Y6:7= 56 +6>6778 697I>9=e689=FIG %GfG+G$G<G B %IYEI fQ9Q>=FI 5I +>867$97I>9=7689=F<EPF6LG%G*G!G B %ILEI6F 5I::I97I9LI: =>P67>=FI:G #G"G-G*G B #967I5"=7689: 1->I=7S*I>6I:G [2 086>; NG IWG; FI: =>7:G g I7 h 5I F= 489:767E7689 5E 48:7= %6L= [23i3; FA=>7G 2 5I F=489:767E7689 5I FA&VE=7IE> [23j3 I7 FA=>7G ki 5I F= 489:767E7689 5E *=FY=58> [23k]G [^ !>7G 2 5I F= L89YI97689 :E> FI: 5>867: I7 FI: 5IY86>: 5I: &7=7:; =NN>8EYQI N=> F= 0$$I489XQ>I9LI 697I>=OQ>6L=69I [l897IY65I8; 23]] [489XI>I9L6=: $97I>9=L689=FI: !OI>6L=9=:; 2kk3123]h; m=:M69R789; 23]k; NG hhkG
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  16. 16. 2ih .&*.$&"*?#%$+$@#&*&"-%&.AD-!-&-*,"-&%%$-,$%& .I N>8XI::IE> =E7>6LM6I9= N>Q:I97Q5I X=`89NFE:L8ONFT7IF=56:769L7689I97>I :8EYI>=69I7Q 7I>>678>6=FI {7I>>678>6=FI *8EYI>n967n7 I7 :EN>QO=76I 7I>>678>6=FI [fIP6I7:M8MI67 I9 23i3; 5=9: E9I Q7E5I NEPF6QI 5=9: E9I >IYEI*L=9569=YI[kgG *IF89 :89 8N69689; E9 &7=7 NIE7 LQ5I> U P=6F E9 :IL7IE> 5I:89 7I>>6786>I 8E I9 7>=9:XQ>I> FA=5O696:7>=7689 U E9 =E7>I; 5I X=`89 7IFFIVEILIFE61L6NE6::I IWI>LI>78E7I: FI:L8ONQ7I9LI:;LIVE6:I>=67F=:EN>QO=76I7I>>678>6=FI; 78E7 I9 :I >Q:I>Y=97 F= X=LEF7Q 5I 56:N8:I> 5I LI 7I>>6786>I; LIVE6 L89:767EI>=67 F=:8EYI>=69I7Q 7I>>678>6=FIG +A=E7>I N=>7; E9 &7=7 N8E>>=67=E::6 LQ5I> L89Z8697IOI97 F= :8EYI>=69I7Q I7 F= :EN>QO=76I I7 LAI:7 LI VE6=>>6YI I9 RQ9Q>=FG 0I>5>8:: = 5QYIF8NNQ LI77I L89LIN7689 5=9: :I: yEY>I:EF7Q>6IE>I:; :867 L8OOI =E7IE>; :867 L8OOI L81=E7IE>[khG 0$G 1.& -&%%$-,$%& &" -!"- @#&+,l!$"& +&0!.$+$-D *<!-$!.&+A#"& ",%l& ?#%$+$@#& *<D4$($@#& !S=975QZU IWN8:Q F= 56XXQ>I9LI VE6 IW6:7I I97>I :8EYI>=69I7Q I7 :EN>QO=76I 7I>>678>6=FI; 6F X=E7 O=697I9=97 :I 5IO=95I> L8OOI97 :A=NNF6VEI FIL89LIN75I J 7I>>6786>I 5IFA&7=7K IWN8:Q N=> %=5967edSI7 N>QL6:Q N=>wIF:I9=EW L=: 5=9: FI:VEIF: E9 &7=7 IWI>LI F= :EN>QO=76I 7I>>678>6=FI :E> E9I>QR689 =F8>: VEAE9 =E7>I I9 I:7 FI :8EYI>=69G !E 7I>>6786>I 5I VEIF &7=7=NN=>76I97F= >QR689 I9VEI:7689~ *6 89=NNF6VEI F= 5QX6967689 5I J 7I>>6786>I5I FA&7=7K X8E>96I N=> wIF:I9; 6F I9 >Q:EF7I VEI F=>QR689 I9 VEI:7689 XI>=N=>76I 5E 7I>>6786>I 5I FA&7=7 VE6 IWI>LI F= :EN>QO=76I 7I>>678>6=FI[kjG .=7MQ8>6I9A6956VEI N=:989NFE:VEIF5IR>Q5A697I9:67Q 5867=Y86>F=L8ONQ7I9LI7I>>678>6=FI 5AE9 &7=7 N8E> VEA6F NE6::I q7>I =NNIFQ :8EYI>=69[kkG .I: L>676VEI: =5>I::QI: U F= -MQ8>6I NE>I 5=9: LI :I9: :897 ZE:76X6QI:G*= 5QX6967689 5I 7I>>6786>I 9I 76I97 N=: L8ON7I 5I F= N8::6P6F67Q VEI FI:767EF=6>I: 5I F= :8EYI>=69I7Q I7 5I F= :EN>QO=76I :E> E9 7I>>6786>I :86I975IEW &7=7: 56XXQ>I97:G <8E> LI77I >=6:89; 6F X=E7 QF=P8>I> E9I 7MQ8>6I 5=9:5I: 7I>OI: 7IF: VEAIFFI 69LFEI FAMSN87MT:I 6956VEQI 5=9: FI N=>=R>=NMI N>QLQ5I97 =69:6 VEI 5A=E7>I: :6O6F=6>I: N8EY=97 :I N>Q:I97I> 5=9: F= N>=76VEIG $F I:77ILM96VEIOI97N8::6PFI 5AIXXIL7EI>E9I I9EOI>=76895I: L8ONQ7I9LI: NIE7 IWI>LI> N=>>=NN8>7 U E9 7I>>6786>IG 4I77I I9EOI>=7689 VEAE9 &7=7L8ON8>7I>= N=> IWIONFI; FI 5>867 5I FQR6XQ>I> I9 O=76T>I NQ9=FI I7 L6Y6FI;LIFE6 5AIWNF867I> FI: >I::8E>LI: 9=7E>IFFI:; 5A=LL8>5I> 5I: L89LI::689: 5I:I>Y6LI: NEPF6L:; 5I X6WI> FI: L89567689: 5AQ7=PF6::IOI97 N8E> FI: Q7>=9RI>:;I7LG 4M=LE9I5ILI: =L76Y67Q:L8>>I:N895 UE9IL8ONQ7I9LI I7 FA&7=7:8EYI>=69NIE7 F=7>=9:XQ>I> U E9=E7>I &7=7; VE6Y6I95>= 589L U IWI>LI>F= :EN>QO=76I7I>>678>6=FIG [kg 0I>5>8::; J -I>>678>6=FI *8EYI>n967n7 E95 fIP6I7:M8MI67 K; ?E: RI976EO 1 "8>56:d-65::d>6X7 X8>(8FdI>I78R 697I>9=7689==F <>6Y=7>I7; Y8FG $; 23i3; NG ^ij ::G [kh 0I>5>8::; 0bFdI>>ILM7; gI Q5G;m6I9; 23hi; NG ^hh::G0I>5>8::1*6OO=1fI6RI>;-I>>678>6=FI]I Q5G; HI>F69; 23ki; NG hgg ::G*8EYI>n967n7 E95 fIP6I7:M8MI67; H899; 23kp; NG 2g ::G 0I>5>8::1*6OO=; #96YI>:IFFI: 0bFdI>>ILM7; <8E>5I: L8OOI97=6>I: :E> LI77I L89LIN7689; Y86> *ES; J %QXFIW689: :E> F= 56:769L7689 I97>IF= :8EYI>=69I7Q I7 F= L8ONQ7I9LI 7I>>678>6=FIK; $97I>9=7689=FI(I:7:LM>6X7 XE>!FX>I5 0I>5>8:: eEOkpG fIPE>7:7=R; NG i3] ::G| 489X8>76; J -MI-MI8>S8X48ONI7I9LI 69 0I>5>8::K; &E>8NI=9 ?8E>9=F8X$97I>9=7689=F .=a; Y8FG h; 233g; NG jp ::G [kj 489XG B *ES; 8NG L67G; :EN>=; 9G j; NG gp2G [kk 489XG B *ES; 8NG L67G; :EN>=; 9G j; NG gp^G
  17. 17. .&*.$&"*?#%$+$@#&*&"-%&.AD-!-&-*,"-&%%$-,$%& 2ij ,9 567 N=>X86: VEAE9 &7=7 N8E>>=67 7>=9:XQ>I> U E9 =E7>I 78E7I: FI:L8ONQ7I9LI: :E> E9 7I>>6786>I 78E7 I9 :I >Q:I>Y=97 E96VEIOI97F= X=LEF7Q 5ILQ5I> LI 7I>>6786>I U E9 76I>:; LAI:71U156>I; 5I 56:N8:I> 5I LI 7I>>6786>IG +=9:LI L=:; FA&7=7 VE6 :I >Q:I>YI LI77I X=LEF7Q L89769EIUZ8E6> 5I F=:8EYI>=69I7Q7I>>678>6=FI; 6F :I>=67 78EZ8E>: FA&7=7 :8EYI>=69G 4INI95=97 6F X=E7 :6R9=FI>VEI F= X=LEF7Q 5I 56:N8:I> 5AE9 7I>>6786>I; 5I FI LQ5I> U E9 &7=7 76I>:; I:7=E::6 E9I L8ONQ7I9LI[k3G <=> L89:QVEI97; 89 NIE7 =XX6>OI> VEI FA&7=7:8EYI>=69 I:7 LIFE6 VE6 = F= L8ONQ7I9LI N8E> LQ5I> FI 7I>>6786>I U E9 &7=776I>:G $F I9 >Q:EF7I =F8>: VEAE9 &7=7 I:7 :8EYI>=69 :E> E9 7I>>6786>I 5=9: F=OI:E>I 8o 6F = F= L8ONQ7I9LI 5I FI 7>=9:XQ>I>G .I 7I>>6786>I 5I FA&7=7 :I>=589L 5Q7I>O69Q N=> FI 58O=69I :N=76=F 5I Y=F6567Q 5I F=98>OI VE6 =LL8>5IF= L8ONQ7I9LI N8E> FI 7>=9:XQ>I>G .= O856X6L=7689 VEA6F X=E5>=67 589L 697>85E6>I U F= L89LIN7689 5I %=5967edS I7 5I wIF:I9 L89:6:7I>=67 U >IONF=LI>FI58O=69I :N=76=F 5I Y=F6567Q 5I FA8>5>I ZE>656VEI 5I FA&7=7 N=> FI 58O=69I:N=76=F 5IY=F6567Q5AE9I98>OIZE>656VEI:NQL6X6VEI; U:=Y86>LIFFI VE6=LL8>5IU FA&7=7 F= L8ONQ7I9LI N8E> 7>=9:XQ>I> FI 7I>>6786>I I9 VEI:7689G z LI77I 7MQ8>6I 89 N8E>>=67 8NN8:I> FA8PZIL7689 VEI F= L8ONQ7I9LI N8E>7>=9:XQ>I>FI7I>>6786>IU E9&7=7 76I>:NIE7q7>I FA8PZI75AE9I 56Y6:689 I7; N=>L89:QVEI97; 5AE9I LI::689 N=>76IFFIG !69:6; E9 &7=7 :8EYI>=69 N8E>>=67 =LL8>5I> E9 =E7>I F= L8ONQ7I9LI 5=9: E9 58O=69I 5Q7I>O69Q :E> LI>7=69 U7I>>6786>I I7 FE6 L89XQ>I> =E::6 F= X=LEF7I> 5I F= LQ5I> U :89 78E> U E9 =E7>I&7=7G ,9 N8E>>=67 589L :I 5IO=95I> 5=9: VEIFFI OI:E>I E9 &7=7 :8EYI>=69NIE7=LL8>5I> U E9 =E7>I E9I L8ONQ7I9LI 5Q7I>O69QI :E>E9 7I>>6786>I I7 F=X=LEF7Q 5I F= 7>=9:XQ>I> U E9 76I>: :=9: NI>5>I F= VE=F67Q 5I :8EYI>=69 5ILI7I>>6786>IG .= >QN89:I I:7 :6ONFIB E9 &7=7 I:7 :8EYI>=69 U FAQR=>5 5AE97I>>6786>I N8E> =E7=97 VEA6F L89:I>YI 697QR>=FIOI97 F=L8ONQ7I9LI 5I 7>=9:XQ>I>LI 7I>>6786>I U E9 &7=7 76I>:G ! N=>76> 5E O8OI97 8o 6F LT5I LI77IL8ONQ7I9LI; OqOI N=>76IFFIOI97 I75=9:E9I O8695>IOI:E>I; 6F LI::I5Aq7>IFI :8EYI>=69 7I>>678>6=F; I7 89 :I>=67 =F8>: I9 N>Q:I9LI 5AE9 L=: 5I L8958O696EO 697I>9=7689=FG ,9 = 5QZU 6956VEQ VEI F= X=LEF7Q 5I 56:N8:I> 5AE9 7I>>6786>I; LAI:71U156>I5I FI LQ5I> U E9 &7=7 76I>:; I:7 QR=FIOI97 E9I L8ONQ7I9LIG ,>; 5=9: F=N>=76VEI; 6F S = LI>7=69: L=: 5=9: FI:VEIF: 5IEW &7=7: L89LFEI97 E9 =LL8>5U N>8N8: 5AE9 7I>>6786>I 5=9: 5I: 7I>OI: 7IF: VEI FAE9 5AI97>I IEW 8P76I9778E7I: FI: L8ONQ7I9LI:; S L8ON>6: LIFFI 5I FI 7>=9:XQ>I> U E9 76I>:; 7=956:VEIFA=E7>I L89:I>YIF=J :8EYI>=69I7QKG *6FA89 =9=FS:IFI7IW7IL89YI976899IFI9 F=6::=97 5I Lb7Q FI Y8L=PEF=6>I U 697I97689: N8F676VEI: :8E:1Z=LI97I: VEA89E76F6:I :8EYI97 5=9: LI: L=:; 89 N8E>>= L89:7=7I> VEI LI77I J :8EYI>=69I7QKO=9VEI 5I L897I9E I7 9AI:7 VEAE9 O87 Y65I 5I :I9:G .I 5>867 9I 76I97 N=:L8ON7I 5I: 7I>OI: E76F6:Q:; O=6: 5I F= >Q=F67Q 5I F= :67E=7689G <8E> LI77I>=6:89; 5=9: LI L=:; 6F 9AS = N=: E9 &7=7 :8EYI>=69 I7 E9 =E7>I IWI>`=97 F=:EN>QO=76I 7I>>678>6=FI; O=6: E9 :IEF &7=7 :8EYI>=69 VE6 56:N8:I 5I 78E7I:FI: L8ONQ7I9LI: 7=956: VEI FA=E7>I 9A= =ELE9 767>I ZE>656VEI; I9 5QN67 5EF6PIFFQ 5I FA=LL8>5G [k3 489XGB 0I>5>8::; J%TRFI: RQ9Q>=FI: 5E 5>867 5I F= N=6WK; %G5G4; 23^310; NG ]kpG

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