Engineering PowerPoint


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Engineering PowerPoint

  1. 1. “Some say the cup is half empty, some say the cup ishalf full. However, in my opinion both are wrong. Thereal problem is the cup is too big. Sometimes all weneed is a new perspective on an old problem.” –Donald Coduto
  2. 2. Engineering Sketches of Westin Hotel• Engineering can be beneficial and disadvantageous at the same time.
  3. 3. BenefitsMost people will agree engineeringhas done society good in some way at some point in time. Internet
  4. 4. Chart Engineering has benefited society0% 0%30% agree 70% somewhat disagree somewhat disagree disagree
  5. 5. FaultsEverything ever created hasat least one bad thing aboutit
  6. 6. Charts Engineering has8 Chart made with data7 from6 www.Engineeringoa3.w take our5 survey4 athttp://www.surveym 7 Engineering has2 310 0 a positive impact a negative impact both
  7. 7. Environment
  8. 8. Crime
  9. 9. Basic Idea• Our environment is being destroyed and polluted• Crime is increasing because of easy accessability to new guns and other weapons that are being engineered• Criminals have been using the Internet to steal people’s money out of their bank accounts
  10. 10. Only 100 years ago we started flying, with innovativeideas and people acting instead of watching, we nowhave the ability to put robots on distant planets withoutthem being harmed.
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