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  1. 1. This page serves to outline all powerpoint presentations made by team members about Nyaya Health and our work in Achham. <br />Title: Implementing a Systems-Oriented Morbidity and Mortality Conference in Remote Rural Nepal for Quality Improvement<br />Presenter: Duncan Maru<br />Date Presented: 15 June 2011<br />[COE Q&S June 15 2011]<br />Title: Diarrheal Cases: Bayalpata Hospital<br />Presenter: Bikash Gauchan<br />Date Presented: 12 May 2011<br />[Diarrheal Cases, Bayalpata Hospital Falgun – Baisakh]<br />Title: Introduction to Healthcare Quality Improvement in Resource-Poor Settings<br />Presenter: Ruma Rajbhandari<br />Date Presented: 2 May 2011<br />[Ruma RSSP QI in resource-poor settings 050211]<br />Title: Nyaya Health: Achieving Justice in Health in Achham<br />Presenter: Mark Arnoldy<br />Date Presented: 25 April 2011<br />[GIZ]<br />Title: Nyaya Health: The Story of Starting and Operating a Hospital in Rural Nepal<br />Presenter: Bibhav Acharya<br />Date Presented: 22 April 2011<br />[MIT Nyaya Health April 22 2011]<br />Title: Bayalpata Hospital: NCASC, FHD, FHI, UNICEF Presentation<br />Presenters: Dan Schwarz, Amir Bista, Megha Giri Bista, Ranju Sharma<br />Date Presented: 21 April 2011<br />[NCASC FHI FHD UNICEF site visit 042111]<br />Title: Community Participation to Improve Transparency, Accountability and the Usage of a Hospital in Rural Nepal <br />Presenter: Bibhav Acharya<br />Date Presented: 16 April 2011<br />[Unite for Sight April 2011]<br />Title: Nyaya Health: Achieving Justice in Health in Achham<br />Presenter: Mark Arnoldy<br />Date Presented: 15 April 2011<br />[Kathmandu Mid-Town Rotary]<br />Title: Nyaya Health: Working for Health Equity in Rural Nepal <br />Presenter: Bibhav Acharya<br />Date Presented: 15 April 2011<br />Title: Recommendations for Capacity Building in Nepal: Perspectives Based on Operating a Rural Healthcare Organization in Nepal<br />Presenter: Bibhav Acharya<br />Date Presented: 10 April 2011<br />[Bibhav Acharya NRN Meeting April 10 2011]<br />Title: Nyaya Health: Achieving Justice in Health in Achham<br />Presenter: Mark Arnoldy<br />Date Presented: 4 April 2011<br />[Dhulikhel Hospital]<br />Title: Building Health Systems in Rural Nepal: The Case of Nyaya Health <br />Presenter: Duncan Maru<br />Date Presented: 1 April 2011<br />Title: Nyaya five years on: Finding our role in the movement<br />Presenters: Mark Arnoldy & Dan Schwarz<br />Date Presented: 27 March 2011<br />[GM 2011 032711]<br />Title: The challenges of transparency, accountability, and collaboration in global health<br />Presenter: Dan Schwarz<br />Date Presented: March 2011<br />[GlobeMed Presentation, Dan Schwarz, March 2010]<br />Presentation: Building Health Systems in Rural Nepal: the Story of Nyaya Health<br />Presenter: Duncan Maru<br />Date Presented: 17 February 2011<br />[Kennedy Presentation]<br />Title: Prospective Study of Surgical Care Scale-Up in a Rural, Resource-Limited Setting<br />Presenter: Duncan Maru<br />Date Presented: 3 February 2011<br />[Med-Peds Noon Conference Feb 2011]<br />Title: Bayalpata Hospital: Hospital Operations Committee (HOC) Meeting<br />Presenters: Bikash Gauchan, Nandram Gahatraj & Dan Schwarz<br />Date Presented: 1 February 2011<br />[HOC meeting 020111]<br />Title: Nyaya Health: A Public-Private partnership to develop rural-healthcare in Nepal. <br />Presenter: Jhapat Thapa, MBBS<br />Date Presented: 8 January 2011<br />Title: Implementation Gaps and Quality Chasms: Building Health Systems in Rural Nepal <br />Presenter: Duncan Maru, MD,PhD<br />Date Presented: 16 December 2010, Harvard Medicine Pediatrics noon conference <br />Title: Nyaya Health: Board of Directors Report<br />Presenters: Molly Bodell, Pompa Debroy, Sophie Cain Miller, & Evvie Nanni<br />Date Presented: 6 December 2010<br />[Sloan GHD Course final project - Bodell, Debroy, Miller, Nanni]<br />Title: Meeting the need: Developing an HIV/AIDS treatment program in the Far West Region, Nepal  <br />Presenter: Dan Schwarz<br />Date Presented: December 2010<br />Title: 17F with fever, anemia and splenomegaly<br />Presenters: Bikash Gauchan and Dan Schwarz<br />Date Presented: December 2010, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Morning Report<br />[BWH Morning Report]<br />Title: Developing partnerships for improved global health delivery <br />Presenter: Dan Schwarz<br />Date Presented: December 2010<br />Title: Hospital Electrification Project in Rural Nepal<br />Presenter: Andy Moon<br />Date Presented: 19 November 2010<br />[Andy Moon's 11.19.10 Presentation to MEMC Foundation]<br />Title: Telemedicine as Collaborative Medicine: The Case for Global Health Delivery 2.0 in Rural Nepal <br />Presenter: Sushant Wagley <br />Date Presented: 14th Annual ANMF Conference 2010<br />Title: Enhancing accountability and collaboration in pediatric global health initiatives through transparent operations <br />Presenter: Ryan Schwarz, Ruma Rajbhandari, Dan Schwarz, Chhitij Bashyal, Bibhav Acharya, A Sharma, Jason Andrews, Jhapat Thapa, Jen Garnett, Duncan Maru<br />Date Presented: 21 April 2010<br />[Children’s Global Health 2010 Poster]<br />Title: Transparent operations to enhance accountability & collaboration within global health<br />Presenters: Ryan Schwarz, Chhitij Bashyal, Bibhav Acharya, A Sharma, Jason Andrews, Jhapat Thapa, Jen Garnett, Dan Schwarz, Duncan Maru<br />Date Presented: April 2010<br />[WHCC Poster]<br />Title: Developing a Health System: The case of Nyaya Health in rural Nepal<br />Presenter: Dan Schwarz<br />Date Presented: April 2010<br />[HSPH SASO Presentation, Dan Schwarz, April 2010]<br />Title: The challenges of transparency, accountability and collaboration in global health. <br />Presenter: Dan Schwarz  <br />Date Presented: March 2010<br />Title: Nyaya Health: Foundations and Challenges<br />Presenter: Ryan Schwarz<br />Date Presented: 3 December 2009<br />[AmeriCares_Nyaya_Health_120309]<br />Title: From the Brigham to Bayalpata<br />Presenter: Ruma Rajbhandari<br />Date Presented: 28 November 2009<br />[ruma's simons foundation talk 112809 final]<br />Title: Case Presentation: Progressive Neurological Deficits in a Patient with HIV<br />Presenter: Jason Andrews<br />Date Presented: 28 October 2009, Harvard Joint ID Conference<br />[idconference10-28final-091027054849-phpapp01]<br />Title: ANMF & Nyaya Health: Providing Free Health Care in the Far West<br />Presenter: Duncan Maru, MD,PhD<br />Date Presented: 19-21 June 2009, 13th Annual ANMF Conference<br />Title: Nyaya Health: Providing healthcare in rural Nepal<br />Presenter: Shefali Oza<br />Date Presented: 5 June 2009<br />[martin chautari talk shefali 060509]<br />Title: Building Primary Care Infrastructure in Rural Nepal <br />Presenter: Jason Andrews, MD<br />Date Presented: June 2009<br />Title: Nyaya Health: 2009 Update<br />Presenter: Ryan Schwarz<br />Date Presented: June 2009<br />[Nyaya Health generic 062009]<br />Title: Nyaya Health's Ultrasound Program: Implications for Teleradiology in Resource-denied Areas<br />Presenter: Duncan Maru, MD PhD<br />Date Presented: April 24 2009<br />Title: Presentation to Yale Faculty<br />Presenter: Bibhav Acharya<br />Date Presented: 26 January 2009<br />