Unified Communications - Ten reasons organisations are switching


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Hosted Lync UC supports your business as it responds to the growing trend for mobility. It’s unified communications using one of the leading platforms, Microsoft Lync,
combined with enterprise IP Voice that can replace your existing PBX. Seamlessly integrate your mobile and home workers and present them as part of the team. Make it easier for your teams to work together and share information regardless of location, either internally or with partners and suppliers. Choose from a software client, or Lync phone handsets or headsets. Hosted Lync UC is fully federated, which means users can communicate and collaborate with people outside of the organisation as long as they are using another federated service: it could be MS Lync or earlier versions of the product, or similar services like IBM Sametime, Cisco Unified Presence Server, Yahoo Messenger or Skype.

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Unified Communications - Ten reasons organisations are switching

  1. 1. Unified Communications Ten reasons why organisations are switching
  2. 2. Five reasons why people prefer Unified Communications to desk phones… 1) Answering the phone is disruptive and you have to stop what you are doing 2) People are more mobile – which number are they on today? 3) It’s a separate device, with a different interface – we're used to screens now 4) It just takes longer – “Hi, how are you…” 5) You have to make separate notes, or keep a recording
  3. 3. “…there has been a significant reduction in landline call volumes, from 88 billion per year in 2003 to 60 billion per year in 2012…” Ofcom, ‘Improving quality and value in the communications sector’, January 2014
  4. 4. 6) Email’s not conversational – you don’t get an instant reply 7) If you use email for ‘chatting’ – like instant messaging – you generate wasteful, bandwidth-hungry traffic 8) Attachments burn storage space and get duplicated with every ‘forward’ 9) Spam filters can consume legitimate emails – delivery is not guaranteed 10)Clogged inboxes create general network management headaches And five reasons why they’re switching from email too…
  5. 5. It all feels a bit old school
  6. 6. “In 2012, the number of worldwide instant messaging accounts will total over 2.7 billion. This figure is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 6% over the next four years, and reach 3.4 billion by year end 2016…” Radicati Group Email Statistics Report 2012-2016
  7. 7. So here’s a different way to communicate
  8. 8. Instant messaging, voice calls, conference calls, video calls, status updates, presence, availability, document sharing… …all through one connection What is Unified Communications?
  9. 9. Here’s how it helps
  10. 10. Office workers… Home workers… Colleagues out in the field… Partners… Customers… Suppliers. Across private and public networks. Anywhere Anytime Any device Quick, easy, effective collaboration
  11. 11. …instant messages really are instant …presence shows you where everyone is …video calls make things more human than voice calls Quick, easy, effective collaboration
  12. 12. …conference calls reduce travel …video calls are even more useful Fewer journeys
  13. 13. It’s all on whichever device you want to use …on your PC at your desk …on your smartphone on the move …on your tablet if you prefer
  14. 14. Voice-over-IP can be cheaper than landline call charges • less travel to meetings means less cost • less email traffic can help to reduce network management overheads and storage costs It saves money
  15. 15. Unified Communications means no more PBX to buy, manage and maintain. …and it’s one less network.
  16. 16. We know because we've done it ourselves with Hosted Lync
  17. 17. A complete cost-effective cloud-based Unified Communications solution. Seamless, secure anywhere communications for businesses and the people they work with. Hosted Lync
  18. 18. Route calls to team members, simultaneously ring another device, divert calls. Share documents from anywhere and any device. Collaborate via video conference, online meetings, IM chat from anywhere and any device. It’s smarter working with all the benefits of Unified Communications and none of the complexities.
  19. 19. Windows PC, Mac OS X, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, Android Smartphones, Lync-compatible desk phones and headsets. Unify your business with a uniform platform that looks and works the same, no matter the device:
  20. 20. Supports the public IM community (PIC) – compatible with multiple solutions including Microsoft Lync, Skype, MSN, IBM Sametime, Cisco Unified Presence server and Skype. A flexible cost-effective way to connect your enterprise and networks via client software or Lync phone handsets or headsets
  21. 21. Saving your enterprise time and money with a flexible and scalable solution Supporting as many people as you need, from 250 to 10,000+. And the more users, the more cost effective it becomes.
  22. 22. Standard server: Unified Communications, with high availability for voice and PBX. Enterprise server: high availability for voice, PBX and Unified Comms in large-scale organisations. You can choose from simple voice services or completely seamless Unified Comms:
  23. 23. O2 is a Microsoft Gold Partner, we focus on helping enterprise and Public Sector organisations to communicate and collaborate more effectively – internally and externally. O2 partners with Gamma, market-leader with more than ten years’ expertise in IP voice capability technologies. We’re an HP Gold partner, delivering storage, computing and networking solutions on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid. All the benefits of unrivalled industry expertise in secure communications technologies
  24. 24. Moving to Office 365? If you or your partners, customers or suppliers are moving to 365, Hosted Lync UC supports with a seamless enterprise-level voice service
  25. 25. One solution, one bill and one account team… …for all mobile, fixed and Unified Communications. It’s simple and easy
  26. 26. Why O2?
  27. 27. And over 23 million customers in the UK. We are part of Telefónica, the world’s largest integrated, fixed and mobile telecoms company, with 330 million customers across 25 countries. We have more than 25 years’ experience in building and operating networks
  28. 28. We take care of all the small details that make a big difference. We provide a fully managed end-to-end service, from pre-sales product fit to service management, and consultancy. With 24/7 monitoring and award-winning customer service and clear SLAs. It’s easy to make the switch
  29. 29. See a demo at our Slough or Leeds offices Take a low-cost 90-day pilot for up to 100 users Call 01235 433 507 Or click here for more information