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Technology Brochure

  1. 1. The History of Robotics HPA c c or d in g t o ac a d em i c .y ork t ech . c om ,r ob o t i cs c an be f oun d as e a r ly a s Le o -n ar d o d a V i nc i s r ob o t i c kn i gh t d es i gn i n149 5 . S in ce t hen , p e op le ha v e ent er - The different types od roboticst a in e d an d put in a ct i o n the i d ea of us -i n g r ob ot s i n d a i ly l if e . H is i d e a st ar te da spa rk . In 1965 , G e or ge C. D ev o l an dJ o se ph F . En g leb er ge rn met an d d ec i d e dt o ma ke t he f ir s t w or k ing r ob o t , th e Robotics and SocietyU n im a te , w h ich pr ef or m ed sp o t we l d i nga n d ext ra c te d d i e -c as t s on c ars . Th en ,t he pr o gr es s o f r ob ot s mad e m an y man ys tr i d es an d h as b ec om e e ve n m or e cre d -i b l e . T o d ay , th e re is a h u ma n - l o ok i n g ,e xpr es s i on -m a k ing , “t a l k ing ” r ob o t Organizationc a l l e d G em i n o i d F an d he r m a l e c oun te r-p ar t HI -1 . Robotics Website: Class Website:: Orcutt Site:
  2. 2. Robots and Society Robots today are a very to control airplanes so less lives housekeepers in our daily livesbig part of society. There are will be lost if it gets shot down. (the Jetsons anyone?)many different ways that they Robots also currently are getting Overall, robots have ahelp in our everyday lives. For progressively more human-like. positive impact on society. Theyexample, I’m sure that everyone For example a robot named basically go hand in hand. As theof us has ridden in a car, bus, or Geminoid F, created by Hiroshi world gets more and more com-train. Well, many of the parts Ishiguro looks and makes facial plex and advanced, so will robotsare made by robots. The same features like a human (in fact his and how much they are integrat-goes for our computers. Anoth- wife.) Geminoid F can even ed in our lives and the field that robots are actively “talk” (with a person actually do- We can safely say that the tech-integrated in is medical. Recent- ing the talking and the robot nology field of robotics will comely, the first 100% robot surgery making it seem like it’s doing in closer and closer to home in thewas made. In cases like those, it on her own) and “sing”. Not to future.allows a patient to have life- mention the robots that are onsaving surgery even though the people meaning robotic pros-surgeon is unable to be in the thetics. There are fake limbs outoperating room. Robots are there that attach to nerves soalso used in the military. Using that the person controlling it canrobots allow for less men to be “feel” what it’s touching.on guard and shooting. They al- The future for robotics isso use robots very bright. With new develop- Geminoid F ments coming up, robotics will just continue to climb higher and Pictures Provided by: higher. Who knows, maybe in Google Images the future we’ll all have robot