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Holy Family School Road Safety Competition Entry


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Holy Family School in Cannon's Creek Porrirua City, were Highly Commended with their entry into the Year 1-8 competition for NZTA Safer Journeys for Children

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Holy Family School Road Safety Competition Entry

  2. 2. Wednesday morning, Karl and Aroha leave home to go toschool. Karl has a Mp3 player on (playing loudly) andAroha is bouncing a ball.(Street noises in the background and music from Mp3player)
  3. 3. Karl hides behind a bush to scare Aroha as she walks pastbouncing her ball. He’s Mp3 player is so loud he can’thear anything else. There are cars on the road.(Car sounds/street noises in the background)
  4. 4. Karl frightens Aroha . She screams and let’s go of her ball. It bounces away.(Street noises in the background)
  5. 5. Aroha chases after her ball which bounces on to the road.The traffic is moving fast.(Car and street noises in the foreground)
  6. 6. Karl and Aroha are walking sensibly together. Karl hasdecided not to wear his Mp3 player so he can hear thetraffic and Aroha’s ball is in her bag. They are both payingattention.
  7. 7. Karl and Aroha arrive at the Kea Crossing. Mrs Watson ison duty.(Sounds of children in the background and a patrol studentcalling out “signs out”)
  8. 8. Before the children cross , Mrs Watson breaks into songreminding the children what the should do before crossingthe road. The tune of the song is to Dianna Ross’s song“Stop in the name of love”.(No background noise)
  9. 9. The tune of the song is to Dianna Ross’s song “Stop in thename of love”.(No background noise)
  10. 10. The tune of the song is to Dianna Ross’s song “Stop in thename of love”.(No background noise)
  11. 11. Karl and Aroha cross the road safely.(Sounds of the street in the background)
  12. 12. Metua and Pauline are on their way to school by car. Theyare fighting and are not wearing their seat belts.(Voices are loud)
  13. 13. Metua and Pauline continue to fight in the back of the car.Dad is finding it very hard to concentrate on the road. Hekeeps looking at them through the mirror and asking themto stop.(Voices are loud)
  14. 14. Suddenly, they realise the car is heading towards a tree.(The background noise of the car)
  15. 15. Metua and Pauline both have their seat belts on. Metua isreading and Pauline is listening quietly to her Mp3 player.(Faint sound of music playing in the background)
  16. 16. The car is quiet and dad can concentrate on driving.Everyone is happy.(The radio is playing the chorus tune of “Hump” by BlackEye Peas. The lyrics are….For your safety, wear your seatbelt, seat belt, seat belt, seat seat belt, seat belt)
  17. 17. John and Peter are riding their scooters after school. Theyhave no safety gear on and are racing each other.(The noise of cars going past and the sound of a mobilityscooter approaching)
  18. 18. Peter and John both have to swerve to miss a little old ladyon a mobility scooter coming along the path. Peter goes offthe foot path.(Street noise in the background. Voices are raised)
  19. 19. John and Peter both have their helmets and vis coats on. They are bothscooting sensibly and not racing each other. Boys go past little old lady singingto the tune of “Queens” we will rock you the following. “We will, we will, wearhelmets and visors, helmets and visors.(Sounds of the street in the background)
  20. 20. Year 5 and 6 students
  21. 21. of Holy Family School Cannons Creek Porirua Thanks for watching 