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Imagery and Meaning


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Published in: Education
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Imagery and Meaning

  1. 1. Imagery and Meaning
  2. 2. What image do you see in yourmind when you read the following sentence? O A field of bright yellow flowers lay beautifully in front of me.
  3. 3. Is this image close to theone you saw in your mind?
  4. 4. What image do you see in yourmind when you read the following sentence? O The big, juicy burger with its melted cheese and red tomatoes made my mouth water and my stomach grumble.
  5. 5. Is this image close to theone you saw in your mind?
  6. 6. Imagery Definition:O Imagery refers to the “mental pictures” that readers experience when reading literature.O Imagery appeals directly to one or more of the five senses.O An author achieves imagery through the use of words.
  7. 7. There are five (5) types of imagery:1. Visual – what you see2. Auditory – what you hear3. Kinesthetic – what you feel4. Olfactory – what you smell5. Gustatory – what you taste
  8. 8. Examples1. Visual – The golden rays of the setting sun reflected upon the clear waters of the lake.2. Auditory – The trees rustled as the wind whistled gently through the leaves.3. Kinesthetic – My toes went numb and a shiver ran through my body as I stepped into the cold river.4. Olfactory – The stench of rotting garbage overpowered my nostrils when I opened the bin.5. Gustatory – Her mouth watered and her tongue burned as she bit into the sour, peppery mango chow.
  9. 9. The Castaways – Claude McKayThe vivid grass with visible delightSpringing triumphant from the pregnant earth,The butterflies, and sparrows in brief flightDancing and chirping for the season’s birth,The dandelions and rare daffodilsThat touch the deep-stirred heart with hands of gold,The thrushes sending forth their joyous trills, -Not these, not these did I at first behold!But seated on the benches daubed with green,The castaways of life, a few asleep,Some withered women desolate and mean, How manyAnd over all, life’s shadows dark and deep. types ofMoaning I turned away, for misery imagery canI have the strength to bear but not to see. you find in this poem?
  10. 10. Getting Well – Ian McDonald example Write oneYou can always tell the time for sure of a visual imageWhen patients who are getting well and threeWill soon get up and leave the others here: examples ofThey do not have that one-way-only stare. kinestheticThey seem to see the flowers in the jar. images from thisThey do not make a boast of getting well: poem.„The kindness of the ward,‟ it‟s called.But outside you can see amazing scenes.One time a man ran in the glorious sunAnd climbed a green tree standing in the yard.To the very top he climbed, rocking in the wind,And turned his face up to the burst of sun,Frolicked on a swaying branch, and scrambled down“I‟m not mad!” he cried,And swung his mother round and round.
  11. 11. Ms Baran English LanguageMayaro Secondary