Charles Dickens


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Charles Dickens

  1. 1. Who is Charles Dickens? Charles Dickens was a writer in the 1800’s born in 1812 and died in 1870, he wrote 15 books and wrote many short stories in his life all being said to be great.
  2. 2. Why is he so famous? The reason why Charles Dickens was so famous was because he wrote stories that were best sellers and were very interesting. The intriguing stories that he wrote brought to the top, bring fame with him making him famous for his stories.
  3. 3. When did he live? Write? Charles Dickens lived in the 1800’s born in 1812. He started his career of writing with little formal language taking off when he was editing newspapers he released a novel in 1836 called the Piperwick Papers, this took him to fame and continued to keep writing novels and shorts stories.
  4. 4. Where did he live? Charles Dickens at birth lived at Landport for only a short period of time, from there he moved to Bloomsbury. After that he moved to Chatham where he lived and wrote his books and became his home for the rest off his life. Many of the Dickens lived in that region/area.
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  6. 6. What did he do?Charles Dickens was a very successful author from the1800 era. As well a being an author he was also afamous/successful newspaper editor. He edited for 20years whilst being an author so he got lots of fame.
  7. 7. How did he become famous? Charles Dickens became famous because of his writing and editing he got lots of money and fame because of his intriguing writing and his perfection of editing not letting a mistake go unedited.
  8. 8. How do people still know about him? People still know about Charles Dickens because many people still read his books, and they are still getting published even up to today. Many people still enjoy reading his books, that being the reason why his books were published.
  9. 9. Why are his stories/novels so famous/loved? His stories are stories are so loved because they are very well written and very interesting text. Being a good writer his novels became very well publicized and everyone loved his books and they became loved.
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