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Color technology power_point


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Color technology power_point

  1. 1. Color Color technology Survey Technology Class 2012 Orcutt Academy High School
  2. 2. Color Technology “ The over-all point is that new technology will not necessarily replace old technology,but it will date it. But it’s like people who had black-and-white TV’s when color came out. They eventually decided whether or not thenew technology was worth the investment. ” -Steve Jobs
  3. 3. Almost all types oftechnology use color.
  4. 4. According to our survey, the majority of people believe 80% - 90% of technology uses color.
  5. 5. Color allows us to use computers, cell phones, printers, digital cameras, televisions, videoplayers, music players and more. (Blackhurst)
  6. 6. Data obtained from : Take survey here The use of color in technology is important. 252520 1515 The use of color in10 technology is important.5 0 00 Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly agree Disagree
  7. 7. Technology that uses color has a positive impact.
  8. 8. A study shows that lighter colors can make some people relaxbecause they’re soothing colors. (Dix)
  9. 9. The same study shows colortechnology improves the educationalexperience by making learning more memorable. (Dix)
  10. 10. Color Has a Positive Impact 2, 5% 8, 20% 30, 75% Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagre 0, 0%Data obtained from : survey. Take survey here.
  11. 11. Works Cited• Blackhurst, A. Edward. Types of technology. 9 March 2002. 5 October 2012.• Dix, Ebony. Color: Is it Real and Does it Impact Behavior ? 27 April 2006. 5 October 2012.
  12. 12. “Your attitude is like a box of crayonsthat color your world. Constantly coloryour picture gray, and your picture willalways be bleak. Try adding some brightcolors to the picture by includinghumor, and your picture begins tolighten up. ” - Allen Kevin