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Pandora Project


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Pandora Project for Music Appreciation

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Pandora Project

  1. 1. Mood Artists Very soothing, Relaxing mood Weiss, Kapsberger, Bacheler, Holborne. Origins Instruments Middle Ages I thought this genre was Extremely relaxing, almost Like a lullaby. Liked it a lot A lot of Lute Rhythm No lyrics Orginated back in The middle ages Lyrics Very Rhythmatic and fast
  2. 2. Mood Artists Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin A very powerful, moving tone. Also relaxing Origins Instruments Classical Instruments: String instruments, wood wind, percussion Not my type of music But I definitely enjoyed it. Rhythm Very little Or no lyrics Rhythm varied Greatly in classica Lyrics Classical originated Thousands of years a go
  3. 3. Mood Artists Upbeat, Happier Mood. Grouplove, Monster of Men, The 1975, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Young the Giant, Modest Mouse, The Neighborhood Origins Instruments Alternative Rock Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Sound System, Drums., Rhythm Usually a lot of beats Or it could be slow But have a lot of rhythm Alterative rock sort of came Around in the 60’s but Became more in the 80’s My choice pick, My favorite genre Of music. Lyrics Always singing, Exception is for a Breakdown/solo.
  4. 4. Mood Mellow and calming Mood Boney James, Bob Baldwin, Paul Hardcastle, Marion Meadows Artists Origins Instruments Smooth Jazz Saxophone, Guitar, Bass, Drums/Kick and snare Piano, Keyboard. Originated in New Orleans A century ago Jazz is really not my type But this type, Smooth jazz, I liked. I definately will go back to it and Listen to it more. Rhythm Upbeat and catchy Lyrics No lyrics
  5. 5. Mood Sad, and depressing Or Happy, with a good mood. Alabama George Strait Randy Travis Toby Keith Keith Whitely Artists Origins Instruments Traditional Country Country is my least Liked genre. Definitely Wasn’t looking forward to it. Violin/Fiddle, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, bass Rhythm With country music, at least for me its either really good, upbeat, happy and catchy. Or just completely depressing, slow, and whiney. Originated dow South in the 20 Lyrics Very lyrical. Tells a story Every time.
  6. 6. Mood Rusko, UKF, Skrillex, DJ hero, Swedish house Mafia, Avicii, Flux Pavilion, Krewella, Monster Cat, Bassnectar, Nero, The Pendulum, DeadMau5 a great mood, So energetic and Moving. Artists Origins Instruments Dubstep All the instruments Are mainly synthetic And made on a Program. Rhythm Heavy and wild BPM is so high Its just so satisfying. Amazing rhythm along With the drop just makes It. Has to be my favorite Along with alterative. I listen to it every day pretty much And I love it. Just an amazing genre. Originally was a Different genre, Grime That came to be dubs In the lase 90s Lyrics Has some lyrics Sometimes electronic Sometimes not.
  7. 7. Mood Refreshing. Exciting, Awake, Cheerful Mood. The pendulum, The Qemists, Sub Focus The Prodigy, Zeds Dead, The Chemical Brothers, B Complex, Logistics Artists Origins Instruments Drum and Bass Some synthetic Instruments, Drum, Bass, Symbol, Snare. Drum and Bass is really cool. Mixing electronic with actually Drum just sounds phenomenal Rhythm Rapid beats and Rhythm. a lot Of bass. Originated in London During the 90s, early Lyrics Not a lot of lyrics But there are some, Sometimes electronic
  8. 8. Mood Brings back Memories. A better mood. Final Fantasy, DDR, Castlevania, Martin O’Donnell (Halo), Health, Neil Davidge(Halo 4) Artists Origins Instruments Bass, Violin, Cello, Drum Wind Instruments, Electronic. Rhythm Some were upbeat and fast, then some were symphonies, Which are more moving. Video Game Music As a gamer I had to Choose this one. Brings Kind of a nostalgic feel. N/A Lyrics Depends on the game Not a lot of lyrics. Some games have lyrics In different languages.
  9. 9. Mood Depends on the song And artist, but the song Can be very inspirational And motivational. Or just a Really great song that can put Someone in a decent mood. Pink, Fun, Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons, Zedd, Calvin and Harris, Ellie Goulding, One Republic Katy Perry, Rihanna, Alex Clare, Tegan and Sara Artists Origins Instruments Todays Hits Guitar, Drum Bass, Keyboards, Synthetic instruments, Electronic sounds. Rhythm Fast and catchy Rhythms. I enjoy listening to this Station every now and Then. I like hearing the new Music and artists. Not too sure on Where todays hits Came about. Buts its mai Pop. Pop originated 30s a 40s in the USA and England. Lyrics Very Lyrical, Some more inspirational Than others. Some just tell A story.