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Mercury and climate change


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For augmented reality project.

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Mercury and climate change

  1. 1. Mercury & climate change Kriya Dunlap University of Alaska Fairbanks
  2. 2. what do you know about mercury?
  3. 3. mercury in the environment …
  4. 4. biomagnification and bioaccumulation
  5. 5. the risks of mercury exposure + H g H C 3 Mercury has a strong for sulfhydryl – S-H affinity groups (Thiol)
  6. 6. 19th Century Felters
  7. 7. 950’s plastic factory in Minimata Bay
  8. 8. salmon-fed sled potential risks and Mercury levels in dogs; the benefits of subsistence diets
  9. 9. • low incidence diseases • 4.8 kg • 60% of age and nutritional subsistence foods per week of subsistence foods is finfish
  10. 10. Village sled dogs
  11. 11. wild Alaskan SALMON
  12. 12. the benefits… Eicosapentaenoic acid (20:5ω-3) Docosahexaenoic acid (22:ω-3) astaxanthin
  13. 13. Phospholipid membrane Phospholipase A2 O HO Eicosapentaenoicacid Arachidonic aci Cyclooxygenases (COX) Prostaglandins (PG) & Thromboxanes (TX) Lipoxygenases (LOX) Leukotrienes -less biologically active -poor substrate for cyclooxygena -gives rise to series 5 leukotri
  14. 14. mercury exposure What is the in salmon-fed sled dogs at different location along the Yukon River ? health implications? What are the
  15. 15. Why the Yukon River? Fort Yukon Rampart Galena Russian Mission Salcha
  16. 16. Russian Mission Ryan Housler
  17. 17. Rampart Linda Johnson
  18. 18. Galena Paddy Nolner
  19. 19. Josh Cadzow
  20. 20. Sci Total Environ. 3):80-5 2007 Oct 15;385(1-
  21. 21. Why? Life Cycle…
  22. 22. Yu ko n Ri ve r Sa lm on
  23. 23. Health Implications of wild AK salmon? •WHO Upper Allowable Threshold of 50 ng/g) •EPA suggests a maximum consumption of fish per week for a 70 kg person •Reported adverse effects as low as ppm (50,000 of 226 g 300 ng/g •Russian Mission sled dogs have some of the highest reported mercury concentrations of any Alaskan mammal
  24. 24. Future direction…
  25. 25. Special Thank you to… Reynolds Joee Reddington Paddy Nolner Linda Johnson Cadzow Scott Campbell Nestlé Purina INBRE Josh Arleigh Jr.