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Security Performance Monitoring And Database Mirroring


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Published in: Technology
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Security Performance Monitoring And Database Mirroring

  1. 1. Security: Assign server-scope permissions to SQL server login
  2. 2. Security: Create a database role
  3. 3. Security : Add a user to the role
  4. 4. Security: Create keys and certificates to protect data
  5. 5. Creating a System Log File
  6. 6. View the log file for the database activity
  7. 7. Create a SQL Server profiler trace
  8. 8. Trace activity in the monitored database
  9. 9. View the event data for the database
  10. 10. Correlate the SQL Server Profiler trace with system monitor log data
  11. 11. Database Mirroring: Create Endpoint for Principle Mirror & Witness Instances