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Great Web Hosting Service and Money Opportunity at:

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  1. 1. ==== ====Hi, thanks for reading my article. To learn more please click below! ====Global Virtual Opportunities is a one of a kind modern network marketing company functioning toprovide an array of quality products for online marketers. Is GVO really one of a kind company thatstands on its own? Or does it have scam all over it? How much do I have to pull out of my moneysack to get involved? All are very great questions to ask prior to getting involved in GVO.Hopefully, this third party review I provide assist you in your decision making process so you canbe equipped with the most valuable information and make an informed decision. Go GVO!GVO-Global Virtual OpportunitiesGVO began 12 years ago with an overall vision to empower online marketers to brand and savemoney for their business using GVO services. Just to let you know real quick, GVO is competingagainst companies that have minimal competition. For example GoDaddy, HostGator andGoToWebinar, (how you view your MLM company webinars) are pretty much monopolies cashingin on the network marketing marketplace, without the network marketer being the FOCUS.MOVING ON....GVO is very unique to the online business marketing marketplace. There is not another provider ofgeneral services or internet marketing services that bundles GVOs features and its benefits. GVOhas a goal of standing beside your average online business owner throughout their transactions tomake a positive impact on their brand, business and lifestyle.Although GVO is now officially a network marketing company they have always maintained a highlevel retention rate, which 98% of network marketing companies suffer from. Since discontinuingtheir Canada operation where Kiosk, their former brand, was born, they kept their entire customerbase despite two years of NO marketing. Now imagine where your MLM company would be if noreps or distributors sold or promoted for 24 months. Not in business more than likely right?Why Joel Therien Canada and created GVO?Joel Therien, CEO of GVO, left Canada due to scarcity in bandwidth and migrated south to SanAntonio, Texas. Although for two years they couldnt market, their customers stayed using GVOhosting, conference rooms, easy video producer and all of the other fantastic services they offerfor one low monthly cost. Wasnt like it was a juice company. Nonetheless, retention is underratedin the online MLM business industry in terms of making a choice in choosing a company.However, Joel really built GVO around the fact that the online MLM business phenomenon isgrowing enormously each day.
  2. 2. Is GVO a scam?Yes, once you become involved and see all what they have to offer at such a practical price onewould assume it is a scam. Joel Therien and the GVO staff are very integral and excel in thecustomer service arena. Joel Theriens blog is updated weekly, providing technical updates,company updates and unique selling propositions.Does GVO have a low entry fee?Another critical factor in you making a quality decision to hook your business up with GVO isbecause its only $44.95 a month for the rest of your life. In fact, GVO will allow you to test drive allfeatures for 14 days for a whopping 4 quarters. Here are a couple of no brainer examples of whatbenefits GVO provide for $44.95 / month: Autoresponder is included whereas AWeber andGetResponse charge up to $19 a month. GVO also bundles in Unlimited Hosting, including videohosting as well. Video hosting alone is well over $100 bucks a month. Now you see how GVO iscarving out space on the world wide web and snatching network marketers from the databases ofbillion dollar companies who dont understand online MLM business entrepreneurs.You must take action if you are reading this article to join GVO- Global Virtual Opportunities. All ofthe heavy hitters online are joined with Joel Therien and the GVO movement for networkmarketers online building a MLM business empire. Jonathan Budd, Frank Kern, Ken Hammond,Mike Call, along with two of my mentors, Daegan Smith and Stephen Pierce, all have personallygrilled Joel Therien to make sure he was solid. It would be worth your time to hear it from theGURU right now by heading over to my blog!Online MLM Business building is finally exposed! What they arent telling you about GVO, JoelTherien and creating residual income using the Modern MLM Formula. Learn how to get paid onthe 95% who are going to say NO to your MLM, while generating cash, leads, and more reps foryour MLM.Jenard L. StokesMaster Marketing Mentor678-984-2594Jenard@JenardStokes.MeArticle Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====Hi, thanks for reading my article. To learn more please click below! ====