Skillshare: Pinterest ABCs


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Basics of using Pinterest

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Skillshare: Pinterest ABCs

  1. 1. ABCs of Pinterest Emily Olson Skillshare Boston March 2012
  2. 2. Introductions● Why are you interested in pinning?● How do you want to use Pinterest?● What do you want to learn from this class?
  3. 3. What is Pinterest?● Online pinboard ○ organize and share things ○ save recipes, collect images to plan a trip, or build your brand● Electronic version of a portfolio● Inspiration board● Holiday/birthday wish list Our MissionWe think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common linkbetween two people. With millions of new pins added every week,Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on sharedtastes and interests.
  4. 4. The NumbersDemographics:Women, ages 25-5425% earned a bachelors or higher degreemajority live off a household income of $25-75Kmore likely to live in US Midwest (the heartland) statesAudiences:Online habits include domestic travel planningtend to live in houses ~15 years old which suggests interests DIY, remodel andhome improvement style projectsworking moms with full-time jobs and Internet literacy. prefer convenience ofonline shopping; value deals on high-quality merchandise
  5. 5. The Numbers - part IINovember 2011: 4,855,000 unique visitors● Average time: 88.3 minutes (3rd) ○ Facebook: 394 minutes (1st) ○ Tumblr: 141 minutes (2nd)● Week of December 17 2011: 11 million unique visitors ○ 40 times the number of total visits versus just six months ago (June 2011)
  6. 6. Pinterest in the PressThe sites popularity has garnered a lot of press especially since it surged past10 million unique visitors last month.TechCrunch named Pinterest the best new start-up of 2011TIME Magazine placed the site on its 50 best websites of 2011
  7. 7. Step #1● Get an invitation to Pinterest!● Register via Facebook or Twitter ○ allows for finding friends ○ reduces spam accounts
  8. 8. Language of Pinterest● Pin - Tweet ○ an image added to your board● Re-Pin - RT (re-tweet) ○ adding another users pin to your board● Boards - Collections of Images or Pins ○ any topic ○ no limit it # of pins● Follow - Followers on Twitter or Friends on FB ○ Follow All ○ Follow individual boards● Like - FB ○ not added to a board - shows up in "Likes" section
  9. 9. How to Pin● Pin it Button ○ bookmark on browser toolbar ■ ○ Phone App● Manual Add feature● Share with Facebook/Twitter● iPhone app
  10. 10. Pin Etiquette● 90/10 guideline - discourages self promotion● Curate, Curate Curate● Community - grow the conversation● Credit Sources - leave links to original author● Pin on a regular basis vs once a day ○ content "lives" ○ goal: content at the top of page● Give Pinterest feedback
  11. 11. Boards● No limit● Create/Edit/Delete● Add new boards manually● Keywords & descriptions● E-mail notifications: likes and re-pins● Users follow boards based on the content ○ create good content!
  12. 12. Other Pin Tips● Mentions ○ similar to Twitter - users must follow your boards● Contributors ○ allow other Pinterest users access to your boards ○ must be a follower● Comment on Pins
  13. 13. Pinterest + Blogs + Websites● "Follow" Buttons ○ 4 options: size, wording, direction ○ encourages other users to follow your boards ○ add HTML code for button to your website
  14. 14. Pinterest + Blogs + Websites● "Pin It" Button ○ allows readers to pin your blog posts or product pages to their boards ○ increases social media views ○ buttons look similar to other social media buttons ○ code accessed here: http://pinterest. com/about/goodies/● Pinterest is referring more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube
  15. 15. Pinterest + Blogs + WebsitesFind out if your blog/website images have been pinned onPinterest:
  16. 16. Lets Pin