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IBM on Campus E-Brochure


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Created by The Lunatics Team

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IBM on Campus E-Brochure

  1. 1. Incubate part of the solution.make a difference.On Campus
  2. 2. 3 Welcome.4 faculty.5 students.6 make a difference.
  3. 3. Welcome!As  the  number  of  world  problems  increases  around  the  globe,  IBM  is  taking  the  ini;a;ve  to  create  solu;ons  to  make  a  “Smarter  Planet".We  want  to  invite  you  to  be  part  of  the  IBM  on  Campus  program  and  help  us  Incubate  Change,  Be  part  of  the  solu2on  and  Make  a  difference  within  your  own  communi;es. _ Virginia Rometty. CEO of IBM
  4. 4. Faculty! you getIncubate  -­‐  Access  to  resources  and  course  material      -­‐  Strong  collabora;ve  network  and  involvement  -­‐  Grants,  academic  rewards  and  capital  support  Change.  -­‐  Dedicated  IBMer  on  campus  to  facilitate  research  need  -­‐  Resources  to  nurturing  top_notch  students“It’s  never  been  this  easy  working  in  collabora2on  with  a  company;   The  IBM  on  Campus  program  has  provided  Berkeley  with  incredible  resources  for  students  and  faculty  to  get  involved  in  our  community.” _ Robert J. Birgeneau. Berkeley Chancellor
  5. 5. “I’ve  always  wanted  to  get  involved  but  I  never  knew  how  to. The  IBM  on  Campus  program  gave  me  an  opportunity  to  create   Change  within  my  community  and  it  challenged  me            to  think  more  cri2cally  to  create  a  solu2on.”students! you getbe part  -­‐  BeJer  competency  with  skill  development  by  IBM’s  free  tools    -­‐  Brighter  future  career  with  internship  and  job  offering  -­‐  Dis;nguished  achievement  with  awards  [  Sharper  Minds  Challenge  ]of the  -­‐  Networking  with  peerssolution.
  6. 6. Everyone!make adifference. IBM sharper mind challenge.        IBM  Sharper  Minds  is  a  team  compe;;on      for  students  that  want  to  represent  IBM      within  and  outside  their  universi;es  and      spread  the  message  to  create  a  Smarter  Planet.      Compete  to  be  part  of  the  “IBM  Sharper  Minds      Club”,  represent  your  university  in  the  Smarter      Planet  Compe;;on  and  win  a  trip  to  the  IBM      headquarters,  scholarships,  and  an  IBM  Party      for  all  your  campus.   Scan, join & be sharp!
  7. 7. Everyone! make a difference. ibm smarter planet challenge.    Take  part  in  the  smarter  planet  challenge  and  compete  together      with  your  students  against  universi;es  all  around  the  world  to  make      the  world  a  beJer  place.  Solve  a  pressing  problem  in  your  community      through  excelling  research  and  win  the  funding  of  the  implementa;on! Scan, join & get funded!
  8. 8. Scan it! Share it! On Campus