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Music Tech PowerPoint


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Music Tech PowerPoint

  1. 1. Music.
  2. 2. “Music can change the world because music can change people.” –Bono
  3. 3. The Impact.• Music can impact everyone.• Music influences your mood and your actions. So be careful what you listen to (;
  4. 4. Does music impact YOUR life? 90.%• (bar graph) 80.% 70.% 60.% 50.% yes 40.% no I dont know 30.% 20.% 10.% 0.% Does music impact your life?
  5. 5. Different Types of Music.• Music is in our lives and we all prefer different types and styles.• People enjoy music that makes them feel a certain way. Whether it’s a feeling of sadness, happiness, or strength.
  6. 6. Genres• Pop, Rock, R&B, Rap, Metal, Techno, Dubstep, Country, Oldies.• There are many different types of music, some are more popular than others.
  7. 7. People have different tastes in music! Which is your prefered genre? 12% pop/rock 38% 12% techno/dubstep country/oldies hip-hop/rap other 25% 13% our survey now!
  8. 8. “where words fail, - Hans Christian Andersen music speaks.” Brought to you by,