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Digital Media & Society


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Digital Media & Society

Published in: Education
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Digital Media & Society

  1. 1. Digital Media & Society Di it l M di 101 02Digital Media 101.02
  2. 2. Digital Media and Society Digital Media hasDigital Media has been part of our society for a relativelysociety for a relatively short period of time, but has had a strongbut has had a strong impact on the way we live work and playlive, work and play.
  3. 3. Digital Media and Society Types of Digital Media Productionsyp g Digital Media productions can take many forms, impacting communication, education, and entertainment. They mayy y include the following and more: Presentations: show or demonstrate the product or ideap Tutorials: step by step instruction on how to do something Simulations: portrayal of a real life scenario Games: entertainment or educational interaction Web pages: informational, educational, and entertaining means of communicationmeans of communication
  4. 4. Digital Media and Society BusinessBusiness i fDiscuss some of the ways in which i i l diDigital Media has impacted the b i ldbusiness world…
  5. 5. Digital Media and Society EducationEducation How hasHow has Digital Media changedchanged education and the way we learn?way we learn?
  6. 6. Digital Media and Society LeisureLeisure Talk about some ofTalk about some of the ways in which Digital MediaDigital Media has affected the way you spendway you spend your leisure time…
  7. 7. Digital Media and Society SocialSocial How hasHow has Digital Media changed ourchanged our means and methods of social interaction?
  8. 8. Digital Media and Society WorkWork How has Digital Mediag transformed the workplace?p
  9. 9. Digital Media and Society Careers in Digital MediaCareers in Digital Media Digital Media careers cover a broad spectrum. Mostbroad spectrum. Most professionals in these fields develop expertise in one or two ifi ( di idspecific areas (audio, video, graphics, animation, web). But a general understanding of all these elements of digital media is very useful.