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Genetics power point


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Published in: Technology
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Genetics power point

  1. 1. Thesis• Genetics affects everything that goes on within your body, including the way you fight off illnesses.
  2. 2. Every human has 99.9%of the SAME DNA. Only0.1% of our DNA differs!
  3. 3. Differences in DNA• There is a 99.9% similarity within the DNA of human beings when compared to one another.• The differences in DNA can be as little as a trait given to you. Although there is only a 0.1% difference, there is nothing in our DNA that separates us by race. Angier, Natalie
  4. 4. 1 out of 150 babies areborn with achromosomalabnormality in America.
  5. 5. Abnormalities• When the egg or sperm call develop, it is given one set of chromosomes from each parent. This consists of 23 chromosomes from each parent.• When a child is born with a chromosomal abnormality, it is because the egg or sperm cell divided incorrectly and received too much or not enough chromosomes. Interesting Facts
  6. 6. An autosomal recessivegene MUST BE recessivein order for the disease todevelop.
  7. 7. Autosomal disorder• In order for an autosomal disorder or trait to form, there needs to two copies of the same abnormal gene.• If the genes are dominant, then you are only a carrier of the disease or trait because it is required for the gene to be recessive in order to form. Although, if it is a recessive gene, it is the only way possible for the disease or trait to form. Birth Defects
  8. 8. Survey Did you learn about genetics in school? 4% 4% 12% Yes No Maybe Sometimes 80%Data from Click here to take survey!
  9. 9. 35 Survey30 29252015 1010 8 5 2 0 Yes No Maybe Sometimes Do you use your knowledge of genetics in everyday life?Data from Click here to take survey!
  10. 10. To end it…• “Genetics loads the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger.” –Mehmet Oz
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