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Resume Workshop


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Workshop for Women\'s group

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Resume Workshop

  1. 1. S T A N D I N G O U T W I T H Y O U R P I T C H D R . J A M E S N E B L E T T S P H R G P H R F E B R U A R Y 8 , 2 0 1 2 Are you satisfied with your resume?
  2. 2. Standing Out with your Resume and Pitch  Include a professional email address  Include appropriate contact information  Always include an address
  3. 3. Standing Out with your Resume and Pitch  Don’t use an objective  Create a resume headline  List core competencies
  4. 4. Standing Out with your Resume and Pitch  Include GPA if above 3.5  Create a separate category for transferable coursework  Discuss school accomplishments that are transferable to a work environment  Include internships
  5. 5. Standing Out with your Resume and Pitch  Minimize descriptions of job tasks  Maximize use of accomplishments  Begin accomplishment statements with verbs  Front-load accomplishments  Quantify accomplishments  Group like accomplishments into categories
  6. 6.  Include testimonials  List appropriate hobbies  Include appropriate volunteer experience  List relevant professional affiliations
  7. 7. Sample Resumes
  8. 8. Resume Building Questionnaire
  9. 9. H T T P : / / W W W . S H R M . O R G / C O M M U N I T I E S / S T U D E N T P R O G R A M S / P A G E S / N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 9 W E B I N A R L O G I N . A S P X H T T P : / / W W W . R E W A R D I N G R E S U M E S . C O M / Q U E S T I O N N A I R E . H T M References