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                             onday,       Novertibe a.`        9,   2009

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Book Review: Islam, Women, and Violence in Kashmir: Between India and Pakistan


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Reviewed by: Dr. Mustafa Kamal

Published in the Kashmir Times on November 9, 2009

Published in: Education
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Book Review: Islam, Women, and Violence in Kashmir: Between India and Pakistan

  1. 1. ...gtheiiing "_ J ,' conc;ep t of trer z^Y,lirniiv at; as a j itting symbol tli sy'r1C,rt't iC t lilt 111:0 IN S OF J ommo dill ""Is over an- VtJ:'sal f Nyla Ali Khan, ]-list aiy is witness Yt7iibyt 1's of the West 31,e not f(.,- gotten o. d cribe three rhff_ is nt be city of Kashmir in occ a ioa , ni 18 32, 1864 and (1-,- S block) a0d the then U SSR (Soviet. block) e qu ally be xunna i wvord a nd l8,8 4 famine reduced ud. Hutt ntt followed by roiAipliruitinC matter's by iCile population in Rashtir from taking ^idos to servo their rlrvsc i iatiM1S of the agw-ny- Of 80) }acs to 2, 00 lakhs. injustice narrow self-interest of world it was this domination afier the Second ruod by 1 the perpetrated by 3<`ati i.nns,. ogra roily Wadd wan_ alpccset Or' Whit' the Vest supported hundred one iakititani stand on the t ±97. ipic'4ing in 3- 97 ,1) by virtue of as 11C.li ;tl„ that i;sIle, LUSSR suppo rted the leiai,,'t7l lm ri'sar pie ,ast i tnd. ammad Indian/Stan(]. Three wars Slaei ^h Moh other than the Pathan tribal nit of the R AMOK the Moil of and lIunir;l^it.eC invasion of 1947 Were fought I n'l illi and be father of m. The entire I'aiehiiiir Awakening, raised between lnclia and Pakistan Witt that 1965. 19 , 1 and the Kargil the bun ai of revolt in 19:31 and iilanlait gin Iahiraicl ar oa" 19119 all leading to In 1947 the los. embittering Indc and iunn vsl Liu Hari Siogh c apitula ted in tions and heavy lp Ito Wake of the Pathan P& It•7500 from ht oriz .itivrl of the two 1l May= its This has also iinl)C l Zi isw l (Wazir istan My tea Guia hacked by Pakista 11 and We gener al xad a proxy wa c i E stor of M y, rra popular and undisputed ,_w irted insurgency Wii thcei fang new in its twentieth virtue of le i iltl:art Sheik-a was at tlie iving claimed torts of 115 )m1 tsar iA 1816 bearrle l ishnlii•. hous_ands of lives and lai i ere thus made ci cct_ he two their scale destruction of propei their land that C ghlmu india and every and untoldsu ffering a0(1 a cestors land .i3 I'iil,.l tan a r",> 2 iiaistering w .d. o f the local llii m iliat ion meaning of the tWa parts of the ivi led populat ten-including y reiigti rut a 15 a)f ttia t lr1 State .zle the Indian hold have aptly de c,rzl d t.n migtalion of ]most air 1jtisbniie and the other miset able plight and Ibtec entire" con7nlunlt y w in ai ailed ,Azad Tcashinir• po v cnrt y of The Icashlnil include people and families from ]Muslim and Sikh R iinhuste E`e'l by Pakistan. r,nt, out moot(, than India took T'as}ioiir as well. coin nilinit es ;,problem) to the UNt.) and Now Delhi never fulfilled i:tit t •N. Security Council d Me M ae )wed pl. noises
  2. 2. SRI N M on d ay, onday, Novertibe a.` 9, 2009 bond of trio irrelevant boc; Women have In on ?i in-a, amn, " Autonomy" of bi g gest ; g ainer's the India Rao Qovei' rment struggl e fbi' elnan)cil ie I TAX), the n Fate of the the i prearr. d p i :' Coun cil, It re'conunenda.tio'ns of working launched and `+1 ama Tr e-9 Ch € 1 erously groups ct :nstititt"ed by Iegendnr t S' them by Goyertinnen: of India with the Lion of K a m o'p'tional much #-i ill `e. J&K Natiorii on One Destabiiizin; elected Party MAT he 'augh I<3 :s h ire ii9i won &eep S political intrigues and Pantiit, has r the deceit and stick polity adopted, by %a,u fret; another trust New Delhi within J&K have 1aieti tae 00niinon man >i ample from, the Indian nla instreanli luring a ncl He feels cheated and MO e V disillusioned. to }ti;rnmitIa' partition Indian held Kashmir has c 1947 This i , rt:lr g i' es as 11 tiali of miracle for a per. OOad by a i olhie state given by re Sakes in every some 0 he mist `sire i•-<.a}aa liner the lion of wind just o er. thre, aiidenre I llz zia. Poverty, a, after igIioranc.e, liseases, tic and illiter acy, hunger are but a a ma she past. Being a isrst err'l toty 1n the sphere of gar. a ur. ig n umber vto that , much Ktl,JWS Yla :Ili I)eCOIn ng a help, albeit wliicli- .ir° problem h New .:Delhi. and friends .e has eoule tor giving the e becuuiiniT Inca ci P,- l i`,, a l's to of the wee ce1)Tuca their differences J&K State IA , ormt.ioj III th 1)4 ,ter past..... du(: to people of J&K inysti inri 01 be it In dira- .tr E both sides of the YOM of 1975 div tie on board in a spirit of the i 'Iogh€ to take off °_I;i and lete live". Jefialigir, "If there is ii Congress It is here that J&K can on earth it is here it is l support to ply a rule of'uniting the two is hf re` . Alas! ","'his ,i-ttF Congress-51C estranged neighbours, India is wounded and lie: ble er n neat in a;id Pakist an in an beckonin` ti m e l) ine v is the h.init' unbreakable and everlaAiag for mere end (ICt cY`I]