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Diet Loss in 2012


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Great Weight Loss Advice at

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Diet Loss in 2012

  1. 1. ==== ====Hi, For great work at home opportunities check this out! ====Looking back on many unsuccessful attempts at home business, we wish we had receivedguidance from someone who had already been down the road we wanted to travel. We had somany failures that we were starting to doubt that success in a home business would ever happenfor us.Thankfully, we didnt give up and through perseverance we were able to achieve the success thathad eluded us for years. Along the way we discovered many things that we wish we had knownwhen we started this journey.Our success has literally transformed our lives. We believe that to whom much has been given,much is required. Consider this information our gift to you. If we can be of assistance please, donot hesitate to fill out the contact form at TheHomeBusinessPodcast.1. Success doesnt happen overnight.For some reason people think that they should become rich in a few months with their new homebusiness and some people believe success should happen within weeks or days! We introduced aman in his early 50s to our business and he was excited. When we first met he complained thathe had been working hard for more than 30 years and he was broke.He said he never had any time for himself or his family. We told him what it would take to becomesuccessful and he agreed to do it. Then, he disappeared. A few weeks later he called to tell methat he was quitting. He hadnt even started and here he was ready to give up.We asked him if he would be better off quitting his full-time job and keeping his home business! Ofcourse, we didnt really mean that he should quit his job, but he had been working full-time formore than 30 years and he was still broke. He started his home business just a few weeks earlierand he never gave it a chance.Why is it that so many people think that they should become wealthy in a few weeks? The answerprobably lies in all the get rich quick schemes that are so prevalent in our society today. Youveseen the emails or read these lines in your junk mail. No Selling, We Do All The Work For You,Make $30,000 in 90 days and on and on.Those get rich quick scams cause people to think that every home business is a scam and thatsnot true. We just got off the phone with Doug, a nice guy who is seriously considering our homebusiness. During our conversation we made it clear that he wouldnt be rich in 60 or 90 days andhis response was the kind of response we hear often, "Thanks for telling me the truth. Im happy toknow that Im dealing with people of integrity."
  2. 2. We were frustrated so many times in the first year of our home business that quitting seemed likethe sensible thing to do. After all, these things dont work. Who do you think you are? Why dontyou just get a job like everybody else? These thoughts and many like them nearly kept us fromsuccess.If you already have a home business, perhaps you are facing the same thoughts. Dont let thenegative thoughts crowd out the life changing success that a home business offers. Sure, westruggled at first, but after 20 months we were making $100,000 a year in lifetime residual income!When you find yourself facing bankruptcy and foreclosure as we were and then apply for foodstamps you have a firm grasp on the tough times life can bring.Occasionally, well say "What If?" As in, what if we hadnt stuck it out through the hard times?What if we had taken the advice of supposedly well meaning people who said that we would neverhave success in a home business?What if it took you two to four years to become successful in a home business? What if you couldmake $100,000 without a boss and a job to go to? What if you could actually be home for yourchildren and know them as people instead of looking at them as the little people who live in yourhouse?Most people who start a home business quit in their first 90 days and go back to their dreadfullives of desperation. Most people arent really living. They are only existing. Theyre going fromone day to the next without any hope of a better life. Benjamin Franklin said "most people die at18, we just dont bury them until they turn 65."2. Success doesnt happen without work.I talked to a woman who said she was interested in changing her life. When it was time for her tomake a decision she asked me, "Do I have to do anything?" "No" I replied, "once a month we justback the money truck up to your house and unload!"If you had a traditional business youd have to open your business every day. If you have a jobyouve got to show up if you want to get paid. When you start a home business you cant simplysign up and expect the money to start being deposited in your bank account. Theres work to bedone.Is it hard to become successful in a home business? Compared to giving all of the best years ofyour life to your employer and missing birthdays, anniversaries, your childs first words, your childsfirst steps and realizing that life is nearly over and in your golden years you dont have the moneyto do the things you want to do, no it really isnt that hard at all!If youre in a business like ours when you employ leverage, getting paid for other peoples efforts,you can enjoy the fruits of your labor so much more. Even if you have a home business where youdo all the work its better than working for an employer.We are convinced that to live a great life your home business must employ the leverage concept.Its the only way you can have money and the time to enjoy it. The wealthiest people in America
  3. 3. became wealthy by owning businesses. The businesses that created great wealth were out in frontof a trend and the business owner got paid based on the efforts of thousands of people. Wewouldnt be enjoying the life we live today if we were getting paid only on our own efforts.We worked really hard with very little success in our first year. Our 2nd year was the breakthroughthat we were looking for, success was on the way. What we failed to realize was that during ourfirst 12 months we were improving our skills and our confidence and thats when success startedto happen.So, how much did we work in our first two years? We worked as much as it took. How muchshould you work your home business? That depends on a variety of factors. How bad do you wantit? How fast do you want to achieve success? We recommend that you work your home businessa minimum of 7 to 10 hours a week, and do it consistently for at least two years.Success doesnt happen without work and it isnt limited to working your business. Are youcommitted to improving your skills and working on you? Read at least 10 pages from a great bookevery day. Books like "Think and Grow Rich" will change the way you think and when you changethe way you think you will change your life.Expecting success without work from your home business is like expecting a paycheck from a jobthat you never started. It just doesnt make sense.3. You must be disciplined to achieve success.So, youre working your new home business and a friend calls offering to take you to lunch. Canyou afford to go? Your favorite show is on TV, but you know you need to be working your homebusiness, what will you do? Perhaps the biggest adjustment most of us need to make is to bedisciplined in our home business.Lets face it in a work environment there is usually supervision. Many people fail in a homebusiness because theres nobody looking over their shoulder to see that they do what they need todo.Since most people who start a home business have never owned a business, we must learn to bedisciplined, if were going to operate a successful home business. There were times whensomebody told us no and that was devastating. Wed usually mope around and fail to do anythingelse the rest of the day. Had we maintained that attitude, wed have a job right now instead of ansuccessful home business!Consider setting business hours. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but asking friendsand family members to respect your business and your business hours is an important step tosuccess. Weve got a good friend who makes more than $100,000 a year and when you comeover to his house during business hours you can visit with his wife, but he excuses himself andworks his business. If you have a small child, work when he or she is napping and when they arein bed at night.Its also a good idea to have a permanent work space, so you can shut the door, eliminatedistractions and get your work done.
  4. 4. This is a difficult adjustment for some people to make, but your children can learn that whenMommy or Daddy is in this room with the door shut that they are working. Youd be amazed athow many children will respect your space and time if you ask them too. Weve seen manysuccessful stay at home moms and dads work with children nearby. Dont let screaming childrenor children that interrupt you on occasion become a big deal, the person on the other end of thephone may be convinced that your business is right for them BECAUSE they hear your children inthe background.When you promise to call somebody back at a certain time youve got to find the time. Children willappreciate knowing why Mommy or Daddy isnt available at certain times and you can explain tothem that it will be worth all the sacrifices once you become successful.Discipline can be difficult with all the distractions that can occur in your home, but it is oneingredient that you must have to become successful.4. Who youre involved with is more important than the business youre in.Lets face it, most people dont really have a clue how to operate a business, any kind of businessnot just a home business. When were young we are told to go to school to get good grades so wecan get a good... JOB! Thats exactly the path most of us start on, get a job, work hard, work longhours and try to get a promotion so we can work more hours and hopefully make more money.We do that for 10, 20 or 30 years and then realize that we are never going to get ahead. Thatswhen the idea that a home business could change our life hits most of us. Weve been told to begood employees and thats what most of us have done all of our lives.There is no substitute for leadership. If you are blessed to find somebody who has beensuccessful in a home business and you know that they can sincerely help you change your lifeforever, you should jump at the chance to work with them. Make sure youre comfortable withthem before you get started. So, what should you look for? You should look for somebody thatknows exactly what they are doing. When you ask questions are they comfortable oruncomfortable? Do they have a system that you can plug in to and have immediate success?One of the reasons I failed in other home businesses is that I didnt understand the importance offinding the right person to work with. I am not blaming my failures on somebody else, but if I hadbeen associated with people who really knew what they were doing they would have given meguidance that I did not get. Perhaps I would have failed anyway, but there is no doubt that workingwith successful people will cut your learning curve and save you a lot of time and money. Only youcan assure your success, but finding the right person to work with and then listening to that persongives you a tremendous advantage over most people working business from their homes!Lets say you have what you think is a great idea and youve got a little extra money stashed awayfor a rainy day. Your spouse isnt overly supportive, but he or she wants you to succeed. Youdecide to invest $1,000 or $2,000 in your new business by taking out an ad in a local magazine.You get no response at all. How do you think your spouse feels about your home business now?That kind of mistake destroys most people and they never recover.
  5. 5. Last week I received an email from a so called marketing guru offering his services. I could get hismarketing expertise if I paid him almost $800. Almost everything he offered we give to our teammembers for FREE! We know that what were doing works for our business because it has beentested and proven to be successful or we wouldnt do it. His material, although similar to ours,hasnt been tested in our business and could prove to be a waste of both time and money. Whatwould happen if you sent that $800 and it didnt work? How supportive would your spouse bethen?5. Technology has changed everything.Many years ago you had to get out and meet people and most business was done face to face.You could call people around the country, but if they had any interest in your business you had tosend a package overnight. That proved to be very expensive.When we were broke, I thought everybody that sounded serious, was serious. I was sending outpackages several times a week only to find that these people werent serious at all.Then, the internet changed everything. You dont have to meet people face to face anymore,although I must admit its still my favorite way of doing business. Today, you can upload a video inseconds, so people can see you. You can send an email with links to websites, videos and yourcontact information. Auto responders make you look like a Fortune 500 company, and nobodyknows how big your business really is because anybody anywhere can have a great lookingwebsite.When I started my business more than 10 years ago my long distance phone bill was nearly$1,000 a month, today we can call as much as we want for $20! You can use conference callingand web casts to present your business to hundreds of people at a time.People can automatically receive your latest Pod cast and watch it in the subway or at lunch. Thisis the information age and you should capitalize on the shift in technology in your home business.Dont worry about all the latest gadgets when you start your business because the personal touchwill always be important. Even if you dont have a lot of money technology allows your homebusiness to operate and look like a very big business.Dont get too preoccupied with technology. You can, however, use it to enhance your image andyour productivity if you know what you are doing. Today, we dont mail anybody any informationregarding our home business. With internet access almost everywhere, we realize that ifsomebody needs us to mail them something, they probably arent the person we were looking for.6. Its a home business, but that doesnt mean it cant be a big business.Most people that start a home business are looking for an extra $300 to $500 a month. Whatwould an extra $50,000 or $100,000 a year do for you and your family, seriously! Maybe itsbecause so many of us have failed so many times that we just dont believe in ourselves anymore.Once you understand the basic fundamentals of your new home business and once youveachieved some success, youll understand that the sky is the limit. We make much more moneythan we ever thought possible and we have friends that are making more than $1,000,000 a year!
  6. 6. Hard to believe? Of course it is! Just because its hard to believe doesnt mean that it isnthappening.After we struggled at so many other businesses I wanted to believe that we could becomeincredibly successful, but my past was holding me back. Today, we operate a home business thatgenerates almost $10,000,000 in annual sales! Years ago I never knew anybody that made$1,000,000 a year, so it was hard for me to "see" myself ever reaching that milestone. When agood friend of mine did it, I could then start to see that I could have that kind of success.So, do you really want to struggle all your life? Then why do we settle for mediocrity? Heres why,were unsure of ourselves, stuck in a rut, scared, we lack confidence, we tried and failed and triedand failed, what will my spouse, mother, brother, best friend think? We care too much about whatother people say, think and do!7. As a Man Thinketh...As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Joyce Meyer is fond of saying that where the mind goes,the man follows. Of course, it makes no difference whether you are a man or a woman, you arewhat you think you are. As we struggled in our home business it was easy to becomediscouraged. We had always failed. Those constant thoughts of failure surrounded us.Then, we realized that others had succeeded. Why did they succeed where so many others hadfailed? Could it really be that the only reason they achieved success was that they thoughtdifferently? We were so broke and so desperate for a breakthrough in our lives that we realizedthat we could not afford the luxury of having negative thoughts. There were plenty of othernegative people that we could have listened to, but what was that going to get us?What if we listened to the people that were positive, which by the way were the same people whowere achieving success? When we started our home business we felt like the biggest loser on theplanet. If something positive didnt happen soon we were going to have to move out of state tolive with Judiths mother. How were we going to explain to our children that we had lost our home?If our home business was going to change, we would have to change first.We couldnt afford the luxury of one negative thought. We started making good choices. We woulddistance ourselves from anybody that had anything negative to say about anything! We wouldsurround ourselves with positive, uplifting people who would speak life into our lives.We didnt listen to people who laughed at us and yes, there really were people who laughed at us.We believed that we would have life changing success even before there were any real signs ofsuccess. Some people call that the "fake it till you make it" concept. While we wholeheartedlyendorse that concept we do not recommend that you mislead people.There is nothing wrong with having a positive attitude. It is wrong to misrepresent your currentfinancial situation. One of the most disappointing things we encounter in home business is thetendency that people have to inflate their incomes. There must be some school of thought that thisis appealing or O.K. and it is not.Once you lose your integrity, you can never get it back. We have done everything we can to make
  7. 7. it clear that a home business will not typically solve your financial pressures overnight. We knowmany people that have made $500 to $2,000 in their first month in a home business. Very fewmake more than that in their first 30 days. If you think you have to lie to become successful youare wrong. We made just over $300 our first month in the home business that has paid us moremoney than we ever thought possible.Negative people tried to convince us that we would never have success. We didnt listen to themthen, and we dont listen to negative people now. We know that you can have success in a homebusiness. We know that it wont be easy. We know that if you get guidance along the way fromsuccessful people that you will live an extraordinary life.Scott Miller and his wife Judith are blessed to have been married for almost 26 years. They havetwo children, 22 year old Brittany Rickaway (married to Nathan Rickaway in January 2006) and 18year old Cody who will attend Dallas Baptist University in the fall of 2007. Scott, Judith, Brittanyand Cody all work together in their home business. To download 5 FREE CDs that will changeyour life no matter what you choose to do go to http://www.getoutnow.comArticle Source: ====Hi, For great work at home opportunities check this out! ====