BlueTech Tracker innovative emerging water technology news - April 2011-1rev1


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This is news from BlueTech Tracker the most comprehensive database of innovative emerging water technology companies - April 2011

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BlueTech Tracker innovative emerging water technology news - April 2011-1rev1

  1. 1. 06/04/2011 12:35:00←←ET Water Systems Completes $2 Million Round of Funding←←ET Water Systems, which produces technologies aimed water conservation,management, and smart irrigation control, has announced the closure of a$2 million Series C investment round. Read More.
  2. 2. 06/04/2011 12:35:00←
  3. 3. 06/04/2011 12:35:00←Nanotech-based Biosensor could improve water safety←Researchers at the Kansas State University are developing ananotechnology based biosensor that can be implemented as an inlinedetection system for pathogens such as coliform.←←←149←←Global research in water is booming←A report by Elsevier indicates that water research output has been growingby nearly 30% a year from 2000 to 2009. The report notes the highestgrowth rates in developing or emerging economies and China at 28% peryear on average.←←←MaxWest brings in $32.5M in Third Funding Round←MaxWest, an American producing of gasification technologies targeting thewastewater industry, has closed a third round of funding that brought in$32.5M. The money was invested by Invesco which joins the previous majorinvestor - Leaf Clean Energy.←←←New Centre for Innovative Water Technologies proposed for CapeCod←The proposal comes after a Regional Technology Development Corporationof Cape Cod meeting. The centre would serve as a technology accelerator forsmart water technologies for wastewater and coastal water management.←←←Ireland’s Tyndal National Institute to coordinate €3M EU Project forDevelopment of Smart Sensing Materials
  4. 4. ←The Tyndal National Institute at University College Cork, Ireland, will becoordinated a €3M EU project with nine partners for the development of“HYSENS” – hybrid molecule/nanocrystal assemblies for photonic andelectronic sensing applications. The project aims to develop technologies forquick and inexpensive testing of water quality for the water treatmentindustry.←←←HaloSource launches new household water treatment product←Adding to its existing line of clean water and antimicrobial products,HaloSource has launched a new format of it’s HaloPure technology forhousehold used called “HaloPure Waterbird”.←←←New Kid on the X-Block: Pentair to buy Norit X-Flow←There were rumours that Norit X-Flow was for sale for over a year. Thefinal price paid is an indication of Pentairs enthusiasm for the sector and inthe X-Flow technology. In what is rapidly becoming a very commoditizedme-too market, the Norit X-Flow MBR is one of the few differentiatedalternative products to the Zenon model MBR. Given it’s technical merit, whythen have Norit X-Flow products not enjoyed a larger degree of marketpenetration in North America? Channels to market appears to be a the mainanswer. With the Pentair acquisition, this may change.←LINK TO BTT news←←←Valve producer DeZurik to acquire APCO Willamette←DeZurik, which manufactures valves, will acquire another value producingcompany that specializes in check, air, and AWWA ball valves – APCOWillamette. APCO products will continue to be produced under the DeZurikbrand name.←
  5. 5. 06/04/2011 12:35:00←France based Danfos-Socla to be acquired by Watts WaterTechnologies←Danfos-Socla, which produces water protection values and controlsolutions, is set to be acquired by Watts Water Technologies. The acquisitionwill significantly improve Watts Water’s competitiveness in the Europeanmarket.←←←MyCelx receives “New Technology Award” for produced watertreatment technology←MyCelx Clean Water Systems is a provider of produced water technologiesused in the offshore petroleum industry and has been recognized with aSpotlight New Technology Award at the Offshore Technology Conference2011.←←Wescorp forms joint venture with Allied Holdings Group←The joint venture between Alberta based Wescorp Energy and Virginiabased Allied Holdings group aims to pursue certification of Wescorp’sH20maxx technology for international maritime vessels. The joint venturewill be called Wescorp Marine Inc and be based in Delaware.←←←Evandtec gets new COO - David Martin←Evandtec, a Toronto based producer of clean water tech company thatspecializes in cooling towers, has brought in a new Chief Operating Officer,David Martin. David Martin has over 20 years experience in the clean energyindustry, having previously been a part of Danthem, Stuart Energy Systems(now Hydrogenics), and Sulzer (now Atlascopco).←
  6. 6. ←←Energy Recovery Inc gets new CFO←Alexander Buehler is to replace Thomas Willardson as Chief FinancialOfficer of ERI effective May 23, 2011. ERI is a global leader in energyrecovery devices especially for desalination technologoes.←←
  7. 7. 06/04/2011 12:35:00←The winners of the 2011 Global Water Awards were announced at aglittering ceremony held in Berlin this week. Former UN secretary generalemail←