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Downloading eBooks to any mobile device or Kindle Fire


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How to download eBooks to any mobile device (with app capability) or the Kindle Fire

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Downloading eBooks to any mobile device or Kindle Fire

  1. 1. Downloading eBooks to your mobile device or Kindle Fire (for the Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or generic smartphones and the Kindle Fire) Using OverDrive with the Oak Bluffs Public Library
  2. 2. Go to your device’s App Store, and search for the OverDrive Media Console app (it’s free.)
  3. 3. Download the App. Tap Open. This is the OverDrive Bookshelf (currently empty). Tap the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.
  4. 4. Tap Settings.
  5. 5. To read eBooks on your device, you must perform a one-time Adobe eReader authorization. Tap Authorize.
  6. 6. If you know your Adobe ID, enter it here and tap Authorize. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, click Get a free Adobe ID. It only requires a name and email address.
  7. 7. The device is now authorized with your Adobe ID. Return to the Menu.
  8. 8. Tap Add a library. Be sure to have your library card and PIN handy.
  9. 9. Search for your library by name, city or zip code.
  10. 10. Select your library from the list by tapping on the library name.
  11. 11. Tap the star next to the library to make the library a favorite. Tap the CLAMS name to view the CLAMS OverDrive collection.
  12. 12. You are now at the CLAMS OverDrive collection. Tap Sign In.
  13. 13. Enter your library card number and PIN and tap Sign In. Select Remember my login to skip this step next time.
  14. 14. Tap the Account icon.
  15. 15. Tap the Settings icon.
  16. 16. Select your loan periods. This will be the checkout time for your eBook.
  17. 17. Remember to tap Save at the bottom, once you’re done.
  18. 18. Tap the CLAMS logo at the top to return to the main page, or…
  19. 19. …Tap the Menu icon to view OverDrive eBooks by subject or collection.
  20. 20. From the Menu icon, select a subject.
  21. 21. Select “Only titles with copies available” to only view titles that are available for checkout…
  22. 22. Or browse the library’s collection for all titles.
  23. 23. Books that are available have a dark gray book icon. Books that checked out have a light gray icon.
  24. 24. To save a title for later viewing, tap the ribbon below any title. This will add the eBook to your Wish List.
  25. 25. Tap on the cover of an eBook to view more information about the title.
  26. 26. If the eBook is not available, you can place it on hold by tapping Place a Hold.
  27. 27. Be sure to check that the eBook is available in the correct format. Mobile devices can use the EPUB or Adobe PDF formats. Kindle books can be read via the Kindle reading app, if your device supports it.
  28. 28. Tap Borrow to check out an eBook.
  29. 29. The eBook is now checked out. With many eBooks, you can read them in your browser via OverDrive Read.
  30. 30. To download the eBook to your device, tap Download. If there is more than one format available, you will have to Select the format, then tap Confirm and Download.
  31. 31. The title is now downloaded to your device.
  32. 32. You can view it on your Bookshelf. Tap the cover to begin reading.**
  33. 33. **Kindle Fire Users: Please note The eBook you have downloaded will not appear on your bookshelf until you select “Sync and Check for Items” from your menu options.
  34. 34. Happy eReading!