Hosted Voice - Agile comms for an agile workforce


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Hosted Voice is a complete cloud-based PBX service which provides a cost-effective alternative to an onsite PBX. Whether you have ten or thousands of users, Hosted Voice supports all your sites, including home workers and branch offices. It can quickly be scaled up and down, providing your organisation with greater flexibility and better business resilience.

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  • Hosted Voice - Agile comms for an agile workforce

    1. 1. Hosted Voice A complete, cost effective, cloud-based alternative to an onsite PBX. Agile comms for an agile workforce.
    2. 2. Workspaces are changing fast more workers are home based or in branch offices businesses need to support more productive working at more locations and on increasing numbers and types of mobile devices.
    3. 3. Customers expect to contact the right person quickly & easily regardless of physical location
    4. 4. Hosted Voice makes communications easier to manage and more cost effective
    5. 5. Hosted Voice gives you agility on demand as well as mobility and flexibility easy to move and it’s your communications to Hosted Voice
    6. 6. Traditional PBX solutions are inflexible and expensive and they’re becoming less popular. today’s businesses are looking for more agile ways of working...
    7. 7. Hosted Voice supports all your sites head office, branch offices and all your home workers.
    8. 8. And it scales up and down quickly giving your organisation greater flexibility and better business resilience. office workers remote and home based workers
    9. 9. You get the mobility and flexibility to route your calls to any location route your calls to office based or remote workers you can manage your own service settings with our easy-to-use secure online administrator portal
    10. 10. Apps to make your mobile more like your desk phone and call charges more like a desk phone – than a mobile your mobile now has an extension number, which is good because all internal calls are one fixed price whether you’re calling from a fixed or a mobile.
    11. 11. You get more than just low call charges you can unify your communications as your business changes and everyone benefits from… • • • instant messaging presence integration with Outlook and Lync.
    12. 12. Everything’s on one bill we call it O2 Business Zones. whether you’re calling from your mobiles or desk phones, using a SIP trunk or Hosted Voice. you only ever pay for what you use, it’s all on one bill and it saves you time and money.
    13. 13. Why O2? We've been building and operating networks for more than 25 years. In the UK we have over 23 million customers. As part of Telefónica we are the largest integrated fixed and mobile telecoms company in the world, with 300m customers across 25 countries.
    14. 14. It’s easy to make the move to Hosted Voice we help you with everything we provide a fully managed end-toend service, including pre-sales product fit and consultancy.
    15. 15. We help move your existing PBXs at the right time you can move your existing PBXs across one at a time. or to completely avoid any downtime you can run your existing PBX alongside Hosted Voice during the move.
    16. 16. After the move you get world-class service management with business-grade SLAs and award-winning customer service from the start you get one Account Team working with you to get the best solution for your requirements. as well as a Service Relationship Team to oversee your day-day needs.
    17. 17. Hosted Voice A complete, cost effective, cloud-based alternative to an onsite PBX. Agile comms for an agile workforce.