Storytelling Evolution, Body and Physicality


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Talk at Narrative Strategies - Future Perspectives on techniques for the design of narrative experiences. Madeira, 4th & 5th December 2012.

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Storytelling Evolution, Body and Physicality

  1. 1. Future Perspectives on techniques for the design ofnarrative experiences, Madeira, 4th&5th December 2012Storytelling Evolution, Body and PhysicalityNelson Zagalo, University of MinhoMadeira, Portugal 5th December 2012
  2. 2. Nature is made of interdependency, the principle that rules all networksystems.
  3. 3. In all these years, our brains co-evolved along withlanguage, and with the process we now call storytelling, whichprobably is the most elaborated “technology” in transmission ofinformation ever created by humans and for humans.
  4. 4. Storytelling is a communication model, and one the best ways ofunderstanding the world around us, because it allows us to understand theOther, feel the Other, and feel for the Other, and thus enrich the power ofthe social web through a simple process of communication.
  5. 5. A very simple structure, but astructure that fully activates our brainchemistry, activating the basiccomponents necessary for theunderstanding and retention ofinformation.
  6. 6. Mckee (1997)the minimalist aesthetic innovation models and anti-structure in various forms of artistic expression(literature, movies, etc.)… but what about theaudience?
  7. 7. audienceThe audience, and what about the reader?
  8. 8. The reader and the cognitive interaction.
  9. 9. New layer for human communication in continuous mode.
  10. 10. Story (content)Interactive Linear Non-linearStorytelling Multi-Linear (plot) Emergent FormShaping the new communication layer
  11. 11. Choose Your Own Adventure (1970’s) Tree of exploding endscreating new technologies that go beyond traditionalmeans of expression as hypertext...
  12. 12. Myst (1993) interactivity with the story Ico (2001) interactivity with the representationcreating new technologies that go beyond traditionalmeans of expression as videogames...
  13. 13. Response to the engagement problems in interactive narratives…a new technology to help creators designing for emotions.Developed as a prototype, and at some point started to developas plug-in for Blender but never finished and never released.
  14. 14. the bottom line of storytelling“empathy and sympathy start not in the higher regionsof imagination, or the ability to consciously reconstructhow we would feel if we were in someone else’ssituation. It began much simpler, with thesynchronization of bodies: running when othersrun, laughing when others laugh, crying when otherscry, or yawning when others yawn. Most of us havereached the incredibly advanced stage at which weyawn even at the mere mention of yawning - as youmay be doing right now! - but this is only after lots offace-to-face experience.” (De Wall, 2009:51)
  15. 15. engageLab now… Pushing physicality boundaries can be a powerful approach to push experimentalism in the storytelling process. Not counting only on the single power of brain and imagination, but pushing for the use of full body in accessing the effects ofengageBook prototype 01 storytelling.engageBook prototype 02
  16. 16. engageLab now…
  17. 17. Universidade do Minho Storytelling Evolution, Body and Physicality Nelson Zagalo, Blog: Facebook: Home: Lab: