Making flexible working work for you


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How ready is your business for the flexible working trend? Here's our guide to making it work for you. From saving money to increasing productivity, if you do it right it can have amazing benefits for you and your employees, as we've been learning from our flexible working experiment.

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Making flexible working work for you

  1. 1. How to make flexible working work for you
  2. 2. We know it works. Because we’ve done it. In February 2012, we started our flexible working journey. We closed our HQ and 2500 people worked away for the day. In one day that meant: A saving of 3000 commuting hours A cut in CO2 emissions of 25,000 tonnes 1/3 of our people reporting they were more productive
  3. 3. And we’re still benefiting As more and more of our people are now working flexibly: •We saved more than £3.8 million a year because we now need 500 fewer desks •We expect to spend 30% less on paper •We expect to save £600,000 a year on travel costs and 1272 days in travel time
  4. 4. Make it work for your people You’ll need to change the way you work, not just your technology and policies.
  5. 5. …because your people come in two flavours Desk huggers – who must have their own desk Desk hoppers – who are happy to move around So an early thing you can do is identify how many of each you have in your organisation.
  6. 6. …so help them by Running training sessions for collaboration tools like Microsoft Lync Publishing a quick FAQ guide, to save your helpdesk getting jammed up Not expecting behaviours to change overnight, but being ready for when they do Keeping them updated through your intranet, email or social media Inviting questions and answering them quickly
  7. 7. …and trust them So don’t clock watch They’re not machines And measure outcomes, not attendance Your people don’t need to be at the office late to get the work done 64% of our employees say they’re more productive
  8. 8. Prepare your technology… … so your network has the bandwidth for peak times … so everyone has a connection at home or elsewhere … so the devices you use are secure
  9. 9. Follow your leaders Change is successful when it comes from the top... ... So turn your department heads into flexible working advocates
  10. 10. Make it work for the environment In one month alone, we saved 100,000commuter miles. In one day, we cut CO2 emissions by 25,000tonnes
  11. 11. Happier people, healthier environment business travel office-bound workers office overheads Since February 2012 we’ve had over 4000 flexible working days, resulting in 250-300 fewer cars at the office.
  12. 12. Seeing is believing Here’s what we did and why we did it . . .
  13. 13. It’s not just about machines and policies Things to consider... It’s about changing the way you work Help your people with training and information Trust your people to do the right thing Prepare your technology Get your leadership to drive flexible working If you want to discover more visit or follow us @O2BusinessUK