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Venus Arts Painting Club:Artists and Non.Artists Charitable Organization.
Reckless use of pesticides in Agriculture,fruits and vegitable,

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Web mater.98 (2)

  1. 1. Activities Done .https:venus arts and charity.blogspot.comHIV/AIDS EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS POSTEREXHIBITION,PAINTING & QUIZ COMPETITION CONDUCTED FORCHILDREN&YOUNGSTERS-AROUND THE WORLD.REF:WORLD CONTEST/HIV-AIDS/UN,UNAIDS/JAN.10,2000/VENUS. Venus Arts Institute (Venus School of Arts) is an art work oriented trainingInstitution, recognized and grant in aid by Government of Kerala, India which has beenfighting voluntarily against HIV/AIDS since 1997. We conducted competitions inTrivandrum, Capital of Kerala in April 6-11, 1998, October 10 – 12, 2001 and inNovember 25, 2001 in the item quiz and painting competitions were conductedNovember and December 2005 for belong in the those who the age group of 10 – 25. Mr. R.Raja ,is a humanist artist and principal &Managing Director of Venus ArtsInstitute (Venus School of Arts – Neyyattinkara) a semi-government art Institutionlocated at Parassala, Trivandrum since 1951. He is fighting against HIV/AIDS throughhis art institution in a novel way of poster awareness programs by conducting paintingexhibitions and HIV/AIDS painting and quiz competitions, for the benefit of children andyoungsters, spending his energy and money from his own pocket. Being a humble artist,he is doing what he can do to eradicate this killer disease. He started his attempts to create awareness about HIV/AIDS in Kerala evenbefore others thought about it. In April 6 – 11, 1998, he conducted a painting exhibitionwith poster awareness program about HIV/AIDS and successfully conducted themduring the 47th anniversary of Venus Arts Institute held at, Government MuseumAuditorium, Trivandrum, Kerala. This was the first effort in the world to create effectiveawareness about this fatal disease among people by painting pictures. In October 10th, 11th and 12th, 2001 and November 25th 2001, he organized apainting exhibition in connection with the golden Jubilee celebrations of Venus ArtsInstitute which was held at the Government Museum Auditorium, Trivandrum. In thisexhibition he presented posters connected with HIV/AIDS, and instructed theparticipating school and college students to paint their own pictures getting inspiration
  2. 2. from HIV/AIDS posters. The response of the participants was beyond expectation. Webelieve that, this attempt might be the first in the world on the subject – “Aids & HumanFuture in 21st Century”, with the consent of UNAIDS. (Project consent of UNAIDS –10th January 2000) In this connection, he conducted competition and picture exhibitions at variousplaces. A poster exhibition and painting competition was conducted on 25th November2005 at St. Mary‟s Higher Secondary School Pattom, Trivandrum on the subject ofHIV/AIDS and students of this school who got inspiration from the posters drawnimpressive pictures. Again, at the same school, he conducted a quiz competition amongthe students on the subject, HIV/AIDS, on 30th November 2005. It was done in a veryscientific manner. In association with various cultural organizations. He was able toconduct a number of awareness programs through quiz/painting competitions. On March 31, 2007, he conducted quiz and painting competition for the studentsof Church of South India Poor Home for Girls (Balika Mandiram) at Parassala. Alongwith this a separate quiz competition was organized for the parents of children. Duringthis year‟s Onam celebrations(state festival of Kerala) we conducted quiz and paintingcompetitions for the children between the age 5 to 50 on 29th and 30th August 2007 inassociation with the Kerala‟s leading newspaper Malayala Manorama Balajana Sakhyamat Neyyattinkara on the subject of HIV/AIDS. The concluding functions of this programwere at the Venus School of Arts on 2nd October 2007, the birth anniversary ofMahathma Gandhi. Artist and Colonel (Rtd. Indian Army) V.P.K.Nair distributed prizesto the winners. Due to the heavy financial burden, continuation of this project became verydifficult. In this locality Venus School of Arts is known as the educational institutionwhich conducts awareness programs on the subject about AIDS. Because of this we donot have many arts students. And this creates grave financial crunch. Since 1997 singlehandedly this arts educational institution fought against HIV/AIDS. But so far we did notreceived any assistance either from the government, individuals or organizations for thisproject. On January 10, 2000, (Ref: Education/HIV/AIDS world contest/UN/UNAIDS/Jan10,2000) we forwarded letters to world bodies such as United Nations, UNAIDS etc. Inthese letters, we proposed to conduct postal contests with the participations of allcountries on the subject of HIV/AIDS and the enrolment fees thus collected to be spend
  3. 3. for opening rehabilitation centers for severely AIDS affected in the respective countriesby the country offices of UNAIDS. As a humanist artist, he believes that preservation of the earth in which we liveand to create universal brotherhood and peace in the entire world is one of his utmostduties wish to conduct this online contest through his website: arts and,)Shortly he proposes to conduct suchcontests for the students and youngsters who belong in the age group of 10 to 25 all thecountries in the world. By this he believes that the young generation will get awarenessabout this acute problem. Mr. Raja through artistic creations and social service, hebelieves that he would be able to achieve his long cherished dream. As a humble step, Mr. Raja already started works to enlighten the younggeneration in the age group of 10 – 25 about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. Gettinginspiration from posters students of the above the age group painted pictures. In thebeginning at specially organized work shops some guardians expressed their doubts thattheir children are not aware of this particular subject. So how could draw picture on thedreadful disease HIV/AIDS, they asked. They requested Mr. Raja to give their childrensome other topics. But he was firm his decision and told them that seeing the postersrelated to HIV/AIDS the children would be able to complete their paintings and asexpected the children did well. His objective is not just to create awareness, but also to rehabilitate the millions ofmainly AIDS affected victims. For to achieve this goal it is necessary to establishrehabilitation centers in all states in India and other countries through UNAIDS countryoffices in each nation. With the HIV/AIDS awareness program for the children and youngsters Mr.Raja‟s chief motive is to open rehabilitation centers for severely AIDS affected in everycountry. In order to collect fund he likes to introduce an enrolment fee from theparticipants of this postal and venue contest. There will be competitions in quiz andpainting. In his point of view, he notes that many of the school and college children are thevictim of HIV/AIDS. Most of them, do not know what is the after effect and consequenceof HIV/AIDS. In schools, there is no syllabus in their studies about AIDS. He conductedseveral HIV/AIDS quiz and painting competitions in schools, colleges and othereducational institutions. The authorities of the educational institutions told him that it iseffective in both students and them. The attempt was first in our country.
  4. 4. Mr. Raja’s next step is to conduct a statewide and then country wide and world wide online contest on the same topic. He could not obtain any fund for his venture until now. So he could not take up this project world wide. Due to this he could not give necessary advertisement in the media. This is why from 1998; he couldn’t conduct this competition in India and other countries of the UN. To take measures in order to create awareness about the dangers of AIDS, this art educational institute trying to get the help of sponsors who can help it to give advertisement in media all over the world. He conduct this postal / venue contest for two things. His first preference is makeawareness in children and youngsters up to 25 years and the second aim is to find fundsto open rehabilitation centers for severely AIDS affected persons in 193 countries whichare the members of the UN. https://google reader/RajaRamakrishnan Many people asked him that, “Why he is fighting against HIV/AIDS andcreates awareness among children in schools”. It is due to a touching story – inVellayani a place near Kovalam beach near Trivandrum, Kerala, India – a poorwindow and her 5 years old son are the victims of the attitude of the society towardsthe relatives of the HIV/AIDS patients. This widow and her son were infected by herdead husband. There is no one to give them a helping hand. The neighbors isolatedthem. In school the authorities refused admission to the child. Even the hair dresserhesitates to cut the hair of the boy. The people look at him as a monster. Thus, thelittle boy sans friends, sans shelter, sans education etc. this is a simple example ofmany who are leading a living death. Envisioning this, Mr. Raja decided to do fromApril 6-11,1998 about HIV/AIDS awareness program among school children. He witnessed many such incidents since 1995. That was his guiding force behindthe formation of „Venus Arts Painting Club‟ – Artist and Non – Artist members withCharitable activities He worked for the formation of the club from 1995 and it wascompleted in March 1998, and it got registration as a charitable organization from theGovernment of Kerala in July 1998.
  5. 5. Venus Arts Painting Club: Inviting sponsors in each country forconducting HIV/AIDS awareness Quiz and painting for the studentsin the age group of 10 to 25. Any selfless and dedicated people, HIV/AIDS affected persons andindividuals (any person above the age of 18) can take the charge of country chieforganizer/state chief organizer or promoter of this club, in their country in Asia,Europe the U.S.A., Australia and African continents. We will grant permission to start our painting club branch offices in everycountry, and the respective person can run this club for the good being of the societyin every nation.HIV/AIDS AWARENESS ONLINE CONTEST – WORLD WIDEInstruction & By Law – Postal (World Wide by website) and Venue Contests1. This postal contest is held district level in each nation. Dividing the students in schools, colleges and other educational institution as per the age group.2. The contests must be in the topics they are interested. Those who win will get presents and certificates.3. We will inform the participant through E-mail or by post.4. We conduct the contest through website the money transaction is not through the website due to the disturbance of hawkers in website.5. Answers of the postal contest including painting can be sending through E-mail in our website or by post.6. We find the winners by conducting district level competition by dividing topics into age groups.7. The enrolment number and name should be included with each answer.(by email)8. The participants must send their E-mail address and postal address.9. Those who belong the age group of 10 to 30 can participate in the contest. Among the students of the age group of 10 to 15 will be in school section: a (10–15) b
  6. 6. (16–20) and c (21–30)and d( 18 to 30) would be considered as college and other educational categories. Age should be mention in the enrolment form.10. The enrolment forms are available in the website .English as the official language of the postal contest. Website for online world contest is hosting soon.11. Those who do not know English can participate in their mother tongue in „Quiz‟ contest. The column of mother tongue in the enrolment form should be filled in English.12. Our aim of the postal contest is not mere competition but to create awareness about HIV/AIDS and to open rehabilitation centers for severely AIDS affected victims all over the world.13. The winners would be selected on the basis of their ability and the decision of the judges will be final.14. Our sole aim is to help UNAIDS to open rehabilitation centers using the fund of the enrolment fee for severely AIDS affected in every nation around the world.15. We want to help the sponsors and promoters for this postal contest in each country. Those who are interested (male/female) can contact the head office of Venus Arts Painting Club (Bhavana,Thozhukal,Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum, Kerala,India) through E-mail or by post Participants can send their bio-data. The preference should be given to the AIDS affected person.16. We invite in each country, the help of those who know languages other than English for translating them English contact in the personal E-mail,for conducting competitions in each nation.17. All cash transactions and other communications should be in the following address:Raja Ramakrishnan(R.Raja), Principal & M.D., Venus Arts Institute, (Venus School of Arts – Neyyattinkara,) School for Disabled Children and Poor,Bhavana,Thozhukal,Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum, Kerala, 695 121, India.18. Please send E-mail or postal address for more information. Venus Arts Institute – School for Disabled Children and poor – is working for its charity since 1997 in this project, which is being hold for the first time among the nations of the world and has attracted international response. It is a great project which deserves due consideration. The HIV/AIDS awareness contest is not being held as an awareness contest of an ordinary type.
  7. 7. This project, which has international recognition gives away the fees from the participants to the UNAIDS to starting rehabilitation centers for the severely AIDS affected in every nation. VENUS SCHOOL OF ARTS NEYYATTINKARA, TRIVANDRUM, SCHOOL FOR DISABLED CHILDREN AND POOR, Pin: 695121 (Inviting Sponsors) I am planning to impart training in painting, graphics, animation, multimediamobile phone technology, training in electronics components making computer networking ,maintenance course and other job oriented training to the physicallyhandicapped students by giving them food, accommodation and wages on the basis oftheir work. We gave training to the handicapped children in drawing and painting free ofcost, home tuition for poor students of handicapped children. We were forced to stopthese trainings because of the financial crunch, now we are giving training in the Churchof South India Diocese, Balika Mandiram – Boarding Home for the Poor Girls atCheruvarakonam, Parassala etc. For the fulfillment of this project, we have to buy andconstruct a building for the uplifting of handicapped children and youth with boardingfacilities. Venus Arts Institute is an educational institution approved and recognized bygovernment of Kerala, India. It is being run in accordance with the rules laid down by thegovernment. We are getting a grant in aid of Rs. 600/- (12 dollars) per month. 3 teachersare working in this institution. This amount is not sufficient to pay the teachers and otherstaff their salary is Rs. 7000/- per month (other expenses, including expenses nearly 250/-dollars per month). Thus it is very clear that the grant is grossly inadequate to make theexpenses. Most of the students are from very poor sections. They are not in a position to paytheir monthly tuition fee regularly. In most cases, the arrears are long over due. Hence theinstitution is in financial difficulty. We are not able to pay the teachers their salary intime. In the filed of animation multimedia and graphics, art and painting are infinite,especially, in the field of business and commerce. The offers in painting became a costlyaffair because of the rise in prices of raw painting materials. So, poor students are
  8. 8. constrained to go for work with my permission to earn money to buy paints, canvas andbrushes etc. We have requested to the government to raise the teaching grant from Rs.300 to 1500 for each teacher. In addition to these expenses, there are sundry expenseslike building rent, salary to non – teaching staff and other incidental expenses. If there is sponsors to pay salary to our staff and the tuition fee to the poorstudents it will be a great blessing. ARTS INSTITUTE – SCHOOL OF ARTS (Since: 1951) Venus Arts Institute, (Venus School of Arts – Neyyattinkara,) Trivandrum,Kerala, has been training students in arts since 1951. This institution recognized by theDirectorate of Technical Education, Govt. of Kerala and has been getting financial aid.The institute has been training students in KGCE in Fine Arts and MGTE Drawing andPainting Diploma. In the changing circumstances of today and in view of future times maximum jobopportunities are created by those who are specially trained in drawing together withdigital graphic designing. The training is imparted with a view to securing jobopportunities for young men and women in India and foreign countries. More than 20,000 students both men and women have passed out theseexaminations form our institution and work in various fields as successful commercialartists, art teachers in govt. and private schools, govt. departments etc in India and abroadespecially in many Gulf counties. We have been running it on ideal lines with nomercenary motives. It is a great boon to the student community. Venus Arts Painting Club – Artist and non Artist Charitable organization haveseveral other unique features, We are ready to – open our branches all over the worldshortly to serve the suffering population of the humanity. Man‟s life on the planet is so awfully short. We should do something creative tohelp others. Our mission in life should be to do some good to others. That is what we areborn for and that is what God expects from us. The Venus Arts Painting Club‟s mainobjective is to the mankind.WORLD WIDE ONLINE HIV/AIDS AWARENESS PROJECTEDUCATIONAL AWARENESS POSTER EXHIBITION,PAINTING AND QUIZCOMPETITIONS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNGSTERS.
  9. 9. A WORLD WIDE PROJECT OF VENUS.REF:WORLD CONTEST/HIV/AIDS/CONSENT/UN&UNAIDS/JANUARY 10 , 2000.For this selfless work, we received no financial aid from the government, privateindividuals or any organizations. I found the money for this attempt from the membershipamount of the painting club and the amount from the tuition fees of Venus Arts Institute,other earnings from advertisement works, sale of painted pictures and the orders of oilportrait paintings, etc. Please login to sale( documentfor your perusal : HIV/AIDS Most people in the world are unaware of this mortal disease,especially, among children and youngsters. I planed to conduct a world contest in schooland college level. DECEMBER 1ST IS WORLD AIDS DAY. Since 1988 until in India, especially inKerala, organizations for this purpose. I noticed how some organizations, On December1st, some of them organized functions, running competitions and a group of peoplewalking with red ribbon tying on their neck and called “Aids walk” HIV/AIDS-the dreadful disease….we should prepare to vanish, VENUS isvoluntarily fought against in the way of educational awareness in display of posters,painting and quiz competitions for children and youngsters from April 6 to 11,1998.Itmay be the first attempt an artistic community voluntarily conducting…. of first of itsthis kind in the world. Getting inspiration from posters, students above the age of 10 up to 25paintedtheir own pictures. Thus the young generation will get awareness about this acuteproblem through artistic creations and social service. ,Sponsors should be enlisted to generate country wide awareness in every nation,against HIV/AIDS. Postal (Media‟s) and through our online site contest. Venue contestmay also be held for the children and youngsters between the age group of 10-25. Itworks for the existence of Universal Brotherhood, world peace and Protection ofNature. If we obtain sponsors for conducting this postal contest against HIV/AIDS,and thus after conducting the contests, we could collect the enrolment fee from theparticipants in each nation, for opening rehabilitation centers for severely AIDSaffected in the same nation, under the auspices of UNAIDS country office. This isour project, and this is a noble mission.
  10. 10. VENUS ARTS PAINTING CLUBPROSPECTUSAIMS & OBJECTIVES To promote art and painting, work for the betterment of humanity, save thenature (flora and fauna). Its style of functioning and details relating to membership. Category (i) Artist membership Category (ii) Non-Artist membershipArtist Membership To some people painting is a hobby. But to most people, it is both a hobby andmeans of livelihood. They can buy paint and canvas only if their paintings are sold at areasonable price. To them it is a question of survival. These two categories of paintersshould have a common forum for interaction and display of their works. Venus ArtsPainting Club offers them such a forum. Venus Arts Painting Club C/o Venus Arts Institute plans to open branches all overthe world. We under took the exhibition of painting through our various branches in Indiaand aboard and the works of painters who want their works to be sold will be sold andother will duly be sent back to the parties. A small portion of the sale proceeds will beearmarked for the club and for the uplift of the disabled and derelicts.Non – Artist Membership To lend a helping hand to the destitute and the needy and to work for thepreservation of nature and the conservation of the flora and fauna. People who are interested in selfless and dedicated work for the uplift ofhumanity and people who love nature intensely can aspire to become members of thispainting club. That is what Venus Arts Painting Club aims at – Venus Arts Painting Clubwill function at home and abroad with special emphasis on man‟s primary needs likefood, clothe and shelter. Venus Arts Painting Club is engaged in combating HIV/AIDS, Terrorism,Alcoholism and the use of harmful drugs. Preservation of Nature is also on the agenda ofthis club. Atrocities committed by men on women, atrocities committed by women on
  11. 11. men, cruelty to old people and children etc…. also come within the sphere of its activity.Giving free legal and medical aid to the needy people is one of the important aims of theclub. Many numbers of organizations working among artists and painters in India is byno means small. But they exist for furthering their own interests. They do practically nocharitable or humanitarian work. It is here that Venus Arts Painting Club stands apartfrom other organizations and clubs. It aims at bettering the lot of humanity and promotingart simultaneously. This is the first of its kind in India, since 1998. Hence the purposefulco – operation and unstinted support from all the members is solicited. All the members of this club have to donate their eyes after death. (But those whocannot donate their organs on grounds of religion will not be compelled to do so.) Can welive at least for one hour with our yes closed? No we can‟t live without enjoying thebeauty of nature. Then think about the sad fate of the people who are condemned to livewithout eyes throughout their lives. How miserable our existence will be if such a lotcomes to us. According to Hindu rites, the dead bodies are burnt to ashes. Others like theMuslims and Christians simply bury their dead bodies. Thus their most valuable eyes,which can otherwise to give light to the eyeless, become mingled with the dust and soil.This shows our unwillingness to serve others without harming ourselves. This clubundertakes to help the indigent and physically handicapped and helps the indigentpatients by supplying them costly medicines free of cost.THEME: UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD, WORLD PEACE & PROTECTIONOF NATUREAIM 1. To promote Art & Painting, service to Humanity and save the nature from all evils of disease & pollution. 2. Donation of „EYES‟. 3. Bringing Awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS, Global Warming ,and other nefarious activities through art.OBJECTIVE
  12. 12. I. Venus Arts Paining Club plans to open branches round the globe. We undertake exhibitions of paintings through our branches worldwide. The paintings, of those who wish, will be sold and the others will be send back to the owners. A portion of the sale proceedings will be deducted and used for uplifting the lives of the disabled and derelicts. II. The club has the motto “to bring Awareness to HIV/AIDS”, “Global Warming” and other nefarious activities in the age group of 10 years to 25 years. We intend to buy medicines for those who cannot afford and supply it free of cost. Existing members are “Eye donors”, and we insist all new members to be donors too. Those who cannot donate, on the grounds of religion, are not compelled to do so. The Club will function with due emphasis on primary needs like food, medicine, clothes, shelter, etc., to the poor & needy. We give memberships to Artists & Non-Artists.MEMBERSHIP There are two categories of memberships, for Artists and Non – Artists. Peoplefrom all walks of life, regardless of age, color, caste or creed who are unselfish anddedicated, from all countries can become members of the club.ARTISTS (CATEGORY – I Painting is a hobby to most people. It is a hobby and a means of livelihood tosome. Paints and canvases are highly priced, and their paintings should be sold atreasonable rates, as it is a question of survival.NON – ARTISTS (CATEGORY – II Non – Artists should lend a helping hand and promote to the betterment of theneedy, sick, miserable, homeless and preserve the nature.APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP
  13. 13. Application forms can be had from the founder and President Mr. RajaRamakrishnan,( R. Raja) Venus Arts Painting Club .Bhavana, Thozhukal, Neyyattinkara,Trivandrum district, Kerala State, India, Pin Code – 695 121 , on payment of the feestructure mentioned below, by crossed demand draft along with one (01) passport sizephotograph, personal resume and affidavit. One receipt of which, we shall send you the photograph affixed laminatedMembership Identity Card. People who are unselfish and loyal dedicated in serving mankind and nature,without any profit motives can hold offices. They can start their dedicated work asper the laws governing their country and by abiding the bylaw of the club.MEMBERSHIP FEES One (01) year Life member Monthly fees India Rs. 500/- Rs. 3000/- Rs. 50/- Abroad $10 (Dollar) $100 (Dollar) $2 (Dollar) There will be One Chief Organizer, Co–ordinator and Convener for each country,each state will have one state organizer/co-ordinator and convener and a convener/organizer/co-ordinator in each branch of the club in every District of the state. The yearlymembership fee of each official is given below. In addition to these there will becountry/state/district co-ordinators, organizers conveners etc., as per the rules of the club.OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP Country Chief State Convener/ Branch Convener/ Organizer/ Convener Organizer Organizer Aboard $ 100 $ 50 $ 10 In India Rs. 10,000 Rs. 5,000 Rs. 3,000EYE DONATIONS
  14. 14. Just close your eyes for few minutes and think of the unlucky blind who have notseen the „SUNLIGHT‟ or the beauties of nature. They live in a life of eternal darkness. According to Hindu religious rights the dead are burnt to ashes. Christians andMuslims bury their dead. Think twice before alighting the pyre or burying. Wasting theGod given most precious organ which can give light and life to another human beingwithout harming ourselves. All existing members are eye donors and we insist our new members to donatetheir eyes also. Those who cannot donate, on grounds of religion, are not compelled to doso.ACTIVITIES I. Bringing Awareness of HIV/AIDS (a project of 1997). II. Opening of rehabilitation centers for the severely affected AIDS patients through UNAIDS. III. Issue of costly medicines and food, free of cost, while in treatment to the truly deserving. IV. Providing training for disabled children & poor and hostel facilities, free of cost, in art, graphics, clay modeling, handicrafts, computer and computer maintenance courses, graphics, animations and mobile phone mechanism and other job oriented courses and payment for their works. V. Exhibition cum sale of painted pictures. VI. Botanical Garden: Cultivation of Ayurvedic herbal medicinal plants and doing research in ancient medicine in Ayurveda & Sidha. VII. Service to humanity and protection of nature.VIII. Cruelties against women, children, child labor, aged and atrocities against men by women. IX. Conducting awareness competitions by post and website.HIV/AIDS EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS: APRIL 6.11.1998THIS TYPE OF AWARENESS FIRST KIND IN THE WORLD.ACTIVITIES DONE
  15. 15. On the 47th year celebrations of Venus Arts Institute, the mother institute ofthe club. We conducted a poster exhibition against HIV/AIDS amongchildren and youngsters. This was conducted at the Government MuseumAuditorium, Trivandrum, from the 6th to 11th April “98. Dr. D.Babu Paul I.A.S.,Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Kerala, inaugurated and presided overthe function. We have given free training to the handicapped children at the Church of SouthIndia Polio Home, Trivandrum, Kerala, for one year. On the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Venus Arts Institute, conducted anexhibition and a painting competition. The competition was based on the subject,AIDSAND HUMAN FUTURE IN 21ST CENTURY-consent of UN and UNAIDS(Ref:world contest/educational awareness/HIV/AIDS/UN,UNAIDS/JAN 10,2000) the firstof its kind, among children and youngsters. This venture was conducted on the 10th, 11thand 12th October 2001 at the Government Museum Auditorium, Trivandrum. Thisfunction was inaugurated by Mr. V.R. Rajiven I.P.S., Inspector General of Police (SouthZone), Kerala, on October 10, 2001. Winners of the competition were awarded prizes bythe Hon: Member of Parliament Mr .V.S.Sivakumar , Trivandrum constituency onNovember 25, 2001. A poster exhibition and painting – V.P.K. Nair distributed prizes to the winners. The founder & President, of Venus Arts Painting Club, Mr. R. RajaRamakrishnan , have done all this without any financial aid from any individual ororganization, Government or Private.SPONSORS & FRANCHISEES We require Sponsors & Franchisees for the future development activities of theClub. Individual and organizations can contribute to the betterment for service tohumanity and to preserve the nature from pollution, through the club. This dreadfuldiseases HIV/AIDS, is spreading like wildfire throughout the world, especially indeveloping and underdeveloped countries. Governments and Agencies worldwide arespending millions to kill this virus, but to no avail. This killer disease will break thebackbone of every country‟s economy.
  16. 16. PAINING CLUBFOUNDER & PRESIDENT Mr. R.Raja(Raja Ramakrishnan), Son of late artist R.R.Krishnan started his careera painting teacher in 1987 after completion of the course of graduation on Bachelor ofcommerce. He took charge and the ownership of the Venus Arts Institute in 1988. Sincethen he has been the principal and the managing director of Venus Arts Institute. Thus headded charity work side by side with art. He has given shape to some schemes for helpingthe poor, disabled and derelict. That is why he founded – “Venus Arts Painting Club” –An artist and non-Artist charitable organization. Promoting art and painting is not thesole motto of Venus Arts Painting Club, subsidiary of Venus Arts Institute. On the otherhand it had given stress for the betterment of humanity through humanitarian works. Hehas chalked out many plans to diversify his activities aim to wipe the tears of thesuffering humanity. Mr. Raja the founder and president of this club is an inborn artist started this clubin 1995 and the club got its registration in 1998 from government of Kerala. We have to work beyond all political, racial and religious considerations. Anyperson who can do selfless and dedicated work for mitigating the sufferings of hisfellowmen – work for “UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD” “WORLD PEACE” and“PROTECTION OF NATURE” – can become a member of Venus Arts Painting Cluband Venus Arts School for disables children and poor. VENUS ARTS PAINTING CLUB (Govt. Reg.No: 1192/1988) MEMBERSHIP FORM1. Artist/Non-artist ( ) Name………………………………………...…………Male/Female( )2. Amount……….…………… (1 year - /Life /-)…………………………..…….. Details (cheque / cash / DD)……………… ………….………………………………………..3. Permanent Address: Name…………………………………… Date of Birth…………..…… S/o, D/o, W/o………………………..…………………………………………………………. …………………………………state……………………………country…………….………
  17. 17. Phone: ………………………..…… E-mail:……………..…………………………………… Family Card No./ ID No./Passport No ( )……………………………………………………..4. Occupation if any……………………….………………………..…………………………….5. If, handicapped, details………………………………………….…………………………….. ………………………………………..….Blood group………………………………………..6. Educational Qualification…………………………………..………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………….…………………………………7. Have your eyes donated? If yes, details……………………….………………………………. …………………………………………………………………………………………….……8. Affidavit ARTISTS/NON-ARTISTS ( ) To R. Raja, Photo Founder & President, Venus Arts Painting Club, Bhavana,Thozhukal,, Neyyattinkara – 695 123, India. Signature……….…………………… Name………………………………..Sir, I wish to become a member of Venus Arts Painting Club, I am satisfied that this clubstands for a noble cause. I am only happy to associate myself with this club. I also undertakethat I shall work honestly and sincerely for the development of this club and that I shall not doanything that may bring discredit to the club. I also assure you that I shall work in accordance with the bylaw and do all that I can toserve man and nature irrespective of caste, color or creedPlace : …………………………… Signature :…………………………..Date : …………………………… Name :………………………….. NATURE & AGRICULTURE IN OUR PRESENT DAYS The Reckless and indiscriminate use of fertilizers and chemicals in man’sefforts to produce more, has resulted in making the land barren and unproductive.Air, water, land and food have been contaminated and polluted to a great extent.When earth became barren, new gimmicks like cloning and bonsai are being introduced.
  18. 18. The possibilities of bio – technology may be infinite. But we should guard ourselvesagainst the dangers inherent in such techniques. Man has started to realize the damage down to the nature. One of the reasons forthe agricultural failure is the use of high yielding varieties of seeds. Man has been madeto discard the time tested varieties of seeds and species of plants with greater powers ofresistance. The newly developed seeds and hybrid plants call for more care and attentionfrom man. Chemicals and fertilizers have to be applied for this. The fertility of the soil is being used up at an alarming speed, leaving the landbarren. Some of these high yielding plants do not sprout or grow at all because of theover doss of pesticides and chemicals. Some plants are short lived. We have to buy atexorbitant prices our old variety of seeds from the multinationals who keep them in“Gene banks”. We have to use highly potent pesticides since these variety of seeds have nopower of resistance. In India 40,000 people die and 35 million people get contaminatedevery year due to the ill effects of pesticides. The W.H.O. points out that food contains50% of the remnants of pesticides which is more than the permitted 30%. Fertilizers and chemicals destroy not only the harmful insects and worms but alsothe useful ones. The reckless use of fertilizers and pesticides has robbed the soil of itsbio–fertility and also destroyed the highly useful worms. Even butterflies, fish and beesare hit hard by the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Flies do not come to thesecontaminated flowers. Agricultural production has comedown as a result of this. Fish andbees are pestilence stricken. Even the insect eating frogs have disappeared from thescene. The unscientific methods of cultivation lead to soil erosion and also fills thereservoirs and dams with soil, thus reducing the containing capacity of them. The earth isrendered useless for cultivation due to denudation of the soil. The trees like Eucalyptusand Accasia do un tolled damage to the earth by sucking the water content in the soil,thus transforming the earth into a desert. The artificial manures increase the acidity of thesoil and water content. People are exposed to many kinds of diseases due to pollution of air, water, foodand agricultural products. When compared with the huge amounts of money required forthe treatment of this disease, we can see that the modern agriculture is a big failure. Agriculture is an activity directed against consumerism. Malnutrition and povertyare the direct outcome of modern agriculture. Many fatal diseases are broke out. Cancer,
  19. 19. blood pressure, diabetics and heart disease are on the increase. Compost and dried leavesadd to the fertility of the soil, retains the water content and enhances the flavor andquality of the food. The traditional methods of cultivation on the other hand maintenanceBiodiversity, Ecology, Preservation of water and enrichment of the soil. The existence ofthe coming generation depends largely upon the way in which we conserve the waterresources, soil with the animal population and plant life. It is not the polluted earth withall its ills that should be handed down to the next generation. Above all there is fundamentalism, color prejudice, terrorism, militancy and othernefarious activities. Atrocities by man against his own brothers are common. This stateof affairs should go. We should treat all like our brothers. I gave shape to Venus ArtsPainting club with the humble aim of creating peace on earth and goodwill towards men. Any nation can make boundaries on the earth, nut no nation can make boundariesover the sea, sky or the space. We should rise above the petty considerations ofnationalism, caste, color and creed. Doing well to others should be our motto. We shouldshed all selfishness and narrow mindedness and ensure a safe place for man on earth. Weare committed to the preservation and conservation of nature with all men and animals. Sincerely Raja Ramakrishnan Founder & President