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Computer technology power point


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Computer technology power point

  1. 1. Computer Orcutt Academy High School Technology Class 2012
  2. 2. Computers aremagnificent tools forthe realization of our dreams. -Louis Gerstner
  3. 3. Computer technology has a positive impact on society; they have helped discover many new advancements intechnology, and have become extremely important in peoples everyday lives .
  4. 4. Computers are importantin people’s everyday lives.
  5. 5. • 68% of working Americans use a computer at work. • 84% of people also say that computers are essential for their jobs. -
  6. 6. Education • There are a few hundred thousand schools in the U.S. that all have computer access.
  7. 7. Our survey showed people use computers for many different activities!605040 When I Am on the30 Computer I Am…2010 0 Listening to Music On Social Networks Browsing Different On Educational (Facebook, Websites Websites for Instagram, Specific purposes Pintrest, etc.) Data from
  8. 8. Computers have apositive and negative impact on society.
  9. 9. Do Computers Have…? 7, 7% Positive Impact on Society 24, 24% 55, 56% Negative Impact on Society 13, 13% Positive and Negative Impact on Society Computers Don’t Affect SocietyData from .
  10. 10. Advances in TechnologyComputers have provided so many advances in technologyincluding: -Communication -Business -Scientific Research
  11. 11. dy-americans-spend-8-h_n_179921.html
  12. 12. Overall, computers can both improve peoples lives, or consume them.Computers have helped the world with communication and new discoveries, but also have ruined and destroyed lives.
  13. 13. “I think it’s fair to saycomputers have become themost empowering tool we’ve ever created.” -Bill Gates
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