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Seminar for the Master on Social Media and Web Technologies, Linnaeus University, Sweden, 8 May 2012.

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Mobile Games

  1. 1. Nelson Zagalo, University of Minho, PortugalMobile Games Universidade do MinhoSeminar for the Master on Social Media and Web Technologies,Linnaeus University, Sweden, 8 May 2012
  2. 2. Video Games Involves interaction with electronic device. Requires receptor participation to become, the interactivity. Genre defines the way player interact and make sense of games. Games are made of mechanics and story, and some games only have mechanics. Are “supposed” to be fun.
  3. 3. Mobile Games Mobile games are defined by the platform. Platforms as phones, smart phones, and tablets, which are defined by technologies and OS. Technologies as Palm OS, Symbian, Adobe Flash Lite, Java ME, Apple iOS, Windows Phone 7 or Google Android. Java is the most common programming language used for mobile games (for the iOS is objective-c).
  4. 4. Contents1. Brief Story2. Platforms / OS3. Technologies4. Usability5. Game Design6. Economy
  5. 5. Brief Story
  6. 6. Brief StoryNOKIA, the pioneerWas not only part of the mobile phone risingsuccess, but was also responsible for theintroduction of games in Mobiles.In 1997 launched Snake with Nokia 6110.Designed by Taneli Armanto, survied nine versions, Snake, 1997, Nokiaand attained 400 million mobile phones.The game design was not original, the very firstSnake-type game was an arcade game calledBlockade. It was created by Gremlin way back in1976.Snake has been adapted to almost any gameplatform. Blockade, 1976, Gremlin
  7. 7. Brief StoryNOKIA, the platformIn 2003 launched a platform N-Gage. A pocket-size handset, a cross between a Game BoyAdvance and a Mobile Phone. Allowed singleplayer, but also multiplayer and location-basedplaying via Bluetooth or via GPRS.One of the biggest launches for N Gage wasTomb Raider (1996) port. It served to demonstratethe flop that N Gage would come to be. GameBoy Advance didn’t had yet any such fully 3Daction adventure games.Main reason to fail: trying to adapt consolegames to mobile platform. Tomb Raider, 2003, Eidos
  8. 8. Brief StoryNOKIA, location-basedAfter the success of the urban chase Can You SeeMe Now? (2003) game developed by BlastTheory and the Mixed Reality Lab at ArsElectronica 2003. They were using GPS and PDA.Nokia invested in the launch of location-basedgames that would be using Bluetooth and CellNetwork technologies. Can you see me now?, 2003, Blast TheoryUndercover by the portuguese Y-Dreams was oneof the first Massively Multiplayer Mobile games in2005.Main reason to fail: the prohibitive costs ofinternet access. Undercover 2, 2005, Y-Dreams
  9. 9. Brief StoryApple, the iRevolutionIn June 2007 Apple unveiled the iPhone.Launched as a revolutionary platform for Music, Phone and Internet. Started asa true revolutionary gaming platform with the launch of the App Store in 2008.
  10. 10. Brief StoryGoogle, response to AppleIn November 2007 Google plus 86 hardware/software/telecom companieslaunched the initiative Open Handset Alliance.They launched the Open Source OS, Linux based, Android.
  11. 11. Brief StoryNokia unites with MicrosoftNokia didn’t integrate Google OHA, an so continued alone to support SymbianOS. However on February 11, 2011, Nokia announced that it would migrate fromSymbian to Windows Phone 7.Nokia on Symbian OS 3 Nokia on WP7
  12. 12. Platforms / OS
  13. 13. Platforms / OSThe Past The Present calculators phones PDAs tablets
  14. 14. Platforms / OSThe 3 survivorsToday the game mobile market is dominated by two types of mobile platforms –smartphones and tablets. These are driven by 3 OS.Google Android Windows Phone Apple iOS Being Apple the most renowned because of the quality of the App Store. On the other side Android has the biggest market audience (40%). Microsoft is only now trying to catch with the Nokia Alliance.
  15. 15. Technologies
  16. 16. TechnologiesiOS -> Xcode 4 Angry Birds, (2009), RovioXcode is an IDE (integrateddevelopment environment) forcreating apps for iPhone, and iPad.The Xcode interface seamlesslyintegrates code editing, UI designwith Interface Builder, testing, anddebugging, all within a single Fruit Ninja, (2010), Halfbrick Studioswindow.
  17. 17. TechnologiesAndroid -> Eclipse CheeseMan, (2011), AlphanoizeAndroid plug-in for Eclipse.Programming language is Java. Hambo, (2012), Miniclip
  18. 18. TechnologiesMicrosoft -> XNA 4.0 Kill the Duck, (2010), Andreas VilelaXNA is a high level game creationframework for Microsoft devicesincluding Windows PCs, Xbox 360, andWindows Phone 7 operating system. Scribble Defense+, (2012), Elbert Perez
  19. 19. Usability
  20. 20. UsabilityTouch and MultitouchMultitouch is the ability to recognize the presence of two or more points of contactwith the surface. This multi-point awareness made possible complete new gesturalinterfaces as the Pinch to Zoom or touch keyboards.Using one finger to interact is highly limited for most functions, and so games.
  21. 21. UsabilityTouch and Multitouch videoFingle (2011) was developed by Game Oven, two colleagues who graduatedfrom Utrecht School of the Arts, Netherlands. Fingle was Finalist on the NuovoAwards of IGF 2012. Made with Xcode and Photoshop in 8 months. Watch -
  22. 22. Game Design
  23. 23. Game DesignGame design is the core of any game. It doesn’t matter if it is a consolegame, a park attraction, or a mobile tiny game. The only thing that reallymatter is your Design. However the design must always take into account theplatform.To do that we need to understand what Game Design is made of: Space Objects Actions Rules Skills Uncertainty
  24. 24. Game DesignLet’s pick 3 of the most successful Mobile Games. Play www.cuttherope.ieSpace - confined to one screenObjects - confined to one character at the timeActions - confined to mostly one action per timeRules - very short levelsSkills - visual cognition and hand-eye coordinationUncertainty – luck mixed with skill failureSummary: Short duration experiences in restricted space, with restricted number ofcharacters and actions. Rewarding problem solving which are driven through physicalcoordination.
  25. 25. Economy
  26. 26. EconomyThe Mobile Games market in 2012 is more important andpowerful than ever.Angry Birds is one of the most played Video Game inhistory with 700 million downloads this March 2012. Cut theRope has made more then 100 Million, and Doodle Jumpmore than 15 million.Mobile games is becoming more and more present in thevideo game triple A media, robbing attention from thehandheld market (Nintendo 3DS, Sony PS Vita).
  27. 27. Economy
  28. 28. Economy The number of paying players has grown 35% to 37 million Americans. American players spend in total five times more on iOS games than on Android games. For both Android and iOS devices, the majority of money is not spent on downloading games but within the games through Microstransactions.
  29. 29. Economy Apple (iPhone) is now the most valuable company in the world. Rovio (Angry Birds) reports high profits from 2011. Nintendo (3DS) reports the first annual loss in 30 years, in 2011. Sony (PS Vita) reports losses of $3.2 billions in 2011.
  30. 30. Universidade do MinhoNelson Zagalo, nzagalo@ics.uminho.ptHomepage. http://nelsonzagalo.googlepages.comFacebook.