NyeNrode BusiNess uNiversiteitmBa 2011 class profile
think about being able to choose from adiverse and talented pool of future leaders,who possess the ability and necessary s...
Li (Sophia) Bai                                                           Michel F.H. van den Bosch                       ...
Abdellatif Bouhid                                                          Pramit Chaudhuri                               ...
Jia Chen                                                                 Satpal Daryanani                                 ...
Rosane Gama Sa                                                         Jessica van Haaster                                ...
Juliano Henrique de Faria                                                Gayaneh Elise Heijne                             ...
Abdul-Latif Issahaku                                               Samant Jain                                 Ghanaian   ...
Maarten Kalusche                                                                     Dutch                                ...
Tobias Kemper                                                         Yoony Kim                                           ...
Kumar Mankala                                                           Amit Mathur                                       ...
Amit Shailesh Munshi                                                    Geoffrey M. Nyamboga                              ...
Charles Kweku Odoom                                                            Zdravka Paskaleva                          ...
Carlos Rodriguez                               Colombian                               Languages: English, Spanish,       ...
Sanjoy Roy                                                              Yolanda Sanchez Losada                            ...
Uday Shankar Ab                                                          Michael Ukstins                                  ...
Wei Wang                                                               Amy (Yin-Ting) Wang                                ...
Straatweg 25P.O. Box 130, 3620 AC BreukelenThe Netherlands+31 (0)346 291 211www.nyenrode.nl       mBa 2011 class profile  ...
Nyenrode MBA 2011
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Nyenrode MBA 2011


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In this brochure, Nyenrode Business Universiteit’s MBA Class of 2011 proudly presents you
with a flavor of who we are and what we can offer: nineteen nationalities together, a world of
different languages spoken, varied backgrounds and work experiences. All at your fingertips! Feel free to download and circulate!

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Nyenrode MBA 2011

  1. 1. NyeNrode BusiNess uNiversiteitmBa 2011 class profile
  2. 2. think about being able to choose from adiverse and talented pool of future leaders,who possess the ability and necessary skills to translate adversities into business opportunities,obstacles into creative solutions and cultural diversity into competitive business advantage.Because business is about adding value to customers, stakeholders and the society as a whole, soit is the importance of selecting the most valuable asset for your organization: talented employees.in this brochure, Nyenrode Business universiteit’s mBa class of 2011 proudly presents youwith a flavor of who we are and what we can offer: nineteen nationalities together, a world ofdifferent languages spoken, varied backgrounds and work experiences. all at your fingertips.We invite you to explore and discover more about us in the following pages and wish yougood businesses.Best regards,mBa class of 2011Nyenrode Business universiteit
  3. 3. Li (Sophia) Bai Michel F.H. van den Bosch Rodney Bosire Chinese Dutch Kenyan Languages: Chinese Mandarin, English Languages: Dutch, English, German, Languages: English, Swahili Swiss B.A., Hospitality Management BSc. Agriculture, Egerton University, B.A., Economics & Hotel Management, Kenya, 2004 Stenden University, 1994Profile Profile Profilea proactive learner, an empathetic and diplomatic communicator. an mBa candidate and marketing and strategy entrepreneur with an adaptable, enthusiastic and energetic individual with more thanpositive and open-minded, culturally sensitive and good at fostering a positive outlook and a clear thought pattern. i seek innovation, six years hands-on experience in the education and agriculture/business relationships. an effective implementer of corporate take initiative and follow through with stamina by developing an environmental-conservation fields developed through extensive fieldstrategies, capable of quick information processing and providing environment in which the team can excel. a result driven and research and scientific analysis methods. seeking to create sustainableconstructive solutions to strategic issues. observe talents, and inspire creative team builder, networker and leader. i seek to apply these solutions for organizations and develop a strong, progressive careerpeople to create highly effective teams. seven years experience in skills in a corporate, large smB or family-owned business. in the international Business world at a consultative level.working closely with top-management in both foreign Governmentand cross-national project environments. Work Experience Work Experience Strategy Development & Project Manager, partner Bee-eye Head of Academics, Qubaa muslim school, Kenya, 2008–2010Work Experience Business intelligence & ferro Business consultancy, 2009–2010 managed and analysed student academic recordsExecutive Assistant to Country President, sasol china, 2006–2010 Head of Marketing & Sales, sap Gold partner, 2008–2009 Chief Agronomist, pestlab ltd, Kenya 2006–2008taken various responsibilities at different project phases in led a divers team of academics and engineers. developed sustainable crop husbandry and soil management strategiescoordinating the 1st coal-to-liquid project of china, worked withchinese state-owned enterprise and central Government. Business Owner & Consultant, 2003–2008 Part-time Lecturer, mombasa university college, Kenya, 2005 freelance and Board member of several start-ups lectured, prepared and marked exams for applied sciences departmentPA to Ambassador, south african embassy, 2003–2005supported the ambassador and embassy to serve her people in Key Account Manager & Business Developer, KpN Nv, 1997–2003 Lead Environmental Assessor, ultimate Works ltd, Kenya, 2004–2006china and promote her country to china. mainly involved in large smB and corporate clients. monitored the effectiveness of environmental programsS.Bai@imba2011.nyenrode.nl M.vdBosch@imba2011.nyenrode.nl R.Bosire@imba2011.nyenrode.nl1 NyeNrode BusiNess uNiversiteit
  4. 4. Abdellatif Bouhid Pramit Chaudhuri Moroccan/Canadian Indian Languages: Arabic, French, English, Languages: English, German, Dutch Dutch Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor, Civil Law, Université du Major in Electronics and Québec à Montréal (LL.B. 1992) Telecommunication Bengal Engineering College, India Master, International Law, Università degli Studi di Teramo (LL.M. 2004)Profile Profilecanadian (Québec) trained lawyer with extensive experience in an mBa student and former it consultant. 7+ years of internationalthe practice of civil and international criminal law at international experience in a variety of roles in the it industry has given me widetribunals (Geneva, arusha, The Hague). prior to entering the legal experience including major rollout projects for blue chip companiesfield, spent 15+ years in the international air transportation industry and it management for a large financial services dealing with presales,(ram, tWa, Bcal, saudia). at present, completing an international technical strategy, project management and systems integration tomBa at Nyenrode university. ambition: to launch new air service support complex and demanding business intelligence projects.between my two countries and be active in philanthropy. Work ExperienceWork Experience IT Consultant, tata consultancy services, india, 2010Various positions, royal air maroc, trans World airlines, responsible for project management reviews and deliveryBritish caledonian, saudia airlines, 1972–1987 assuranceairport operations, flight operations and station management at different Business Analyst, Bank of america corp., usa, 2006–2009airports and countries (morocco, saudia arabia, usa and canada) streamlined key production processes and managed implementationSole Legal Practice, montreal, 1994–1997 of two critical projectsAssociate Legal Officer and Legal Researcher, united Nations Business Intelligence Consultant, aXa insurances plc., uK, 2004–2005compensation commission (Geneva, switzerland), international effectively lead a global team for design, development and testingcriminal tribunal for rwanda (arusha, tanzania), special tribunalfor lebanon (leidschendam, The Netherlands), 1998–2010A.Bouhid@imba2011.nyenrode.nl P.Chaudhuri@imba2011.nyenrode.nl mBa 2011 class profile 2
  5. 5. Jia Chen Satpal Daryanani China Indian / Hong Kong Languages: Mandarin, English, Languages: English Hokkien BA Economics Renmin University of China, Beijing, Symbiosis College of Arts and China. Bachelor of Arts, 2000-2005 Commerce, 2007 Profile Profile more than six years experience in arts (entertainment) and service an mBa with more than three years experience in business industry. career path has been through singer, actor, director, development, strategy planning and implementation with firms such producer, marketer and operation manager. cross-functional roles as KpmG. experienced in independently handling key accounts such give me wealthy experience in not only understanding people but as samsung and medtronic. proven capabilities in client engagement also collaborating with them to achieve the team goal. a team leader, and team management skills. experienced in managing rfps and result driven, perform well under pressure, always have a positive deliverables and consistently exceeded personal targets and expectations. outlook and a passion for succeeding. Work Experience Work Experience Relationship Manager, acumen advertising pvt ltd., 2010 Operation Manager, KidZania shanghai, 2009–2010 managed planning and implementation of marketing activities of supervised all the artistic establishments, prepared establishment Nokia, lG and samsung . sops, managed a team of 63 people Business Development Manager, oxygen advertising, 2009–2010 Marketing Manager, shanghai youth musical arts center, 2008–2009 responsible for acquisition and retention of key accounts. created marketing and recruitment plan, promoted christmas shows Analyst – Verification services, KpmG, 2007–2008 Freelancer and Entrepreneur of various projects in china and responsible for coordinating and managing deliverables for tata canada, 2005–2008 consultancy services and Barclay’s. Executive Assistant to the costume director, “mummy returns 3” J.Chen@imba2011.nyenrode.nl S.Daryanani@imba2011.nyenrode.nl3 NyeNrode BusiNess uNiversiteit
  6. 6. Rosane Gama Sa Jessica van Haaster Pieter Ham Brazilian/Portuguese Dutch Belgian / Dutch Languages: Portuguese, English, Languages: English, Dutch, German Languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish Portuguese Bachelor in Business and Leisure, Post-Graduation in Marketing Stenden University, 1997–2000 Bachelor’s Degree from Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Hotel School The Hague, Brazil, 2000 The Netherlands Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, 1997Profile Profile Profile10 years of work experience in market intelligence, marketing and i am an experienced marketing professional who has led and motivated i am an ambitious and result driven personality with interest insales development in fast moving consumer Goods, aviation and comprehensive project teams that achieved maximum results. colleagues strategy, finance and fast moving consumer Goods. By using myelectronics multinational companies in Brazil and europe. currently describe me as a smart, entrepreneurial and goal oriented person who analytical skills, understanding of service and my quick adaptability,looking for a job opportunity as a product manager or Business always seeks to exceed expectations. Business wise i am internationally i can add value to a company. after having lived and worked in moredevelopment manager either in the Netherlands or in Brazil. oriented, people driven and prefer to work in multi-cultural teams. than seven countries worldwide i have developed the ability to adapt easily to new social and professional environments.Work Experience Work ExperienceEuropean Product Sales and Marketing Professional, Senior Project Manager, synpact, Nl, 2008–2010 Work Experiencecanon europe, Netherlands and the uK, organize and market a business event of 7,500 visitors, leading a On-Property Checker/Auditor, international Hospitality check, 2 yearsWorld’s photographic camera market leader, 2007–2010 team of four people. ■ service and integrity audits at +/- 50 luxury hotels in the middleTrainee, tap portugal, portugal and the Netherlands European Retail Trade Marketeer, imation, Nl, 2006–2008 east and asiamarket leader in the aviation sector in portugal, 2006 european lead person for retail customer sales and marketing programs. Operations, Hilton Hotels international, 4 yearsMarketing Analyst, cafe iguacu, Brazil Online Affiliate Marketing Manager, cidc, usa, 2005–2006 ■ china (Nanjing) and egypt (cairo)instant coffee manufacturer, 1999–2005 develop and execute affiliate marketing strategies for dutch market. ■ co-managed a department of more than 100 full-time employees Project Manager, synpact, Nl, 2001–2004 after departmental manager left unexpectedly project management, marketing communications, budgeting and ■ increased departmental profit from 49% to 52%, target was set at 51% planning, operations.R.GamaSa@imba2011.nyenrode.nl J.vHaaster@imba2011.nyenrode.nl P.Ham@imba2011.nyenrode.nl mBa 2011 class profile 4
  7. 7. Juliano Henrique de Faria Gayaneh Elise Heijne Shriharsha Imrapur Italian/Brazilian The Netherlands Indian Languages: Portuguese, Italian, Languages: Dutch, English, and basic Languages: English, Kannada, Hindi, Spanish, English German, French, Spanish Tamil University of Paranà, Brazil – Drs. Medicine, Utrecht Medical Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Bachelor in Business Administration University, 2008 Science, 2000-2004, with a Minor in Marketing, 2000 B. V. Bhoomaraddi College of Msc. International Economics and Engineering and Technology, Hubli Business, University of Economics Utrecht, 2010Profile Profile Profileadaptable and ambitious Business management graduate an ambitious energetic mBa student with a solid background six years of strategic consulting, Business development, projectwith proven leadership and communication skills. excellent consisting of business, medicine and economics. enacting strategy management, and solution delivery experience in Business intelligenceunderstanding of Business management and keen to take on the daily or operating in fields where one directly impacts lives necessarily technologies. varied industry exposure and strong capacities inchallenges of working for a successful and innovative company. self- invites a personality of trustworthiness and authenticity supported Business analysis, innovation-centric project execution, and customermotivated and energetic, with experience of managing people from by strong knowledge to gain a deeper level of engagement in terms relationship Building. a critical Thinker and team energizer filleddiverse backgrounds. of cooperation and teamwork in order to achieve best practices. i’m with passion for delivering high quality results. enthusiastic about career striving for challenging managerial opportunities to proactively add opportunities involving global customer interactions, strategic thinking,Work Experience an innovative distinctive contribution. multicultural team endeavours and business performance management.Marketing Manager, orofino pharmaceuticals Group (italy) Work Experience Work ExperienceMarketing Assistant, vivo telecom – telecommunication chinese domestic consumer market, shanghai china, mindtree limited, 2004–2010company (Brazil) company report/advice Bayer, prof. Burgers/ceiBs/eiu, 2010 ■ conceptualized and implemented innovative, industry-focused self-management patients, research small hospitals, Business intelligence (Bi) frameworks and accelerators. Julius centre utrecht, 2010 ■ managed Global Bi pre-sales as part of a core team. developed education training, 2009 new service offerings and organized go-to-market efforts. ■ led teams in strategy consulting and Bi solution implementation. lioris, start-up related work, administration/marketing/sales, 2008–2010 conducted customer workshops to elicit requirements and Heelgari administration/accounting/marketing, 2004–2010 orchestrated project team for solution delivery.J.HenriquedeFaria@imba2011.nyenrode.nl G.Heyne@imba2011.nyenrode.nl H.Imrapur@imba2011.nyenrode.nl5 NyeNrode BusiNess uNiversiteit
  8. 8. Abdul-Latif Issahaku Samant Jain Ghanaian Indian Languages: English Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu Ashesi University, Ghana Bachelor in Financial and Investment Analysis, Delhi University, 2001–04 Executive MBA, IIM-Lucknow, 2008–09 (completed first year)Profile Profilean accomplished telecoms manager and strategist with five years six years of Business research and consulting experience with topexperience in B2B sales, project management, roaming services, brands including mcKiNsey and deloitte. led projects forvalue-added services, procurement and New product development. many top global banks, insurers. open minded and globally orienteddedicated to pursue new challenges in marketing, Business attitude with high personal drive, ambition, impact and maturity.development and corporate strategy in multinational companies an excellent team-player and strong individual contributor poweredand in small high-growth entrepreneurial firms. by intellect and driven by values. exhibited success as team-lead, team-member, and independent analyst in fast-paced, demanding,Work Experience international client-centric roles. successfully managed projects, teams, and key client-accounts in multi-cultural, multi-locationRoaming and Business Systems Manager, mtN (Ghana), 2007–2010 environment. Quick learner and strong conceptual thinker with■ solid record of maintaining bilateral and unilateral roaming exceptional quantitative, analytical, problem solving, and persuasive partnerships with 230 telecom operators in 100 countries communication skills with an eye for detail.■ responsible for operations and maintenance of various value-added service (vas) network elements Work Experience■ prepared rfp, evaluated bids and procured multi-million dollar Manager, Bfsi (investment research), evalueserve, 2009–2010 network systems Senior Business Analyst, Bfsi, evalueserve, 2008–2009Product Manager, HuaWei (Ghana), 2006–2007 Associate Analyst, Bfsi, deloitte & toucHe, 2006–2007 Analyst, mcKiNsey & compaNy, 2004–2006■ B2B sales of vas products to telecom service providersA.Issahaku@imba2011.nyenrode.nl S.Jain@imba2011.nyenrode.nl mBa 2011 class profile 6
  9. 9. Maarten Kalusche Dutch Languages: Dutch, English, Mandarin, German, French Meridian Chinese Studies, London, Classical Chinese and Culture Communication University of China Beijing, China, Chinese Language, Culture and History Profile ten years of professional work experience with a primary focus on marketing-communication and media. i have worked across borders in a multitude of industry domains, have proven to be an effective team player in diverse cultural teams and international business environments. currently studying international business administration at Nyenrode Business university. eager to further integrate china specialized skills in the international business arena. Work Experience Communication and Media Consultant, sitas Bv – amsterdam, Beijing, london, Netherlands, china, united Kingdom strategic consultancy company specialized within the fields of media and communication. Freelance Journalist, china daily – Beijing, china china’s leading newspaper for english speakers. M.Kalusche@imba2011.nyenrode.nl7 NyeNrode BusiNess uNiversiteit
  10. 10. Tobias Kemper Yoony Kim Tina Xing Liu German South Korean Chinese Languages: German, English Languages: English, Korean Languages: Chinese, English Diplom-Kaufmann (FH) MA Marketing Communications, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Westminster, UK, 2001 Bachelor of BA, 2000–2005 BA Mass Communicatons, Ewha Womans University, Korea, 2000Profile Profile Profilean mBa student with five years of consulting experience in the an internationally-minded marketing and communications Nearly six years of experience in multinational companies, with strongcontext of mergers & acquisitions (m&a) across different industries, consultant/professional of nine years whose expertise ranges from analytical skills; working knowledge of financial and managementincluding automotive, Banking and it. proven ability to quickly internal/external communications, marketing strategy formation/ accounting (us Gaap), corporate finance, in-depth understandingfamiliarize with new and complex matters in different areas. execution, key stakeholder management, market research and of retail industry. effective communication, presentation andstrong skills as a project manager and coordinator who works in a analysis and project management in the international context. training; good organization and management skills; detail-oriented;structured manner and delivers high quality results. deeply interested in applying her expertise to improve internal able to work under pressure. communications of multicultural organization to maximize employeeWork Experience motivation for individual satisfaction and performance optimization. Work ExperienceM&A consultant, ernst & young, 2006–2010 Financial Analyst, starbucks coffee company,projects included: due diligences, carve-outs, post merger Work Experience shanghai, 2007–2010integrations, synergy assessments, Working capital management, Promotion Officer, Nuffic Neso Korea, 2010 ■ investment decision analysis, risk management, reporting andoperational restructuring planning, and internal control Client Service Manager, Gsa public relations, 2009Intern, tui aG, 2004–2005 clients: maxxium Korea, agrosuper, Wyeth Korea, alibaba.com Sales Network Planning Analyst, ford motor company,development and implementation of a management reporting shanghai, 2005–2007 Marketing Manager, Harley-davidson of Korea, 2005–2008system and a transfer pricing mechanism for the financial sharedservices center of tui aG PR Manager, muju resort, 2004–2005 ■ sales forecast, data analysis, and channel management Senior Account Executive, edelman Korea, 2001–2003 clients: p&G, Groupe seB Korea, Harley-davidson, Kia motorsT.Kemper@imba2011.nyenrode.nl Y.Kim@imba2011.nyenrode.nl T.Liu@imba2011.nyenrode.nl mBa 2011 class profile 8
  11. 11. Kumar Mankala Amit Mathur Stephan Meijers Indian Indian Dutch Languages: English, Dutch Languages: Hindi, English, Dutch Languages: Dutch, Spanish, German, English Bachelor of Technology with Honors, Bachelor of Engineering in in Electronics and Communications Electronics and Communications, NIBE SVV – Certification Financial Engineering 2000–2004, J.S.S Academy of Markets,Certification Authorized Trader Technical Education, Bangalore Hogeschool Utrecht – Bachelor’s Degree Commercial EconomicsProfile Profile Profilean ambitious and challenge-seeking individual, looking for career six years of experience in providing strategic it solutions to clients ten years of experience in international financial markets in theopportunities in strategy and Business consultancy, with 7.5 years from diverse industry sectors. Have worked extensively in international fields of arbitrage and proprietary trading. competence in effectiveof consulting experience in technology strategy and Business teams and possess a skilful combination of managerial, technical, methodical risk evaluation and ad-hoc decision making processesintelligence and strengths in problem solving, Business development, analytical and interpersonal skills. proven abilities to take initiatives during dynamic business conditions. expertise in asset managementproject management and technology implementation. and deliver results in challenging environments. seek intellectually and analysis, as well as the development of new investment strategies. stimulating career opportunities in the field of business strategy. entrepreneurial experience via founding and operating a privateWork Experience international commercial and residential real estate agency in spain. Work Experience managed business development, created networks and businesstata consultancy services, (india, Netherlands, usa), 2002–2010 relationships to customize and close deals.■ developed enterprise data strategy for a large manufacturing Team Lead, Qwest software solutions, india, 2009–2010 company ■ managed a team of six software developers in cpu reduction Work Experience implemented many Business intelligence solutions in the areas of efforts resulting in annual savings of $250,000■ Proprietary trader in stocks and future contracts, Holland equities manufacturing, Health care and smart-Governance Software Engineer, fidelity investments, india/usa, 2006–2009 trading, 2008–2010■ collaborated with iBm in developing Business intelligence led back-end application development team of four developers; products ■ Director/Founder real estate agency, eden residence estates as quality coordinator was involved in cmm level five initiatives (spain), 2006–2008■ implemented cmmi and enterprise lean sigma for multi-million Software Engineer, infosys technologies ltd, india, 2004–2006 dollar projects Arbitrage and proprietary trader, Global equities trading, 2003–2006 ■ Worked as the primary support personnel for system testing team Specialist and arbitrage trader, van der moolen, 2000–2003K.Mankala@imba2011.nyenrode.nl A.Mathur@imba2011.nyenrode.nl S.Meijers@imba2011.nynerode.nl9 NyeNrode BusiNess uNiversiteit
  12. 12. Amit Shailesh Munshi Geoffrey M. Nyamboga Marieke Ochtman Indian Kenyan Dutch Languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Languages: English, Swahili, Dutch Languages: English, Dutch, German Arabic, Dutch Bachelor of Science with specialisation Bachelor Business Economics Bachelor of Engineering in with specialisation in Finance: Electronics and Telecommunication, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa Mumbai University (2007) Certified Public AccountantProfile Profile Profileit professional with extensive knowledge in end-to-end delivery mBa +6 years experience in finance, accounting, Grant writing, and 5 years of experience in the field of financial services. focused onof it solutions in the banking and financial services industry. as a project management in Non Governmental organisations utilizing people’s qualities to continuously improve (sales) processes.logical thinker, armed with an eye for detail , i have the ability to systems thinker, drive towards achieving results and resolvingquickly familiarize myself with complex issues, always keeping the managed projects funded by uN agencies, european problems, persistent, optimistic and disciplined. strong internationalbig picture in mind. With my passion for innovation, resilience to commission,open society institute,National democratic orientation. logical, analytical and critical attitude.stressful working conditions, open-mindedness and intercultural endowment, dfid and leading european countries.awareness, i am not only a strong team player, but also have the Works well in a team and seeks to motivate and collaborate with Work Experienceability to lead and motivate a team. i am looking for challenging roles other managers in coordinating to achieve set objectives.in project management/consulting in an international environment. operational manager, direct Wonen N.v. den Haag, october 2007 – competent to work in international organisation seeking to add february 2010Work Experience value to the portfolio and better management practice ■ in charge of 30 people within the department of financial services,TATA Consultancy Services Ltd, 2007–2010 both working at the front office and at a call centre Work Experience ■ performing mathematical analyses of costs, benefits and sales■ module lead, managed a diverse team of professionals Finance and Administration Manager, The institute for War and ■ throughput■ single point of contact between on-site and offshore teams peace reporting/Nl (The Hague, Netherlands), 22 months ■ continuous process evaluation, drafting measures for■ coordinated, planned, scheduled activities among different ■ Finance Officer, World concern africa area, uN Wfp funded improvement technological teams projects (Nairobi), 2 years ■ supervising ict and marketing departments for the■ delivered presentations to clients, based on business requirements ■ Project Accountant, The National council of churches of Kenya, implementation of process improvement measures and designed solutions uNHcr funded projects (Nairobi), 1 yearA.Munshi@imba2011.nyenrode.nl G.Nyamboga@imba2011.nyenrode.nl M.Ochtman@imba2011.nyenrode.nl mBa 2011 class profile 10
  13. 13. Charles Kweku Odoom Zdravka Paskaleva Azadeh Pourzand Ghanaian Bulgarian/Dutch Iranian-American Languages: English, French Languages: Bulgarian, English, Dutch, Languages: Persian, English, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, Russian Fos’ha, Arabic Bachelor of Science in Administration, University of Ghana Business School, 2006 Bachelor Business Administration, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy Major in Marketing, Utrecht Business School of Government: Master in Advanced Executive Certificate in School Public Policy (MPP), Concentration: Project Management, International and Global Affairs, Pan-African Inst. Of Governance Hogeschool van Utrecht Cambridge, MA, 2008–2010 and Leadership Studies, 2008 1998–2003Profile Profile Profilea very passionate and proactive learner with more than five years motivated mBa student, taking leadership development to the next as a student of public and business administration , i seek systematicexperience in finance, organizational controls and external level by putting team’s success above personal goals. results oriented approaches to connecting the interest of people with the public andrelations. i effectively combine experience and knowledge in sales executive with expertise in public sector and it industry. i work private sector. Having predominantly worked in the non-for-profit andproblem resolution and improving business excellence. i am purpose consciously, striving for customer success while improving knowledge public sector with a focus on women’s and children’s empowermentdriven and inspire people especially in difficult moments to achieve of the vertical field i operate in. passionate for technological innovation and education, i believe that these sectors could benefit from adaptingorganizational goals. an entrepreneurial person with a positive while building trustworthy and long lasting relationships. some of the more efficient ways of management done in private sector.attitude and interested in corporate strategy and sustainability. similarly, the private sector could benefit from further understanding Work Experience the kind of work that is done by non-for-profit organizations atWork Experience grassroots level. i aim to find employment opportunities that allow me Sales Account Manager Education, cisco systems, 2005–2010 to work on creating stronger, more targeted and effective partnershipsFinance and Control, Nestlé central and West africa, 2008–2010 Have strategically positioned networking technology solutions in among the three private, public and no-for-profit sector.accounts analysis, coordinated issues resolution, financial the dutch education market, developing key executive relationships.reporting: designed/implemented finance Business continuity plan tripled community college bookings to cisco in three years. Work ExperienceFree-Zones Unit Coordinator, Nestlé central and West africa, 2008–2010 Associate Sales Representative, cisco systems, 2004–2005 Junior Researcher and Author, united states institute of peacemanaged/coordinated Nestlé’s 3 Business licenses: restructured unit to completed one-year graduate management sales program. (usip), Washington dc (work remotely), march – september 2011secure satisfactory audit certification; saved over $200,000 in taxes/duties Pricing Analyst, citco fund services, 2004 Consultant, Backbay management consulting Group, inc.,Vice-Pres., Finance/Eternal Relations, aiesec in Ghana, 2006–2007 tracked share prices of citco funds. abu dhabi, uae(worked remotely), summer 2010managed finance and external relations: over 200% growth incorporate partners and $9,000 budget surplus. Consultant, The World Bank, office of the chief economist, 2010C.Odoom@imba2011.nyenrode.nl Z.Paskaleva@imba2011.nyenrode.nl A.Pourzand@imba2011.nyenrode.nl11 NyeNrode BusiNess uNiversiteit
  14. 14. Carlos Rodriguez Colombian Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese Post-Graduate Certificate in European Union Studies Bachelor of Business Administration in ManagementProfilea professional with three years of work experience in india andchile in the fields of business and investment research. i havedeveloped excellent analytical and project management skills throughchallenging projects. my performance on diverse environments,industries, and multicultural teams offers solutions to complexbusiness problems. my aim is to pursue a challenging internationalcareer in strategy and finance.Work ExperienceSenior Business Analyst, Jan 2010 – sep 2010project manager of an international team supporting a premiereuropean investment bank in corporate finance related projects.Research Associate, mar 2009 – dec 2009delivering projects focused on total shareholder return, includinganalysis of financial statements, ratios, risk measures, tradingcomparables, and transaction comparables.Business Analyst, aug 2007 – feb 2009supporting global consumer goods companies and consulting firms.C.RodriguezCeballos@imba2011.nyenrode.nl mBa 2011 class profile 12
  15. 15. Sanjoy Roy Yolanda Sanchez Losada Indian Spanish Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi, Languages: Spanish, English, Dutch, Dutch German, French Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Economics (1990–1996) Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain Profile Profile i have a total of 12 years of work experience in the indian it i have developed most of my professional career at iBm, where i services industry with leading companies such as robert Bosch, have worked for 12 years. along these years i have gained experience priceWaterhouse coopers and mindtree ltd. my experience has in different areas, mainly project management, Business analysis, been in software development initially but in the last 6+ years of my processes and finance. my goal is to continue developing my professional career i moved into sales and account management. in experience in an international environment, preferably in the project my last job at mindtree, i was managing the business potential (~$10 management or Business analysis areas. million annually) and the relationship with one of its key strategic customer (unilever). prior to that i had worked in usa on business Work Experience development and was responsible for growing our business unit’s SPGI Process Leader & Sectors Business Analyst, revenue from negligible to more than $4 million in two years. iBm spain, 2006–2010 Profit Incentive Project Financial Analyst, Work Experience emea finance & planning sector support center, 2005–2006 mindtree limited, 2003–2010 IT Finance & Planning Analyst, finance & planning, pwc, 2000–2003 iBm Global services spain, 2002–2005 robert Bosch, 1999–2000 Sales Specialist, learning services, 2002 Solution Manager, iBm spain, sydney 2000 olympic Games project, Games system center (Gsc), 2000 S.Roy@imba2011.nyenrode.nl Y.SanchezLosada@imba2011.nyenrode.nl13 NyeNrode BusiNess uNiversiteit
  16. 16. Uday Shankar Ab Michael Ukstins Svetlana Vladyshevskaya Indian American Russian Languages: English, Kannada, Hindi, Languages: English, French, Latvian Languages: Russian, English, French Dutch Bachelor, Economics Russian State University of B.E., Telecommunication and Syracuse University, 1994 Humanities – Moscow, Russia Electronics, Dr. Ambedkar Institute Specialist (Master) in law of Technology, Visvesvaraya Diploma with honours, 1997–2002 Technological University, 2005Profile Profile Profilemore than five years of experience in enterprise solutions design, an mBa student and former creative industry entrepreneur with experienced legal consultant for business entities, dared to undertake adevelopment and implementation, working on wide range of experience in visual design, communication and teaching. i enjoy challenge to supplement the existing legal background and negotiatingtechnologies. Has successfully mentored and lead many technical inspiring others to think creatively, and fuel my own imagination experience with business knowledge and managerial skills by virtueand non-technical teams, and organizational initiatives such as with a morning paper, gadgets, travel, and a network of fun, clever of joining mBa program at Nyenrode Business university. lookingknowledge management, academic internship projects, joy initiatives, people. i am looking for opportunities to work with creative-minded forward for an opportunity to apply the advanced knowledge andcampus recruits training and a csr initiative. consulting organizations to help businesses innovate and realize their long-standing practice of working with business people in order to strategic goals. bring value for an international joint venture/investment project,Work Experience trading, consulting or marketing company.Project/Module Lead, mindtree, 2009–2010 Work Experienceinvolved in research & feasibility study of upcoming products, Head of Production, Brand content, 2008–2010 Work Experienceconsultation and technical mentoring and coordination with teams led agency production and managed quality-control for printed Lawyer, mitsui & co. moscow llc, 2007–2010across india, usa and uK. advertising and branding materials. Jd: corporate law, joint-venture projects consulting, Hr-related issues, overall legal support of the company and its affiliates inKnowledge Management (KM) Lead, mindtree, 2008–2010 Owner, redze creative, 2002 – 2008. europe and cis region.lead Km, continuous learning and joy initiatives for a 100+ operated a successful freelance graphic design and production practice.employees account. Lawyer, automated services, cJsc, 2006–2007 Financial Administrator, mit. 2001–2002 Jd: representation of company’s interests in arbitration courtSenior Engineer/Analyst, mindtree, 2005–2008 managed day-to-day financial operations for a $12 million university providing legal support of all other company’s activities.Worked on the development of enterprise solutions, along with department at the massachusetts institute of technology.working on-site with customers & coordinating with off-shore team. Lawyer, Niagara foods, cJsc, 2003–2006U.Shankar@imba2011.nyenrode.nl M.Ukstins@imba2011.nyenrode.nl S.Vladyshevskaya@imba2011.nyenrode.nl mBa 2011 class profile 14
  17. 17. Wei Wang Amy (Yin-Ting) Wang Gleb Zhukov Chinese Taiwanese Latvian/Russian Languages: English, Mandarin Languages: Mandarin, English, Languages: English, Russian, German, Japanese, Taiwanese Latvian, Polish, Ukrainian Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China, Bachelor, Business Administration BSc in International Business 2001–2004 Master of Engineering National Central University, 2002–2006 Administration, Europa Universität 1997–2001 Bachelor Viadrina, Germany, 2003–2007Profile Profile Profileseven years ict experiences in international telecommunication a multi-talented mBa student with more than four years experience internationally-oriented market intelligence professional,company, international mBa degree, positively thinking, asking in international sales/marketing operation and logistic management. experienced in client communication and conflict resolution.right questions, team work spirits, results driven, with integrity my easygoing and passionate personality makes me bond with people reached managerial level in a consulting/ market research field andand motivation. i work with easily. professional in business strategy, cross cultural has vast international experience covering seven countries. successful communication and teamwork, i look for an opportunity to work as in analysing data, situations and characters, offering creativeWork Experience a bridge between europe and asia. Never satisfied easily and always solutions and persuasively presenting them. like to take challenges in my life.Senior Software Engineer, alcatel-lucent, Qingdao, china,2003–2010 Work Experience Work Experience evalueserve (consulting/ market research), 2007–2010■ designed and implemented core network software system, authored software user documents, performed system maintenance Sales Administration Coordinator, apac & middle east operation Manager, eu, 2008–2010; Business Analyst, india, 2007–2008 and upgrading. major customers include verizon, at&t and ft center, unitech electronics co., ltd., 2006–2010 ■ project management: client communication, business offers,■ led team quality control initiative using root cause analysis to ■ Job scope of sales operation, logistic management and marketing project planning, team management, result presentation identify problems, share solutions, enhance processes and ensure campaigns, successfully with a high customer satisfaction ■ scope: market entry analysis, competitive intelligence, internal the errors were not repeated Salesperson, duty free shop, Grand formosa regent taipei, 2006 structure, political and regulative environments ■ developed my sales and marketing ability to serve end customers ■ industries: market intelligence, it, energy at the front lineC.Wang@imba2011.nyenrode.nl A.Wang@imba2011.nyenrode.nl G.Zukovs@imba2011.nyenrode.nl15 NyeNrode BusiNess uNiversiteit
  18. 18. Straatweg 25P.O. Box 130, 3620 AC BreukelenThe Netherlands+31 (0)346 291 211www.nyenrode.nl mBa 2011 class profile 16